[Top 10] FF14 Best Beast Tribe Quest!

FF14 Best Beast Tribe Quest!
Potato and the Cabbages!

What contents have you unlocked on Final Fantasy XIV?

There are a lot of things to do in Final Fantasy 14, and a lot is an understatement. Numerous contents are available for players to explore, that what makes players keep on playing FF14 despite having finished all the MSQ to the latest update. People who played for a long time may have a longer time to be venturous, but it can be overwhelming and confusing for new players to decide which content worth doing first. One of the content that FF14 offer is the Beast Tribes. The Beast Tribes will let you have daily quests, and from doing their quests, they will eventually warm up to you. The ‘warm up’ comes in ranks, the higher the rank, the more rewards you can trade-off.

Until the Shadowbringers expansion, FF14 have a total of 14 Beast Tribes and 5 are from A Realm Reborn. However, despite having the most Beast Tribes selection, I say that they are the least worth doing. So, to help you unwind the confusion, here I have summarized 10 Beast Tribe Quests worth doing first!

10. Sylph Beast Tribe Quests

Guide to unlock the Sylphs Beast Tribe Quests

Sylphs are introduced in the Main Quest for ARR. They are cute green fairies that live in Little Solace, East Shroud. To open this Beast Tribe, you must talk to Vorsaile Heuloix in Gridania and have at least one Disciples of War/Magic (DOW/DOM) on a minimum level of 42, “Seeking Solace” is the quest you are looking for. The quest from this green cabbage fairy is only worth doing when you haven’t opened the other expansion. Their quests can be unnecessarily tedious, please be prepared for it. Upon reaching certain ranks, the green fairy will allow you to buy goods from them, such as dyes that can be useful for Fashion Week Reports. Other than that, they offer you exclusive 2 collectable minions, 2 pieces of furniture, and 1 mount (Laurel Goobbue Horn). The only reason I put this on the list is because of the mount.

9. Amalj’aa Beast Tribe Quests

Guide to unlock the Amalj'aa Beast Tribe Quests

Amalj’aa is the hunting Beast Tribe, most of the quest will require you to defeat or slay something. Like the Syplhs, they are introduced in ARR. To unlock this Tribe, you must have DOW/DOM ready at a minimum level of 43, and talk to Swift in Ul’dah. The quest is called “Peace for Thalanan”. Reaching certain ranks will also let you unlock special dyes, minions, pieces of furniture, and a mount. The dyes may also be useful for Fashion Week Reports. They have Drake for the mount, it has the best design in ARR, however, it lacks in everything compared to other Beast Tribes on the list.

8. Vath Beast Tribe Quests

Guide to unlock the Vath Beast Tribe Quests

This Beast Tribe has a strong presence and story in Heavensward expansion. Their lore is indeed interesting, however, their rewards are not very great. To unlock this Tribe, you must take a quest called “The Naming of Vath” from Vath Storyteller in The Dravanian Forelands. To access this quest you must first finish the “Lord of the Hive” main quest. The notable rewards available from this tribe are 2 exclusive minions and a special mount. 

7. Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

Guide to unlock the Moogle Beast Tribe Quests

Who doesn’t like this fluffy-iconic creature? Their beast tribe is definitely on the to-do list. They have awesome cute rewards and worth your time. The only downside is the lengthy quest you need to take to unlock the Moogle tribe. Yes, you must undergo a series of quests start with “A Pebble for Your Thoughts” from Mogleo in The Churning Mists, to “Tricks and Stones”, just to unlock this Tribe. And it’s a long one, like a long one, 15+ quests before actually unlocking the Tribe. It started as a side quest (yes, the yellow exclamation mark), and people often miss it. This tribe is crafting-oriented, you will be required to unlock at least 1 Disciples of Hand (DOH) with a minimum level of 50. Upon having certain ranks you will get cute rewards such as Markworthy Mogsofa, Mog Slippers, 2 exclusive minions, adorable dance emoticons, and 1 fluffy mount.

6. Kojin Beast Tribe Quests

Guide to unlock Blue Kojin Beast Tribe Quests

The Blue Kojin plays important role in the Stromblood expansion. To unlock this Tribe, you must first complete the Main Scenario Quest “Tide Goes In, Imperials Go Out”, then you can take the “Heaven-sent” quest from Vexed Villager in Isari, The Ruby Sea. The rewards that the turtles offer are great, they have 3 minions, an emoticon, orchestrion, plushy, a set of armour, and NPCs permit for your home. The only downside of this Tribe is that some of the quests do take place underwater, which can be frustrating when not knowing how far to dive.

5. Namazu Beast Tribe Quests

How to unlock Namazu Beast Tribe Quests

The Namazu is so far the only Beast Tribe to be both gathering and crafting oriented. They are funny and entertaining to do, not to mention the rewards are a-thumbs-up, it’s worth it! To have this tribe unlocked, you must first possess a level-60+ Disciples of Hand or Disciples of Land. You will have to complete 3 series of side quests to unlock this Beast Tribe. First is started with “Courage of Cowardly Lupin” from Fukudo in Yanxia, second is started by Ochimi in Yanxia the quest is called “Perchance to Hanami”, then after completing both quests the 3rd quest will trigger, its called “Kurobana vs. Gyorin” taken from Kurobana in Yanxia. Most Namazu rewards are furniture, however, you can also get minion, funny emoticon, and an exclusive mount.

4. Ananta Beast Tribe Quests

How to unlock Ananta Beast Tribe Quests

The Ananta are the snake-people creature. To unlock this Tribe you must complete a series of quests, the quest also comes in a yellow exclamation mark. Take the quest called “The Hidden Truth” from Serpent Marshal Brookstone, in The Fringes to trigger the following quests. It is not as long as the Moogles, and it is going to be worth it since they have exceptional rewards to offer! The only Beast Tribe that offers 2 exclusive mounts; a Griffin and an Elephant. This is also where you get the item False Nails, you can also get 2 minions, an orchestrion, and a quite popular emoticon.

3. Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests

How to unlock Dwarf Beast Tribe Quests

Have you seen that tank mount, yes that literal tank mount that others been using? This is where you get that mount! They are another crafting-oriented Tribe. To unlock, take the quest “It’s Dwarfin’ Time” from Affable Townsdwarf, in Kholusia. As for rewards, other than the tank, they have emoticon, orchestrion, minion, and high-level craftsman’s materia.

2. Qitari Beast Tribe Quests

How to unlock Qitari Beast Tribe Quests

The Qitari has a unique story for a Beast Tribe, players can make decisions that will influence the tribe as it builds. They are a Tribe that focuses on gathering. To unlock this tribe you will have to do a series of quests started with “The Stewards of Note” this quest is given by Concerned Mother in The Rak’tika Greatwood. The tribe offers some handsome rewards for doing their quests, such as exclusive mount, 2 minions, orchestrion, and high-level materia for DOL. Players are hitting on those minions.

1. Pixie Beast Tribe Quests

How to unlock Pixie Beast Tribe Quests

The Pixies are one of the well-polished Beast Tribe in FF14. The Pixies are cute, and the map is such a wonderful sight to see. Talk to Pink Pixie and she will have a quest called “Manic Pixie Dream Realm” the series of quests will lead you to open this Beast Tribe. They offer the cutest mount yet, Porxie, a minion, orchestrion, cute furnish for your player-home, and high-level DOW/DOM materias.

Now you have the information needed to decide which Beast Tribes worth doing first! Which of the Beast Tribes are now on your to-do list? Of course, you will also need to progress on the MSQ to be able to unlock the Beast Tribes Quests, please don’t abandon your MSQ. Remember, what matters is having fun! Pace up yourself to your liking and enjoy every experience in FF14!

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