FF14 Best Way To Level Up Fast

 FF14 Best Way To Level Up Fast
Who needs the scenic route? We're hightailing it to endgame here!


Level Up Fast in FF14

Whether you’re new to the world of Final Fantasy 14, or a seasoned veteran trying to power up a side class, leveling can seem like a long and daunting process. With this guide, you’ll learn the best ways to fly through it all and reach max level in no time!

Level 1-10

Levels 1 to 10 are generally swift and straight forward.. This is the part of the process where leveling feels like a breeze, especially if you stick to the following:

  • Main Story Quest
    • For new characters, following through the main story quest often nets you almost all the EXP you’ll need to reach level 10.
  • Job Quests
    • Particularly useful for leveling side classes, following your chosen Job class quests will give more than half the necessary EXP for reaching level 10.
  • Hunting Log
    • Completing your Job’s Hunting Log for entries 1-10 provides a great wealth of EXP, with bonus EXP given for completion of all 10 entries. Combined with Job Quests and/or Main Story Quests this should be all you need to hit level 10 in no time flat.

Filling out your Hunting Log is a great way to experience all the different locations Eorzea has to offer and get you up close and personal with the unique wildlife and enemies, all while rewarding you with great EXP!

Level 11-20

While the Main Story and Job Quests still net a generous chunk of EXP during this time, things can seem to plateau around level 15. Rely on a rotation of the following to make up the difference:

  • Hunting Log
    • Entries 11-20 will once again provide an big chunk of EXP per entry, along with that sweet EXP completion bonus when you complete all ten.
  • Levequests
    • Unlocked by speaking to the levemete in your starting city’s Adventurer’s Guild.
    • Levequests are repeatable quests found in a variety of cities throughout Eorzea that grant generous EXP for completion.
    • Levequests level 10 can be found in Swiftperch, Bentbranch Meadows, and Horizon.
    • Levequests level 15 can be found in Aleport, the Hawthorne Hut, and Camp Drybone.
    • Levequests level 20 can be found in Moraby Drydocks.
  • Guildhests
    • Unlocked via accessing levequests and then speaking to a Battlewarden.
    • Miniboss fights taken on with a light party, these grant a sizeable bit of EXP.
    • Once you complete one Guildhest, the next level-appropriate one will unlock.
  • FATE grinding
    • FATEs are dynamic events that spawn around Eorzea. Look for blue and purple FATE indicators on your minimap, and run into the blue circle area to join a FATE.
    • Even if FATEs are not successfully completed, you will often receive an EXP reward for participating.
    • For levels 11-20, find FATEs located around Aleport and east near Swiftperch.

FATEs are a fun and lively way to grind EXP. While many are able to be completed solo, many others require groups to finish in a timely manner. Join a FATE hopping group and have a blast tripping around Eorzea for FATEs! 

Level 21-50

Main Story and Job Quests are still valuable to complete, particularly for gear and character actions; however, they will not grant enough EXP for leveling on their own. For the bulk of mid-range leveling, this should be your go-to rotation:

  • Hunting Log
    • Still a highly valuable source of EXP, the Hunting Log will take you all the way up to level 50. Complete it dutifully and you’ll have taken a big step towards your needed EXP.
  • Duty Roulette
    • First unlocked at level 10, the Duty Roulette becomes invaluable in mid-range leveling.
    • Completing one of each offered daily roulette grants EXP and Gil bonuses.
    • Even after the EXP bonus, running through dungeons is a great way to gain EXP.
  • FATE grinding
    • Quarrymill (level 20-26)
    • Costa Del Sol (level 26-32)
    • Coerthas Central Highlands (level 32-39)
    • Mor Dhona (level 39-44)
    • Bluefog and the Ceruleum Processing Plant (level 40-52)
  • Levequests
    • Levequests level 25 can be found in Quarrymill and the Moraby Drydocks.
    • Levequests level 30 can be found in Costa del Sol, Camp Tranquil, and Wineport.
    • Levequests level 35 can be found in Dragonhead at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena.
    • Levequests level 40 can be found in Camp Bluefog and Whitebrim Front.
    • Levequests level 45 can be found in North Silvertear.
  • Palace of the Dead
    • Unlocked at level 17, POTD is greatly useful for leveling clear up to level 60.
    • Unlocked via New Gridania quest “The House that Death Built”
    • An instanced dungeon with an ever-changing layout. All players begin at level 1 and gain EXP as they move up through the dungeon levels. Progress can be saved upon leaving PotD.

The Palace of the Dead is a mysterious place, full of ever-changing rooms and some unique enemies. Not only can you gain a lot of EXP in here, you can also find some rare and valuable treasures!

Level 51-70

Many players begin to struggle after hitting level 50, where far more EXP begins to be required between levels. Main Story and Job Quests don’t take you very far, but if you’re willing to stick your nose to the grindstone you should be able to power through quicker than you think.

  • Beast Tribe Quests
    • Daily quests that unlock after completing your level 41 main story quest.
    • Provide great chunks of EXP and are reset every day.
  • Challenge Log
    • Useful at any stage, the Challenge Log is now an invaluable source of EXP.
    • Unlocked via level 15 Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Quest “Rising to the Challenge”
    • Lists various objectives for an adventurer to complete, rewarding with EXP per objective with a bonus for fully completed sections.
  • Duty Roulette
    • You should now be accustomed to checking off your daily roulettes, as they continue to provide a big bang for your buck in ways of EXP.
  • The Hunt
    • Unlocked through your Grand Company at level 50.
    • Grants the player the ability to hunt for rare enemies around Eorzea and gain large EXP rewards for successful bounties.
    • Consider joining a hunting linkshell to grind through Hunts and tackle more dangerous monsters.
  • Levequests
    • Levequests levels 50-58 can be found in Foundation.
    • Foundation offers Large-scale Leves that bring in larger rewards, however, they cost 10 allowances. More EXP can be gained by sticking to the normal leves.
  • FATE grinding
    • Coerthas Western Highlands (level 50-52)
    • Churning Mists (level 53-57)
    • Dravanian Hinterlands (level 57-59)
    • The Fringes and The Peaks, northern areas respectively (level 60-62)
    • The Ruby Sea (level 62-64)
    • Yanxia (level 64-65)
    • The Azim Steppe (65-66)
    • The Fringes and The Peaks, southern areas respectively (level 67-70)

Beast Tribes are all over Eorzea; some friendly, some not so friendly. Figure out who your potential allies are, and then show them just what kind of stuff your hero is made out of! There's a lot of reward in aiding the various tribes of the regions.

Overall Leveling Tips:

  • Join a Free Company ASAP, as they often have free boosts such as the “Heat of Battle” EXP boost.
  • Make sure when exiting the game to always be in a sanctuary to gain resting EXP.
  • Available through level 30 South Shroud quest “My Feisty Little Chocobo”, unlock fighting with Chocobo. They greatly help speed along soloing content.
  • Every odd level (level 37, 39, 41, etc), focus on getting exp from same-level dungeons. You get an exp bonus when your character's level is the same as the mobs in a dungeon.
  • The Armory Bonus is EXP given to any battle class you have aside from your highest level class. From levels 1-59, you receive +100% additional experience for secondary classes that are lower level than your highest level class. At level 60, this bonus decreases to only 50%.

Notable EXP increasing items:

  • You gain a 30 minute, 3% EXP bonus from eating any food item.
  • Friendship Circlet: Increases EXP earned by 20% when level 25 and below. Obtained via Recruit a Friend campaign.
  • Brand-new Ring: Increases EXP by 30% when level 30 and below. Obtained through Hall of the Novice’s Final Exercise.

A chocobo is an adventurer's best companion. Not only do they dutifully carry you around the world, but they're also great in a fight! Chocobos can be taught fighting, defending, and healing skills to aid their masters in battle.

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