FF14 Best Gathering Class - Which is the Best?

FF14 Best Gathering Class - Which is the Best?
Don't mind the dirt!

Gathering in Final Fantasy XIV has undergone many changes from 1.0! Do you want to know which one is the best?

Like Crafters, all Gatherers Class share the same skills except for Fishers! Yes, Fishers have their own set of unique skills; you will soon see why! Now, let us hop on to which Gathering class is the best!

3. Botanist

Gotta lock the logs!

Botanists have the same skills as Miners, but some may have different names. Always remember to read your skill description to know what skills do what! Botanist is a pretty easy class to play, and you just need to know where to gather the items you want. Some items may only be available at certain times, so make sure you check that too! Go straight to Gridania if you want to take this class!

Choose Botanist if:

  • You will specialize in gathering wood, cotton, fruits, vegetables, and insects.
  • Know your map! You will need to understand which items and where they can be found; luckily, you have gathering logs that record it all!
  • Weather doesn't affect you, but specific Eorzean time can reveal some special rare items.
  • Know thy market! This class is heavily connected to Carpenter, Weaver, Alchemist, and Culinarian, which means you are gathering items for these crafters.
  • Most items are cheap, and you will have to know your market; this means you will have to sell them in the quantity that people need so it can be sold faster.
  • You can also gather some treasure-hunting maps easily.

2. Miner

You rock!

Miners are known to do a literally dirty job. The Miners Guild leader will also say the same thing! Why, of course, you will be dealing with dirt, rocks, and bones! Miners are like Botanists, they are easy to understand, and you will only need to remember where you need to mine things you need. Miner goods are essential to make heavy armor and weapons, which is why items necessary to make this equipment may be expensive. Miners are based in Ul'dah, so that is where you need to go!

Choose Miner if:

  • You will specialize in gathering ores, bones, raw gems, and water springs.
  • Understanding your map! All items you have gathered will be stored in your gathering logs!
  • Weather doesn't affect you, but certain Eorzean times can reveal some special rare items.
  • Know your market! This class is heavily connected to Goldsmith, Armorer, and Blacksmith, which means you are gathering items for these crafters.
  • Most items sell more expensive than Botanist, and you still need to know the quantity for each good to be sold faster.
  • You can also gather some treasure maps quickly.

1. Fisher

Wha? I'm not sleeping I swear!

Becoming a Fisher requires extreme luck, but if you have the luck and patience, it is a very rewarding class. Some of the fish you catch will sell depending on what's needed; fish for cooking can sell from hundreds of Gil to thousands of Gil. Some rare decorative fishes can sell up to millions of Gil if you catch one! Though housing is limited, apartments are not, so you have a bigger market than selling outdoor furniture. Fishers are unique with their skills, and they also have events and mini-game such as ocean fishing and spearfishing (available when diving). Recently FFXIV has updated the spearfishing mini-game, and it has become more challenging and fun. All you need to do is go to Limsa if you are interested in becoming a Fisher!

Choose Fisher if:

  • You are patient; this class requires patience. Since you are going fishing, this will take longer than Mining or Harvesting.
  • You are lucky.
  • This class is rewarding; rare fishes are expensive to sell.
  • You are required to have some bait and know your bait.
  • Know the places where you can fish. You can not only fish in the lakes, ponds, or seas, but you can also fish in canyons and even the sky!
  • You know the weather and Eorzean time will heavily affect what fish may be available.
  • Have a different skill set that is different from the other two gatherers.
  • This class is related to Culinarian and housing. Some fishes are for cooking; some others are just for decoration.
  • Require more effort to get treasure maps.

The beauty of Final Fantasy XIV is that you can play all classes in one character! So whichever class you want to try first is fine! Do you agree that Fisher is the most profitable class among gatherers?

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