FF14 Best Class - What's the Best Job to Play in 2022?

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Labyrinthos, one of the stunning new fields introduced in Endwalker.

Endwalker is Final Fantasy XIV's long-awaited story expansion, which includes not only the exciting Main Scenario Questiline, but also new battle jobs, raids, trials, dungeons, and other non-battle related material such as changes to spear fishing and housing, and so on and so forth.

Players have been inundated with new content in FFXIV, and may have leveled up their battle jobs, or perhaps tried both Sage and Reaper, the two new battle jobs introduced with the newest Endwalker update.

Other players, on the other hand, may struggle to determine which fight job to level up first in Final Fantasy XIV, especially if they do not have a lot of time to play the game and can only focus on one job at a time. With a total of 20 battle jobs to choose from, it's no surprise that making this decision might be difficult.

This article will assist you in making a decision by introducing some of the most powerful, improved versions of battle occupations from each category, primarily one for tank, DPS, and healer.


3. Warrior

Warrior, which can be seen more often now with the arrival of Endwalker.

Warrior is a combat job introduced as early as the game's relaunch in A Realm Reborn. They've undergone a lot of modifications, enhancements, and nerfs throughout the expansions. While Warriors are scarce in Shadowbringers, there is a noticeable increase in the number of players taking up this employment in Endalker.

Why Warrior is Great: 

  • One of the strongest tanks right now as they can basically survive a lot of dungeons, even some late game dungeons for a very long time with their arsenal of healings and mitigations.
  • Warrior also has Holmgang, an invulnerability skill with the shortest cooldown when compared to the other three tanks. This makes it easier for Warriors to cheese new and old content.
  • Can basically survive some dungeons or even trials when the healer is dead, especially because Endwalker has added the Bloodwhetting skill to the Warriors.
  • More beginner-friendly, as their rotations require less weaves and therefore there is also less chance to clip and mess up your rotations when doing end-game content such as extreme trials and savage raids. 
  • The revamped version of Nascent Flash allows Warriors to heal themselves quickly to full, or even use it on another dying party member. This can be especially useful when a healer is dying without a DPS that has a resurrection skill in the party.

Pick Warrior if:

You like playing a Tank that can deal moderate damage with powerful skills.

  • You like playing a straightforward Tank that requires less weaving to deal more damage, such as the Gunbreaker battle job. This also often applies to players with high ping.
  • You like playing a Tank that can survive hard content for a long time because of their large and strong arsenal of mitigation and healing skills.
  • You want to be able to cheese old and even some new content easily.


2. Sage

A Sage is the new healer battle job that is added in the game after Astrologian in Heavensward.

It should come as no surprise that Sage has a place in this piece. As the game's new healer, they have one of the most powerful assault talents as well as a number of healing skills at their disposal.

Why Sage is Great: 

  • They have a variety of DPS skills that can deal a lot of damage. This is a notable change as compared to other healers who have less DPS skills.
  • They can heal themselves or a certain person (most usually the Main Tank) by dealing damage.
  • They have a lot of shields they can utilize efficiently in any content, making it easier to cheese content by themselves or with a party.
  • They start at level 70, so players need less time leveling them up to 90.
  • They probably have the most DPS output among other healers currently, with good Mana management.

Pick Sage if:

  • You like playing a healer that can still deal a massive amount of damage.
  • You like playing a shield healer who likes to predict and prepare for the incoming mechanics by shielding yourselves and your party members accordingly.
  • You like having a huge variety of shields and heals that you can use throughout the fight, making it much easier to go through harder content.


1. Reaper

Reaper, the newest Melee Battle Job in the game.

Unsurprisingly, as the newest DPS job introduced in Endwalker, Reaper has won the DPS place in this article. When employed properly, Reaper can now provide the most damage to foes when compared to other DPS battle occupations.

Why Reaper is Great:

  • Huge, maybe even the best, DPS output currently.
  • Has a lot of good and powerful AoE skills, as compared to some other Melee other jobs who have lesser AoE skills. This makes Reaper very powerful in Dungeons.
  • They have a personal shield as well as a damage buff for themselves as well as their party, allowing a Reaper to provide utility for their party on top of dealing a lot of damage.
  • They have several huge and quick movement skills, allowing Reapers to be able to dodge mechanics quickly.
  • Unlike Ninja, they have less weaving and slower GCD. While this might be a disadvantage to some, it definitely fits those who wish for a slower Melee and less clipping to avoid messing up your rotation.
  • Starts at level 70, saving time for players to level them up from level 1.
  • Cool, dark visual skills that are enjoyable to watch, especially for fans of such kinds of visual skills. Especially compatible for players who enjoy Dark Knight’s visuals.

Pick Reaper if:

  • You want to deal a lot of damage to your enemies, be it single target or AoEs.
  • You want a Melee battle job that has slower GCD and less weaving, therefore allowing you to be able to do your rotation properly.
  • You want to level a battle job that starts at a quite high enough level for you to know whether you will like the job or not.
  • You want to play a Melee battle job that has utility for the party.
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