[Top 10] Most Beautiful Places To Visit in FF14

Beautiful Places to Visit in FF14
Places to go when you want to relive the past.

Hello Adventures!

Do you miss your sprout days, or do you feel that urge to revisit some places? Perhaps,you are a sprout that feels overwhelmed with how big the Source is? It doesn’t matter what kind of adventurer you are— welcome. I’lll be your guide. Especially if you want to see beautiful places; after all, we’re all suckers for eye-candy. But do be forewarned... Some places that are beyond a sproutlings’ comprehension; so if you don’t want to spoil the fruits of your journey, the time is now: leave.

1 The Burning Wall

( In-middle of a barren desert, a cliffside bloom with huge crystals, but it's laced with danger.)

The Burning Wall… A wall of fiery, orange crystals that nearly engulfs an entire cliff-side. It’s one of the easier spots. Especially for those that are Ul’dahn travelers; however, it’s easy to miss. However, if you want a real treat, wait until nightfall. When the stars are out, the crystals radiate a warm orange glow, as if they’re trying to outshine the stars. If you dare to adventure through, do keep a watchful eye. There are some fierce beasts that roam, and an Amalj'aa hides in the tunnels.

2 The Singing Shards

( Lightning bounces between crystals, almost to warn to those that come too close. )

Within the barren waste land of Mor Dhona, there’s a place that hums. It sparkles with life and power— the Singing Shards. Blue and orange mingle within these crystals that sprout against the rocky ground. Not far away, there’s a Crystal Tower: something that appeared after the calamity. The Singing Shard leads to it, enticing adventures to come… and not return. But you did, along with that Miqo’te fellow. Although, he did seem a tad different.

3 Tamamizu

( Under the Red Sea, there's a small village where turtles walk on two legs. )

Underneath the Ruby Sea, there’s a bubbled-city; a place where huge turtle-men walk: it’s where the Kojin of the Blue lives. They’re kind traders that pray to their god, the Kami. The underwater base lets you peer into the depths of the ocean, and not far away, there’s another city. It’s smaller and quieter— leery of outsiders. If you don’t want the suspicious glances, I suggest you stay at Tamamizu. If you’re a fan of the sea-view, then you should stop by! While you add it, you could help the Kojin: they’ll pay you in a special currency, allowing you to trade with them.

4 Shisui of the Violent Tides

( Encased by a bubble, the palace stands— hunted by a terrible event. )

Where the sun bleeds into the depths of the Red Sea, there lays a red palace. Monumental to the Au’Ra that lives in that tiny, suspicious village: it’s where their head-of-state lives. Something horrible happened within those halls. A voidsent was summoned within and possessed the inhabitants— even the princess fallen victim. Do you remember coming here? You were begged by  Kurenai, sister to the Ruby Princess, to drive the evil spirits away and save her sister. You did it— regardless if you truly cared or not. Perhaps that’s why that village lets you come and go as you please. Rather or not if you remember, there’s a tortured beauty that lingers on that palace. From how the sunlight hits the building to the coral and trees spots the rocky land. It is worth a visit…

5 Hells’ Lid

( Above the Red Sea, a volcano towers with smoke and lava rolling from its mouth. )

A towering volcano with lava slowly oozing down, and the smoke that rolls from the oddly shaped top. It’s one of the more notable landmarks of the Ruby Sea. Eyes are drawn to it, even from a distance— perhaps even drawing the attention of treasure-hungry adventures!.. However, do beware. More lingers there than scorching lava and beasts. Something unworldly homesteads there. Maybe you already know what I’m talking about. If not… well, it wouldn’t hurt for the Warrior of Light to check it out.

6 Prism Lake

( Within the land Yanxia, there's a lake that takes on the colors of a rainbow. )

Once you’re in Yanxia, there's a unique lake by the House of the Fierce. Around the lake, pure white crystal buds. Yet, that’s not the real kicker of this place. The water— it’s taking on the shaddes of a rainbow, now there’s a lot of stories around about that place. There’s one that might catch your ear. An angel fell in love with a mortal, and it couldn’t stand being apart from them. So, it made a rainbow road for the mortal to walk on… Did a piece of it fall in the water or did the mortal— apologies, the ending is a little muddy. Rather if you believe in the legends or what researchers say, it won’t affect your enjoyment. Here’s a tip though: bring your fishing-pole. There’s a lot of fish in that area; oddly, they favor mooch and stonefly larva.

7 Reunion

( In the land where the Au Ra fight ceaselessly, there is at least one place where all can gather peacefully. )

Within the wild plains of Azim Steppes, there’s a neutral ground. Think of it as holy ground— it allows the tribes from all walks of life to gather and trade. It’s what you’ll imagine from a trading town. Stalls filled with wares and tents pitched up; there’s even a small area for children to play. Despite the tensions between clans, the children seem to get along. Reunion is a wonderful place to visit, if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Just do mind your manners, there’s a lot of traditions among those tribes. If you don’t want to get jumped-on the moment you leave the safe haven, do pay your respects.

8 The Isle of Ken

( Where fairytale and death crosses path, there's a island that slumbers away. )

Well, well, well— you managed to travel between worlds. What an impressive feat, certainly one that will tickle a bard’s fancy, but I’ll move on. You’re not here to hear me sing your praise: you want places. There’s a small ‘island’ in Lakeland. You might know what I speak of. There's a very unique feature about the isle. The horn-shaped landrock. Although, the purple trees on the land are more eye-catching— yes, there are purple trees throughout Lakeland. However, they’re spread thin and you don’t get the full effect. On the ‘island’, you get to witness the trees’ beauty as they brush-up against each-other, and how those leaves fall on the ground, creating a purple trail. Just… listen to what’s to be said: don’t bother poor Bismark too much now. He’s a sleepy thing.

9 Lyhe Ghiah

( In the land of the faes, there's a castle that houses more than dreams and wishes. )

II Mheg— a land where fairytales come to life; it’s where pixies and speaking amaro live. Not to mention the Nu Mou, a beast-tribe that loves to serve humans. Among the haze that blankets the flower fields and shiny water, it would lure any traveler in… However, do be careful of what you do. You won’t be staying there for eternity as a bush, would ya? Now, there’s a place I haven’t covered in the land of dreams. Lyhe Ghiah, the home of the fallen royal family. It’s a beautiful place, certainly something that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Although, do thread carefully. Titania, the Fae King, is sealed within that palace, having gone mad from all the lightwarden energy they soaked up. Although, you are the type that likes a challenge.

10 The Nameless Island

( The island that is a home away from home. )

What sounds more relaxing: treasure diving through beast infested dungeons or staying on an island that you own? The island— but there are those of you that snarl your lip at that. No worries, all the more for the weary travelers to have. However, there’s more to this place. Yes, it has that tropical beauty that only the islands have. The palm trees that dance with the wind, and the wilde— yet friendly— creatures  moosey on about their life. There’s a waterfall and two. Yet, for those that have a nose for supply-and-demand, you may value the workshops over all. Or, if you’re an animal-lover, you might prefer wrangling and taming beasts. Then there’s farming, the climate of the island is well suited for all finds of crops. Although, for an adventure to obtain one of these is troublesome. One would have to save the world from obsolete destruction and talk to a gremlin in the city of knowledge!

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