[Top 10] FF14 Best Squadron Recruits!

FF14 Best Squadron Recruits
Hall of Flame, The Barracks

Have you joined a Grand Company? What Grand Company are you in? What rank are you currently in?

For me, I’m a proud Flame Captain! Do you know there is a lot of benefits you can get from joining a Grand Company? One of the most appealing benefits to me is finally being able to get rid of that dungeon equipment I no longer use. This will be available once you have reached the Sergeant Second Class Rank, you can submit the rare and unique equipment for company seals.

The other fascinating benefit is having your very own Squadron! Yes, on level 47 you may unlock your squadron from a quest called “Squadron and Commander (Grand Company Name)”, and you are the leader, or should I say, the Commander of the team. This feature allows you to send your squadron members on a mission or freely explore dungeons with them. Upon finishing the missions, especially the higher-level ones, you will get rewards from it, and for the dungeons, you may keep all the drops to yourself. But before doing all the missions and dungeons, you must first recruit the members, you can recruit up to 8 members into your squadron.

To recruit members, you will have to finish “Challange Logs” this is available on level 15 from a quest called “Rising to the Challenge” available in Limsa Lominsa. The recruits can vary depends on what category of challenge logs you completed. The level of your squadron is capped at level 60, and the recruitment level that comes to you depends on your overall squadron’s level when the recruitment comes. Please note that all your squadrons members can change job depending on what you see fit, and there will be no difference whatsoever in their status, however, your squadron will not be able to get a soul stone and upgrade their class. This is why you will not see recruits with jobs after the Heavensward expansion. Other than that, you can also freely change their glamour and dress them however you like! The fun part is, there are already recruits with their unique glamour or funny names, and this article will tell you just that! The 10 Best Squadron Members Original Outfit or Funny Names you can recruits!

10. Gnawing Goat

Gnawing Goat of The Golden Bazaar.

This recruit is a male Roegadyn, his default class will be a Conjurer. You can recruit him by doing Gold Saucer or FATEs challenge logs. You will need at least one Conjurer in your squadron if you would like to do dungeons with them.

9. Khorchi

Khorchi of the Far East.

Khorchi is a female Au Ra, her default class is a Pugilist. She wears a hat like a pirate. To recruit her you will need to finish the Gold Saucer list of challenge logs.

8. Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper of Wellwick Wood.

From her name you can probably tell she is a Roegadyn, she is a Rogue. You can recruit her by chance by finishing the challenge logs of this category: Guildhests, Levequests, Grand Company, or Gold Saucer.

7. Kehda’to Moui

Kehda'to Moui of the New Gridania.

This male Miqo’te is an Archer, he has a unique outfit. To get him on your enlistment, you will need to do the Gold Saucer’s challenge logs.

6. Cilia

Cilia of the Pearl Lane.

Cilia is a Hyur with a Thaumaturge default class. She, like Kehda’to, also has a unique outfit, her outfit is also cool to see. For a chance to recruit her, do the Gold Saucer’s challenge logs.

5. Dolfin

Dolfin of the Onyx Lane.

Dolfin is not a dolphin, he is a Hyur and a Thaumaturge, just like Cilia. Their original outfit is similar, but Dolfin is more to the dark side with all the black. To recruit him, you will need to do the challenge log of PvP and Gold Saucer.

4. Crilde

Crilde of The Hawthorne Hut.

A female Elezen with a deer outfit or mayhap a Rudolf outfit(?). She will start as a Rogue, and you can get her from Gold Saucer.

3. Seserikku

Seserikku of the Horizon.

A male Lalafell that dress like a snowman. He started as Marauder and you can get him from the Gold Saucer challenge logs. You will want at least one tank in your squadron so you can go to dungeons.

2. E’ptolmi

E'ptolmi of the Bronze Lake.

E’ptolmi is a female Miqo’te, she will enrol as an Archer. She wears the gold saucer’s attendant clothes. You can get her enlisted by doing the Disciple of the Land, Treasure Hunt, and Gold Saucer challenge logs activities.

1. Raging Ox

Raging Ox of Sapphire Avenue Exchange.

Another male Roegadyn, a shirtless one. His default job is as an Arcanist. You can also get him from doing the Gold Saucer’s challenge logs.

That is all the recruits with funny names and outfit! One more thing to note from the squadron, upon going to missions the members will form Chemistry, for early to the middle level of a squadron, I suggest that you take chemistry that will boost your attributes. This will be useful in finishing your missions and help your character to rank up in Grand Company. When all the levels are maximized, feel free to have the chemistry that you wish for. I hope this guide helps you decide on your squadron dream team!

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