[Top 5] FF14 Best Scholar Glamour Sets

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Healers are important, and so are their glamour sets!

Glamour is incredibly important, as it can show off your sense of style and fashion in FFXIV. And now with the feature of adventurer plates and portraits, it has become more important as you can showcase your best glamours and poses in them!

Here are five of the best scholar glamour sets and how you can get these items!


1. Nirvana

This glamour belongs to Nya Nya in Faerie.

The beauty of this glamour is totally indescribable. With elegance and purity combined, it showcases the best features of the healers and the scholars, making them become a beacon of light that shines in the dark.

Where can you find this?

  • The Hat -- Bonewicca Soother's Mask, dyed Pure White
    • Bonewicca Soother's Mask can be obtained in a quite easy way, which is through spamming a dungeon until you can get this piece of gear.
    • In particular, you need to spam the dungeon from the Stormblood expansion called The Swallow's Compass in order to get this head gear.
  • The Body -- Edengrace Robe of Healing, dyed Pure White
    • There is only one way to obtain this robe -- which is through clearing the savage raid Eden's Gate: Sepulture (Savage) or what is known as E4S.
    • After clearing this raid, you can get a chance to get a coffer with the name Edengear Chest Gear Coffer (IL 470).
    • Open it as a healer and you can get the Edengrace Robe of Healing.
    • If you are unlucky and can't get the coffer repeatedly for some reason, maybe you lost the roll to someone else in your party, no worries! Just clear the savage raid for a total of eight times.
    • This is because every time you clear, you will be guaranteed to receive a white book with the name 'Book of Sepulture'.
    • You can exchange a total of eight books of Sepulture for a coffer of Edengear Chest Gear Coffer (IL 470) by exchanging them with either Ghul Ghul in Amh Araeng, Yhal Yal from Eulmore, or Mowen's Merchant from the Crystarium.
    • As it is a Shadowbringers Savage raid, you can make your life easier by unsyncing this savage raid in order to clear this quicker, especially with endgame Endwalker gear.
  • The Gloves -- Gloves of the White Griffin, dyed Pure White
    • Similar to the chest piece, there is also only one way to obtain these gloves -- which is through PVP. 
    • You can do any PVP content in FFXIV, from Crystalline Conflict to Frontline or rival wings, in order to get the specific PVP currency you can get from this content -- namely the Wolf Marks.
    • After accumulating 1,000 Wolf Marks, you can exchange this with a Gloves of the White Griffin with Mark Quartermaster from the Wolves' Den Pier.
  • The Legs -- The Emperor's New Breeches, dyed Ul Brown
    • The best way to get naked--I mean, to get this complete set of glamour!
    • The Emperor's New Breeches is one of the easiest pieces to get from this glamour set piece. This is because there is only one way to get this, which is buying it from the NPC.
    • Not to mention, the NPCs are also found in A Realm Reborn area, meaning that you can get these items very early in your gameplay. It also only costs a grand total of 57 Gil, which is very, very cheap.
    • You can buy these breeches from two different NPCs, which are Goberin from Western Thanalan or Tataroga from Mor Dhona.
  • The Shoes -- Bonewicca Soother's Sabatons
    • Hey, you can get these shoes while farming for the hat -- or vice versa!
    • Similar to the head piece, you can only get these shoes from one source only -- which is farming it from a Stormblood dungeon called The Swallow's Compass.
  • The Earrings -- Yama Earring of Healing
    • Yama Earring of Healing can be obtained by exchanging 9 Rakshasa Token and 2 Doman Reiyaku to J'tandhaa in Rhalgr's Reach. 
    • Rakshasa Token can be obtained by exchanging any Rakshasa gear pieces to J'tandhaa in Rhalgr's Reach.
    • Meanwhile, Doman Reiyaku can be obtained by buying it from Enna in Rhalgr's Reach for 100 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics per piece.


2. Cherries Heal All Wounds

This glamour belongs to Lohia Aihol from Cerberus.

With the pink gear combined with the swirling cherry blossoms falling, this glamour set becomes one of the prettiest glamour sets that healers can wear.

Where can you find this?

  • The Hat -- Far Eastern Schoolgirl's Hair Ribbon, dyed Cherry Pink
    • Unfortunately, for players who don't want to spend more money on this game, this head piece can only be bought from the Mogstation store.
    • Here is the link to buy the glamour in Mog Station.
  • The Body -- Skallic Jacket of Healing, dyed Cherry Pink
    • Skallic Jacket of Healing can be earned only through one way in FFXIV -- which is by spamming a dungeon until you can get said top.
    • This top can be earned by clearing the dungeon from Stormblood called The Drowned City of Skalla.
  • The Hands -- Makai Moon Guide's Fingerless Gloves, dyed Cherry Pink
    • With a name that long, it is definitely a pair of gloves that are nice enough to deserve the mouthful of a name.
    • However, unfortunately, these gloves can only be earned through a limited in-game event called the GARO event.
  • The Legs -- Cashmere Skirt of Healing, dyed Cherry Pink
    • The legs, thankfully, are actually pretty easy to get. This skirt can be obtained by opening the coffer Astrologian's Attire Coffer (IL 90). 
    • This coffer can be obtained by completing the level 50 Astrologian job quest 'Spearheading Initiatives', which is a level 50 Astrologian job quest.
  • The Shoes -- High Summoner's Boots, dyed Cherry Pink
    • Similar to the hat, this piece of attire can only be obtained through the Mog Station with the player spending real money on the outfit.
    • Here is the link to buy the glamour in Mog Station.
  • The Earrings - Peach Blossoms
    • The perfect piece to complete this pink-colored attire is of course the peach blossoms earring that will make the character look even cuter and elegant.
    • However, this item can also only be bought from the Mog Station using real money currency.
    • Here is the link to buy the glamour in Mog Station.


3. Boyish Crafter

This glamour belongs to Bright Dancer from Omega.

With the cute dress and pink glamour behind us, this glamour is more unisex-focused with a boyish crafter look that focuses more on neutral colors and brown tones.

Where can you find this?

  • The Hat -- Flat Cap, dyed Gobbiebag Brown
    • The first item required to complete this attire is the Flat Cap. It is quite easy to obtain, as players can either craft it with a Weaver from level 45 and above, or buy it directly from the Market Board.
  • The Body -- Serpentskin Vest, dyed Bark Brown
    • Serpentskin Vest is the required top in order to make the boyish crafter look for the healer. 
    • This body piece can be obtained in 3 different ways. The first one is buying it from Gyosho in The Azim Steppe for 23,166 Gil.
    • Alternatively, players can craft it with a Leatherworker that is level 60 or above, or buy it directly from the Market Board.
  • The Hands -- False Nails, dyed Bark Brown
    • False Nails are an important piece of glamour for players who do not like to use gloves or bracelets and like to paint their character's nails.
    • False Nails can be obtained by exchanging 6 Ananta Dreamstaff to Madhura in The Fringes. 
  • The Legs -- Wind Silk Bottoms, dyed Gobbiebag Brown
    • Wind Silk Bottoms are the perfect legs to complement the Serpentskin Vest Top.
      • These legs can be crafted with a level 60 weaver or above, or bought directly from the Market Board.
  • The Shoes -- Expeditioner's Moccasins, dyed Bark Brown
    • Expeditioner's Moccasins give the look of a crafter or even a gatherer, slightly worn leather shoes.
    • These shoes can also be crafted by a level 60 Leatherworker or above, or players that don't want to craft can also easily grab it from the Market Board.


4. Princess of the South

This glamour belongs to Leisha Aysheen from Ragnarok.

This glamour attire is perfectly suitable for elegant players who want to heal with style, complete with a noble red dress that will take away all attention. Be careful not to steal aggro, though!

Where can you find this?

  • The Hat -- Veil of Eternal Devotion, dyed Dalamud Red
    • This might be the hardest piece to get from this attire, as this veil can only be obtained from one way only, get married in FFXIV! 
    • By getting married, or in FFXIV words which are Eternal Bond, you can get this beautiful veil to complete this attire!
  • The Body -- Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing, dyed Dalamud Red
    • This is the main piece of attire in your glamour, the dress that will take away all breaths! You can get Neo-Ishgardian Top of Healing by crafting it with a level 80 Leatherworker.
    • Of course, you can also just easily buy it from the Market Board and save the hassle of needing to craft it!
    • Don't forget to dye it with a Dalamud Red dye after obtaining it to get the beautiful red shade.
  • The Hands -- Thavnairian Armlets, dyed Dalamud Red
    • Thavnairian Armlets are a very pretty pair of hand piece that can be worn by any elegant and beautiful attire, and loved by most dancers in FFXIV.
    • Players can obtain this beautiful pair of attire by crafting them with a level 60 Weaver or above.
    • Of course, like usual, you can also snatch it away from someone else selling it in the Market Board!
  • The Legs -- Shisui Kohakama of Healing
    • This set of glamour needs to be red, down to your very undies. And to achieve this, you need to get the Shisui Kohakama of Healing!
    • Like some other pieces in this article, you can only get this piece of attire from a Stormblood Dungeon.
    • In Particular, you will need to clear Shisui of the Violet Tides in order to get your red undies!
  • The Shoes -- Faerie Tale Princess's Heels, dyed Dalamud Red
    • The last piece of attire to complete this glamour, unfortunately, can only be obtained from the Mog Station, and players can buy the complete glamour with real money.
    • Here is the link to buy the glamour in Mog Station.


5. Innocence

This glamour belongs to Lohia Aihol from Cerberus.

Lohia Aihol is back with another beautiful set of glamour for healers, and this time she portrays an innocent, pure white image that is often the stereotype for healers down to the T.

Where can you find this?

  • The Hat -- Shadowless Petasos of Healing.
    • Of course, the glamour set won't be complete with a pointy, white healing hat that is exclusive to healers!
    • You can get this hat by clearing a Shadowbringers dungeon called The Heroes' Gauntlet.
  • The Body -- YoRHa Type-53 Halfrobe of Healing, dyed Pure White
    • The Pure White healer glamour set will also not be complete with wearing a body top that is also exclusive only for healers! 
    • Based on the name, you can probably already guess how to get this particular top. That's right! You need to clear the Alliance Raid collaboration that FFXIV has with Nier: Automata.
    • Specifically, you will need to clear the 3rd Alliance Raid of said collaboration, titled The Puppets' Bunker.
  • The Hands -- Ravel's Keeper Halfgloves of Healing, dyed Slate Grey
    • Another healing-exclusive hand! And this time it portrays a hand piece set that will protect the healer's arms without hindering their movements when they are casting their healing spells.
    • This pair of attire can be found exclusively from a Shadowbringers dungeon, titled The Qitana Ravel.
  • The Legs -- Shisui Kohakama of Healing
    • Sounds familiar? Yep! These undies are the same undies from the previous glamour set, the Princess of the South!
    • Similarly, you can obtain these undies by clearing Shisui of the Violet Tides, a Stormblood dungeon!
  • The Shoes -- Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Healing, dyed Pure White
    • If you think that this piece also sounds familiar, you're not completely wrong to think that. With the same first word of their name, the shoes and the hands of this glamour set can be obtained from one place only, making your glamour hunting much easier in the process!
    • Similar to the hands, you can obtain the pair of shoes by clearing the Shadowbringers dungeon, The Qitana Ravel.


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