[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Level Your Miner and Botanist from Level 1 to 90.

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Diadem Boom, a gatherer’s Limit Break.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the rare MMORPGs that has put much and more into non-battle related content, specifically crafting and gathering. While some games have been successful in making crafting a more interesting content players can do, FFXIV did it a top notch and more, especially towards gathering, which a lot of players often see as useless.

In fact, gathering is one of the most effective ways for players to be able to earn money as well as relax from the hectic combat and dark story surrounding the game. Often, players tend to gravitate towards gathering after they have finished their Main Story questline or when they tire of the high-end and intense end-game combat and raiding.

However, relaxing as it is, gathering can become a bit tedious and boring if players do not know the most effective ways on how to quickly level their gatherer, therefore spending a lot of time being stuck on lower levels, where players are still locked out on a lot of gathering-related content, more advanced skills and a gathering rotation, and much more.

As a gatherer, players go around the map to gather a huge variety of items, like mining the ore or harvesting a plant. While Fishing is also included in the three gathering classes in the game, this article will focus heavily on helping players with informing them on how to level up their Botanist and Miner effectively in FFXIV. This is because a Fisher has a different way of levelling up quickly, while Botanist and Miner share the same methods.


5. Class Quests

One of the primary things that a lot of players tend to miss when starting out on gathering or crafting is not doing their class quests for ages, either because they do not realize how to take them, or because they do not see a need to do them in the first place. 

The first main reason why players want to do their gathering class quests whenever they are available is that they give tons of experience points upon clearing them, which can give you a free boost of 1 or 2 levels, or maybe even more. The gathering Crystarium and Studium deliveries in Shadowbringers and Endwalker, for example, can give players a whopping three to four levels if you submit the required materials at maximum collectability.

Some other reasons why players want to do their gatherers class quests that can help make their gathering experience much more enjoyable and easier:

  • Doing your gatherer quests will allow players to unlock specific skills that can only be unlocked through completing your class quests. Some of these skills are highly important and useful, that can help you gather more items per yield and many more.
  • Free equipment and gear. Upon clearing your gatherer class quests, players will be able to earn a free primary tool as well as a choice of armour. This will allow them to save Gil from having to buy new gear when they reach higher levels, and higher gear means they have more access to higher level gathers.


4. Beast Tribes

While Beast Tribes is certainly not one of the fastest ways to level up your gatherers from 1 to 90 in a short span of time, it is still listed as one of the best ways to level up your gatherers just because of how simple they are.

Beast Tribes is a side content that players can access after they complete each expansion. With each new expansion, players will have access to more beast tribes. Similarly, in each expansion, there would be a beast tribe that can only be levelled up through doing their quests in either crafting or gathering.

In Shadowbringers, specifically, instead of having an all-for-one beast tribe for both crafting and gathering, it is separated into one Crafting Beast Tribe and one Gatherer Beast Tribe. This is the list of the beast tribe players can unlock to level their gathering classes:

  • A Realm Reborn: Ixali Beast Tribe – also unlocks the daily Ehcatl Nine Delivery Quests, which gives a lot of experience points from level 1-50.
  • Heavensward: Moogle Beast Tribe
  • Stormblood: Namazu Beast Tribe
  • Shadowbringers: Qitari Beast Tribe

Players can do a maximum of 3 daily quests per beast tribe per day, with a total of 12 quests taken per day. Beast Tribe daily quests will reward players with a decent amount of experience points for the gatherers that take the quest. In addition, completing Beast Tribe as a part of your daily routine will allow you to level their Rank up and earn unique rewards, such as:

  • Unique Mounts that can only be bought at higher level Beast Tribe ranks.
  • Unique Minions and Gear (Glamour)
  • Orchestrion Rolls and Dyes that can only be bought in Beast Tribe Vendors.
  • Achievements and Titles.

While players would not be able to level up very quickly from 1 to 90 by doing Beast Tribe quests, it still gives decent experience points for your gatherers each day with minimal effort. It is a good way to level up one’s gatherer for players who are not into hardcore leveling, or just want to put gathering as a low priority currently.


3. Daily Grand Company Provisioning Missions

Another way to level up a gatherer’s level with minimum effort is through your Grand Company’s daily Provisioning Missions. Each day, your Grand Company will ask each player a specific material that corresponds to their gathering level. Usually, they would ask a Miner and a Botanist to submit 10 of these specific Materials.

By submitting these materials to the Grand Company, players can earn half a level up to a whopping 2 levels at once, depending on the priority of the mission (a priority will have a star beside the item), and the player’s level.

This method is much more effective when players have a low-level gatherer, as they can get lots of level-ups at once just through submitting items that can be bought in any major city NPCs. 

As such, this method is very well suited for players who are not much into gathering or levelling them, but still want to level them slowly to max level just in case they might need them some day. 

Combining this method with the previous one by doing Beast Tribes daily is definitely a good way to passively level up a player’s gathering levels and not being too hardcore and is mostly suited for players who are into casual gathering style.


2. The Diadem + Squadron and Survival Manuals

The Diadem has always been known as the fastest method to level up a gatherer from level 10 all the way up to 80. It is certainly not impossible for hardcore players to be able to reach those whopping 70 levels in less than a week.

Players will get a large amount of experience through gathering in The Diadem, much more as compared to gathering normally in the fields of Eorzea and beyond. The nodes in Diadem will have different materials players can gather based on their respective gatherer’s levels. Of course, the higher the level, the stricter the gear requirement would be. However, it will also mean much higher experience points per gathering action.

In addition, players can also increase the amount of experience they can get by using Squadron and Survival Manuals. Survival Manuals are consumables that players can use, and it is a buff that will increase a player’s gathering experience by 150%. The buff lasts for 18 hours, or until the player reaches the cap of the buff, which will be written in the Survival Manual itself. Players can easily get their Manuals by completing their Gatherer class quests. Players can also buy them manually with 300 White Scrips if they run out of it. 

Squadron Manuals can be earned through buying it in their respective Grand Company with Company Seals, or sending their Squadron on their weekly missions to get themselves up to 10 Manuals a week. Players can use this chance by getting some Squadron Gathering Manuals, which will increase a player’s gathering experience gained by 20% for 2 hours.

  • Some large benefits of levelling up your gatherers in Diadem:
  • Very fast and easy. Players just need to gather from one point to another and gain a massive amount of experience.
  • Low level requirement, as players can enter Diadem starting from level 10 as a Gatherer.
  • Gain money while levelling up your gatherers! You can sell the materials you’ve gathered in Diadem for decent Gil. Not to mention, the Skybuilder’s Scrips you can get by submitting them to be approved can also be used to buy useful items to be sold, such as unique mounts and glams.


1. Collectables

An important point that should be considered when levelling gatherers through The Diadem is the fact that it is impossible to level your gatherers to 90, the current max level, through it. Because of this, Collectibles has now become one of the most famous ways for gatherers to level up their gathering classes from level 80 to 90.

Players can look at this list to find out the timing for Unspoiled Nodes for each collectable that can later on be submitted at a Collectable Appraiser. 

The main reason why players want to stick to unspoiled nodes Collectables instead of regular ones is because they give more gathering attempts, higher experience points, as well as Scrips rewards. While players can certainly gather regular Collectables in between the timed nodes, they should always prioritise timed node Collectables.

An addition is that players must aim to get as much Collectability as possible, as they will earn more experience and Scrip the higher the item’s Collectability rating is. In Gathering Collectables, specifically Miner and Botanist, players should always try to aim for 1000 or maximum Collectability for maximum reward.

Why levelling through Collectables is ideal:

  • Fast and easy way to level up your gatherers from 80 to 90.
  • Prioritising Unspoiled/Timed nodes means that players can also do other things in between the timed nodes, so they won’t have to stick to gathering all the time.
  • The White and Purple Scrips that can be earned from submitting Collectables can also be used to buy useful items, such as Aethersand, Gear, High-level Materia, and many other things. They can also be used to buy items that can sell well in the server’s Market Board for Gil.

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