[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways to Level Your Crafters from Level 1 to 90.

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In FFXIV, Crafters also have shiny equipment too!

Crafting is one of, if not the, most important non-battle combat options available in the game right now. Instead of providing only the bare minimum of crafting skills and capabilities, Final Fantasy XIV has gone above and beyond to make Crafting as interesting as possible, with their own challenges to tackle and their own BiS to build, just like the battle jobs.
Both new and veteran players may be interested in the Crafting system for a variety of reasons, including the change of pace it provides in comparison to battle content, the achievements and rewards that are exclusive to Crafters, and the Gil that Crafters can bring into the bank by selling crafted items on the Market Board.
However, many players, particularly those new to the craft, may be perplexed as to how to begin leveling up their crafters. With a whopping nine Crafters to level, it is understandable that this may become a problem for some players, especially when all crafters are intertwined with one another and it is best to level them all together to make it less painful in terms of gearing and crafting materials.
As a result, this guide was created to list some of the best ways for players to level their Crafter classes from level 1 all the way up to level 90, the current level cap. Because all crafters in the game level the same way, this guide applies to all eight crafter classes.


5. Beast Tribes 

The first method for leveling up crafters is frequently overlooked because it is not the quickest way for players to level up all of their crafters quickly. This method, on the other side, is ideal for casual players who want to level their crafters on the side rather than hardcore players who want to level their crafters with the least amount of effort, time, and Gil.

To begin, Beast Tribes are an additional content that players can access after completing a certain part of A Realm Reborn's Main Scenario Questline.

While players will only be able to access five beast tribes in A Realm Reborn, and only one of them, the Ixali, will be able to help level up their crafters, players will be able to unlock more and more options as they progress through the game's Main Scenario Questline.

The following is a list of beast tribes that players can unlock and use to level up their crafters per expansion, along with the recommended level range:

  • A Realm Reborn: Ixali Beast Tribe (level 1-50).
  • Heavensward: Moogle Beast Tribe (50-60).
  • Stormblood: Namazu Beast Tribe (60-70).
  • Shadowbringers: Dwarf Beast Tribe (70-80).

Why Beast Tribes is one of the best ways to level up your crafters:

  • It is quick and easy. Players can accept three quests per beast tribe a day, with a maximum total of twelve. Usually, these quests require less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Very rewarding. Players might get 1 to 3 levels per day by doing the beast tribe crafter quests that are suitable for their level. 
  • Low effort. Unlike other methods where players can quickly level up their crafters in a hardcore way, beast tribes are simple and easy to do, require minimum gear and Gil.
  • Other rewards! By completing the beast tribe’s quests, players will be able to increase their respective beast tribe’s rank and favour. At higher levels, players will be able to purchase exclusive rewards like unique mounts, minions, glamour, orchestrion rolls, and many more! 


4. Grand Company’s Daily Supply Missions

This method, like the previous one, is a chill method that is ideal for casual players who aren't looking for a hardcore method that will quickly level up their crafters' levels.

This method, like the beast tribes, has a daily limit. In this case, players are only allowed to submit one requested item per crafter per day.

Players who have joined a Grand Company will receive Daily Supply and Provisioning missions every day. The Grand Company will request that players submit a specific item related to their crafter class and level, which players can view in-game by pressing Ctrl + U.

Why Daily Supply Missions is one of the best ways to level up your crafters:

  • Very quick, especially at lower levels. Most often, when players start out as a low-level crafter leveling them up through this method, the Grand Company will ask for items that can be bought for dirt cheap in NPC vendors, or can be very easily crafted.
  • Low-cost materials. Players who are looking into crafting the requested item will find out that most of the items they need to craft do not need a lot of resources and can be done easily, as some materials needed can be sold very cheaply on the Market Board too. 
  • High reward. Players can earn from half a level all the way up to a whopping three or four levels depending on the priority of the quest (can be seen through a star symbol next to the requested daily mission) and the quality of the crafted item (HQ ones gives double the exp).
  • Rewards you with Company Seals, which you can use to rank up your Grand Company’s rank, or buy materials, gear, and many other unique items in your respective Grand Company.


3. Class Quests

Many players who have just started crafting are ignoring the class quests that are available at specific levels, particularly those who are leveling quickly with Ishgardian Restoration.

However, this is not recommended, especially for newer players who are just getting started with crafting and looking for quick ways to level up. Completing your crafter's class quests gives you a lot of experience points, which can help you level up your crafter for a variety of reasons, including:

  • You will be able to learn more crafting skills that are very vital to your crafting rotation even at end-game level 90 crafting later on. These skills, such as Manipulation, can only be learnt through completing the Crafter’s class quests and nowhere else. 
  • Free gear and equipment for your crafter! As you level up, you may have noticed that the old starter gear that you use may not cut it out anymore and you may end up buying crafter gear from the NPCs. Players can easily reduce the cost needed to do this by completing their Crafter’s Class quests, as they will offer the players a free upgrade of tool and gear.
  • High experience points. Completing class quests, as well as Crystarium and Studium deliveries in Shadowbringers and Endwalker will give players a lot of experience rewards. The Deliveries, specifically, can boost a player’s crafter level by 2 or 3 per quest if players submit a maximum rank collectability crafted item the NPCs requested.


2. Ishgardian Restoration

Ishgardian Restoration is the most well-known method for quickly leveling all of your crafters from 1 to 80. Keep in mind, however, that this method can be extremely expensive, especially if players intend to buy all of the required materials to craft their items in the Market Board rather than gathering those items themselves.

This method, on the other hand, is ideal for players who don't want to do daily quests and want to level up their crafters in a single sitting.

Why Ishgardian Restoration is one of the best ways to level up your crafters:

  • Very quick, not in terms of how long players have to craft there, but in terms of levelling speed, as players are able to quickly level up from level 10 to 80 all in one sitting in a few hours.
  • The fastest way for players who are looking into end-game crafting immediately and did not want to waste time by waiting for each day to start again to do their daily quests.
  • If lucky, players might even be able to gain back the Gil they’ve spent buying the materials through crafting for Ishgard Restoration. This Can be done in two ways: 
  • Kupo of Fortune = Players will earn a stamp for submitting an item for the restoration. Players can then test their luck by opening up the Kupo ticket to get a freebie. Sometimes, players can get rare items like Casual Attire Coffer and Verdant Partition, items that can sell for hundreds of thousands of Gil in the Market Board.
  • Skybuilders’ Scrips. Every time players submit an item, they will get a specific amount of Skybuilders’ Scrips back in return. This special currency can then be used to buy unique items, like mounts, glamour, and furniture, which can be used to add in your collections or sold in the Market Board for hundreds of thousands of Gil too.


1 . Levequests

If this was before the release of the Endwalker expansion, Ishgardian Restoration would undoubtedly be ranked first in this article. However, because it is no longer possible to level your Crafters from 81 to 90 in Ishgardian Restoration, Levequests has now won the championship.

Doing Levequests is currently the quickest way for players to level up their level 81 Crafters all the way to level 90.

Why Levequests is the best way to level your crafters from 81 to 90 currently:

  • It is extremely fast. Players can gain an easy level by completing two to three levequests with HQ items.
  • Repeatable. Players can easily repeat the same levequest to stock up on the HQ item they need to submit for easy crafting and leveling.
  • Players will also be able to gain a significant amount of experience points by crafting the items required to complete the related levequests.
  • A simple method for returning players to quickly and easily catch up to end-game crafting.
  • Players who are too lazy to craft their own items can easily buy them on the Market Board and only have to submit them for easy levels, because levequests requested items are a big market right now, which means there are a lot of players out there providing the supplies.

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