[Top 10] Best FF14 Servers That Are Fun (2021 Edition)

Best FF14 Servers

If you’re new to Final Fantasy 14, you’ve probably wondered which server will suit your play style the best, and while the servers are all fairly balanced, some do have a heavier emphasis on certain content. All servers are divided up by region: North America, Europe, and Japan. Within each region, servers are then divided up again between two or three data centers.

With the World Visit System, you’re able to visit any world within your data server although with a few minor restrictions to certain activities such as retainers, joining a Free Company, and attending Ceremonies of Bonding. Otherwise, interactions between servers on a data center are pretty freeing, and you’ll often find yourself matched with players from other worlds during duties.

Outside your data center, however, you won’t have this type of freedom, so be sure to choose a server wisely! Without further ado, here are ten of the most popular servers at the moment and what they’re known for.

10) Lamia

Lamia is located on North America’s Primal data center and has a couple of great things going for it. Friendly and a tight-knit community, Lamia is an excellent choice for new players looking to join on the Primal data center. Lamia also has a fair mix of English and Spanish speakers as well as several popular raiding teams and Youtubers.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Friendly and great for new players
  • Raiding can be both casual and hardcore
  • Some popular content creators on this server

9) Exodus

Exodus is also located on North America’s Primal Server. If you’re interested in raiding but not quite sure if you’re ready for hardcore raiding content, then this more casual server will be a great choice. Exodus has a fairly friendly and supportive community alongside a modest amount of players interested in role-play.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Casual raiding content
  • Friendly and supportive community
  • Some role-play content

8) Omega

On Europe’s Chaos data center we have Omega, a server known for having a heavy role-play population. Omega is also known for having a very active hunt scene, making it easy to find a party and take down S-rank hunts.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Primal’s biggest role-play server
  • Very active hunt content

7) Kujata

Kujata is on Japan’s Elemental data center, and of the Japanese servers is second in terms of an English speaking population. Kujata is a popular choice for Australian players since Australia does not have its own data center and is the next best option when the Tonberry server is closed to character registration.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Large English speaking population on a Japanese server
  • Next best choice to Tonberry

6) Tonberry

As mentioned previously, Tonberry is the most popular Japanese server for English speakers. Also located on the Elemental data center, Tonberry has a good amount of Australian players as well as players from all across Asia. Tonberry has a massive hunt community as well as an excellent raid community.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Largest English speaking population on a Japanese server
  • Excellent hunt community
  • Active and highly successful raid community

5) Phoenix

Phoenix is on Europe’s Light data center and is popular among UK and Scandinavian players. With a super laid-back and friendly community, Phoenix has a heavy population and a good mix of casual and hardcore players.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Very friendly community
  • Laid-back
  • Good mix of casual and hardcore players

4) Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is located on North America’s Aether data center and while an extremely congested server, it is one of North America’s most hardcore and successful raid focused servers. If you’re interested in raid content on a North American server then definitely give Gilgamesh a try.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Very popular
  • Excellent raid community and success rate

3) Louisoix

Located on Europe’s Chaos data center, Louisoix is known for having a great mix of all sorts of players. With players of many different backgrounds and languages, Louisoix has a laid-back and casual community with a significant hunt scene.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Laid-back and casual
  • Very active hunt community

2) Faerie

Located on North America’s Aether data center, Faerie is a super social server that’s very friendly to new players. Laid-back, Faerie is also very LGBTQ+ friendly as well as has an active hunt community and a Marketplace with a heavy focus on glamours.

What’s awesome about this server:

  • Social, casual, and laid-back
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Great for new players
  • Active hunt community

1) Balmung

Balmung is located on North America’s Crystal data center and is known for being one of the largest role-playing servers in the entire game. Balmung is heavily congested since it is such a popular server and also has ridiculously cheap Marketboard prices that are great to take advantage of.

What's awesome about this server:

  • One of the largest role-playing servers
  • Popular
  • Very cheap Marketboard prices

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