[Top 10] FF14 Best Mods Every Player Should Use

 FF14 Best Mods
FF14 Mods can greatly improve outdated textures

As a MMORPG, Final Fantasy 14 has hundreds of mods that were created by fellow players to enhance the gaming experience, but which mods are the best? Ultimately that depends on the player’s preference, and fortunately, with mods in improving UI layout, reshading, textures, and even adding clothing glamours, there’s bound to be a mod to improve every players’ experience. Generally, mods that work only on your end are tolerated and won’t get you sent to FF14 GM jail or banned; however, it is always good to do some research on the game’s mods before downloading. For this reason, all the mods on this list work only on your end, but they can still greatly improve the outdated textures and make the game look sharper and crisper.

10) Moogle Maps

An example of how the Moogle Maps mod places hunt locations atop the default map

Moogle Maps is a great mod if you participate often in treasure hunts or daily hunts. While a simple and very specific mod, Moogle Maps conveniently overlays treasure locations and daily hunt targets onto your general map for better ease of access.

Why this is a great mod:

  • No need to switch back and forth between maps
  • Makes treasure and daily hunts much easier

Get the Moogle Maps mod here

9) Custom UI

A player's Custom UI layout

The Custom UI mod is an interesting once since it was originally built into the game but ultimately, the developers decided not to allow players to customize their UI layout. However, this mod bypasses this, allowing players access to the feature and the ability to create a layout that’s best for their gaming experience.

Why this is a great mod:

  • Customize your UI to however you please
  • Optimizes the game and gives you the option of a clear interface

Get the Custom UI mod here

8) Chat Gray Box Remover

The three options the Chat Gray Box Remover mod offers

The Chat Gray Box Remover mod is another very specific but highly useful mod if you’re like me and can’t stand that annoying chat box taking up a whole corner of the screen. The mod offers you several options of making the chat box blend in more with the rest of the game by removing the gray box or by allowing you to hide the chat box entirely.

Why this is a great mod:

  • Several options for hiding or removing the gray chat box
  • Provides a cleaner user interface

Get the Chat Gray Box Remover mod here

7) Alive Gshade Preset

Original shading (left) and Alive Gshade Preset (right)

Alive Gshade Preset is a reshading mod that fine-tunes the look of the game with subtle shading corrections. The mod allows you to choose color options and even adjust atmospheric fog for an overall more immersive experience. However, with all the graphic options, you’ll have to make sure your computer has the GPU power for the mod otherwise it may impact game performance.

Why this is a great mod:

  • Beautiful reshading for a crispier, more alive image
  • Various color and shading options

Get the Alive Gshade Preset mod here

6) HD Vanilla Redefined

Raubahn in the HD Vanilla Redefined mod

HD Vanilla Redefined replaces all those bland textures with more detailed 1k textures. It greatly improves the overall look and feel of the game without sacrificing frame rate or game performance. The mod is especially good for enhancing your character’s facial features and the definition of Au Ra scales.

Why this is a great mod:

  • Vanilla textures are replaced with 1k textures
  • Eliminates blurriness, creating a more beautiful image

Get the HD Vanilla Redefined mod here

5) HD Buff Icons

HD Buff Icons offers higher resolution icons

HD Buff Icons, along with two other similar mods HD Skill Icons and HD Item Icons, is another simple and specific fix meant to improve the game’s buff icons so they aren’t blurry when expanded. The mod doesn’t change the art or textures of the icons, so it remains the same in-game experience but at a higher resolution

Why this mod is great:

  • Raises the resolution of buff icons
  • Eliminates blurriness for sharper and clear icon images

Download the HD Buff Icons mod here

4) Touch of Real

A Miqo'te male in character creation

The Touch of Real mod has two different versions, one for female faces and the other for male, and is a texture pack meant to improve the boring face textures by creating more updated and HD faces. This mod is especially great for creating new characters because the updated textures give the facial options in character creation much more detail.

Why this mod is great:

  • Updates the older and boring face textures
  • Works on all races and genders

Get the Touch of Real Male mod here and the Touch of Real Female mod here

3) Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

A character with the Owl's Eyes of Eorzea mod

This mod completely revamps all eye models in the game, giving them a refreshing and more realistic look. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea even adds in unique features for the models depending on the race or gender of the character.

Why this mod is great:

  • Stunning new eye models
  • Unique for every race and gender

Get the Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea mod here

2) Hair Defined

Three examples of hair retextured with the Hair Defined mod

Hair Defined is a super popular mod and for good reason. This mod enhances the textures of over 1,000 hairstyles that came with the base game for gorgeous, flowing locks even without additional shading mods.

Why this mod is great:

  • Enhances over 1,000 hair textures
  • Eliminates the blurriness or blockiness with the outdated hair textures
  • Works on all races and genders

Get the Hair Defined mod here

1) Beautiful Eorzeans

A character with the Beautiful Eorzeans mod

Beautiful Eorzeans is similar to the Touch of Real mods but overall is a heftier add-on. It overhauls the bland face textures in the game including the faces of all NPCs, not only character creation an improved experience but also giving new life to dull, washed out NPCs.

Why this mod is great:

  • Updates bland face textures
  • Works on all races and genders
  • Also works on NPCs

Get the Beautiful Eorzeans mod here

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