[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Beginners - What's the Best DPS to Play?

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The massive increase of FFXIV’s player base has been a delightful experience for veteran players that got into nostalgia.

Final Fantasy XIV has experienced a large influx of new players in recent months. While this is unquestionably fantastic news for both the playerbase and the creators, some new players may be overwhelmed by the amount of content and options available to them upon beginning the game.

New players may be surprised to learn that they can change their battle job at any time, from anywhere, without the need to create a secondary character at all. With a staggering total of 4 Tanks, 11 DPS (12 with the upcoming Reaper's launch), 3 Healers (4 with the Sage), 3 Gatherers, and 11 Crafter jobs, players will undoubtedly be investing a significant amount of time if they want to experience and understand every job offered in the game.

This fact may leave some casual players who don't have a lot of time to play the game perplexed as to which career is best suited for them—especially DPS players, who currently have 11 possibilities and will have 12 with the release of Endwalker.


5. Dragoon

A Dragoon under the shining moonlight.

Dragoon is one of four melee fight professions now available in the game, which will increase to five with the future debut of the Reaper battle job. While melee combat is widely regarded as one of the more difficult fighting professions to master and perfect, it is also one of the most rewarding.

Why Dragoon is one of the Best DPS for beginners:

  • While Dragoons are still speedy, they are not as complicated as a Ninja’s combo and speed or a Monk’s specific positionals, especially at lower levels. This will allow a lower learning curve, which is suitable for beginners.
  • Flashy skills that utilizes the power of the dragons.
  • Exciting jumps that can be mastered through time, where Dragoons can jump in and out of danger zones easily.
  • Dragoons also have some buff skills that can enhance their damage significantly, as well as some that help enhance their party members’ attacks as well.

Choose Dragoon if:

  • You like playing melee classes as compared to Ranged or Magical.
  • You like the idea of wielding the power of the dragons.
  • You like using a spear as your main weapon to stab your enemies.
  • You like to channel your inner parkour skills and use them to jump in and out of battle easily.


4. Bard

A bard playing their tune to support their allies and damage the enemies.

The first Physical Ranged DPS battle job introduced in Final Fantasy XIV is the Bard. It is a battle job that concentrates on supplying harmony battle melodies to boost their comrades while also applying heavy debuffs to attack the adversaries.

Why Bard is a good DPS for beginners:

  • It is a fun job to play, with many unique skills that players can use.
  • The job is complete with damage over time and debuffs that can lower the boss’ health considerably over time.
  • Many buff sets that will boost their party members’ stats throughout the whole fight.
  • Flashy, speedy skills that are pleasant to look at.

Choose Bard if:

  • You like playing ranged DPS for its flexibility in moving.
  • You like using a bow and an arrow to fight your enemies.
  • You like to use damage over time and their management.
  • You like to support your teammates by giving buffs and other enhancements.


3. Machinist

A Machinist with their gun drawn.

Machinist is the second Physical Ranged DPS job introduced in FFXIV alongside the Heavensward expansion, and it is popular among both new and experienced players. The profession itself entails exciting and swift motions that make use of machinery such as cannons, drills, and automatons, among other things.

Why Machinist is a good DPS for beginners:

  • It is easy to move around with this job, as it does not have any melee skills nor casting skills.
  • It does not have any DoTs as of now, so it is easier to focus on their own skills instead of DoT management, especially for players who dislike the use of DoTs such as in bards or summoners.
  • It does not rely on RNG to be able to deal maximum damage, so the learning curve is stable and the same rotation could be learned easily by beginner players.
  • It has very quick rotation and attack speed, and could be a fun job to play for a lot of players.

Choose Machinist if:

  • You enjoy playing ranged DPS without any RNG skills.
  • You enjoy using modern machinery to deal damage to your enemies, by using guns, drills, and automatons.
  • You like doing a lot of skills that require high speed and deal a lot of damage.
  • You like a job that can summon a whole automaton robot to help you deal damage to your enemies in battle.


2. Red Mage

A Red Mage in their fancy outfit.

The Red Mage is the most recent Magical DPS released in the Stromblood expansion. It's a job that combines the finest of both worlds into a single position. As a Red Mage, players will have a skill set that includes both melee and magical spells.

Why Red Mage is a good DPS for beginners:

  • It is quite easy to pick up, especially compared to other Magical DPS battle jobs, which makes Red Mages a suitable Magical DPS job for beginners.
  • It has both melee and magical spell rotation, so players would be able to experience both skills in one single job.
  • It has many life-saving skills, such as a strong heal for when playing alone, as well as resurrection to help revive a dead healer in a party.
  • It has a rotation that is pretty straightforward even in late end-game, which is ideal for beginner players.
  • They can move easily even as a caster thanks to their ‘Dual Cast’ innate skill, which allows them to insta cast any spell every two spells. This also applies to their Verraise, so they can resurrect anyone instantly without the need to use Swiftcast.

Choose Red Mage if:

  • You like to play both as a Melee and as a Caster.
  • You like to be able to move easily as a Caster.
  • You want to have some life-saving skills both for yourself and for your party.
  • You want to play a Magical DPS that is not as complicated to pick up, and can be learned in a straightforward way.
  • You want to play a caster with flashy, unique skills.


1. Dancer

A Dancer showing off their elegant, but deadly moves.

The Dancer is the most recent Physical Ranged DPS to be added to the game with the release of the Shadowbringers expansion, which is the most popular expansion among FFXIV players. The Dancer uses Chakrams to deal damage to their opponents with their moves.

Why Dancer is the best DPS for beginners currently:

  • They have clear combos and rotations, which are easier for beginners to pick up.
  • As a Physical Ranged DPS, they can move around the arena easily, especially with their skill En Avant, which allows them to dash forward quickly and move out of dangerous AoEs.
  • Dancers have strong AoE skills even from low level, so they can clear through a lot of content quicker by killing the mobs with their AoE skills.
  • Dancers start at level 60, which means that players can skip a lot of level grind from 1-60.
  • Dancers can also choose a Dance Partner and boost both of their damages up significantly throughout the whole fight. 
  • Dancers also have a damage buff for the whole party by level 70, and may also provide many other buffs to help the party, such as mitigation, healing potency, and small healing area.

Choose Dancer if:

  • You like to play Physical Ranged DPS for their flexibility in battle.
  • You would like to play a battle job that is quite easy to pick up and learn about.
  • You want to play a battle job that can support your allies through different kinds of buffs.
  • You want to play a battle job that can execute moves that look graceful, beautiful, and elegant.
  • You want to have a battle job that can escape out of dangerous areas in the battlefield easily.

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