[Top 15] FF14 Best Emotes That Are Awesome

FF14 Best Emotes
The Spectacles Emote

Final Fantasy 14 is always adding new emotes and ways for players to express themselves whether they want to celebrate victory with a cheers to their party or greet other players with an eastern bow. There are plenty of emotes that will add to your online FF14 experience, and there’s no reason not to try collecting them! Here are 15 more awesome emotes for your Warrior of Light.

15)  Winded

Winded Emote

The Winded emote is a simple but fun one. It has your character fall to one knee as if exhausted, much like many NPCs do throughout the game, and it’s a great emote to have when you’re goofing around with friends or when your party is struggling through a duty. To learn the emote, you will have to use Ballroom Etiquette - Unseemly Exertions, which can be bought from Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach.

14) Box

Box Emote

Box is also a fun emote to have in your arsenal and will have your character boxing invisible enemies with their fists. Luckily, this is an easy emote to obtain. All you have to do is complete the main story quest “Arenvald's Adventure.”

13) Spectacles

Spectacles Emote

Introduced in Heavensward, the spectacles emote has your player smartly adjust the pair of glasses they’re wearing much like Briardien from both the early Hildebrand quests and the Scholasticate quests. This emote is a reward in the Scholasticate side quest line and granted from the quest “Letters from No One.” 

12) Hum

Hum Emote

The hum emote isa great emote for when you’re afk and it’s too cute to pass up. This repeating emote has your character swinging their arms and humming along to a tune. This emote is a reward from the quest “The Fire-Bird Down Below” from the level 70 Four Lords side quests in the Ruby Sea.

11) Moogle Dance

Moogle Dance Emote

An adorable, must have emote, the Moogle Dance can be learned from completing the disciple of the land quest “Piecing Together the Past” from the Moogle beast tribe quests.


10) Megaflare

Megaflare Emote

If you have a flare for the dramatic then this is the emote for you. Megaflare rockets your character into the air in a blast of flames, creating destruction. Only available on the Mog Station, this destructive emote will cost you $12.

9) Senor Sabotender

Senor Sabotender Emote

Originally from 2019’s Make It Rain Campaign, the Senor Sabotender Emote will have your character do a little jig much like Senor Sabotender. This is a hilariously fun emote and can be found on the Mog Station for $2.

8) Push-ups

Push-ups Emote

The Push-ups emote is one of several emotes that are rewarded for leveling up your Command Squadron. It’s a great emote to show your party you’re ready and trained for battle. To learn the emote, you must earn the achievement Dear Leader I by leading your squadron on 10 successful command missions.

7) Most Gentlemanly

Most Gentlemanly

Up next, we have the Most Gentlemanly emote, which will have your character showing off and flexing their muscles much like the Gentleman Inspector Hildebrand. This emote is a reward from the Hildebrand side quests and can be obtained by completing “Her Last Vow.” 

6) Haurchefant

Haurchefant Emote

This emote is an ode to the beloved Heavensward character, Haurchefant, and lets your player mimic his famous gesture. This emote is a reward for completing “The Burdens We Bear,” the last quest of The Path We Walk questline.

5) Huzzah

Huzzah Emote

Originally a reward for The Rising 2014 event, the Huzzah emote has your character throw a fist in the air and shout to celebrate victory. Huzzah can be purchased from the Mog Station for $2.

4) Lali-ho

Lali-ho Emote

A preferred greeting for many players, the Lali-ho emote allows your character to offer players a friendly greeting as the dwarves do. This emote is a reward for completing the quest “Learning to Lali-ho,” which is part of the Kholusia side quests.

3) Manderville Dance

Manderville Dance

On par with the Manderville Mambo, the Manderville Dance is a wacky emote learned from none other than Hildebrand Manderville himself, and overall, is a fun emote to have. This emote is a reward for completing “The Hammer” quest, which is part of the earlier Hildebrand quests.

2) Sweep Up

Sweep Up Emote

A silly but popular emote, the Sweep Up emote has your player sweeping the ground and tidying up. This is another great afk emote and can be learned by using a “Ballroom Etiquette – Next, Godliness,” which can be either purchased from the Marketboard for a steep price or traded in for 1,800 Skybuilder’s Scrips. 

1) Play Dead

Play Dead Emote

Last but certainly not least, we have the Play Dead Emote, which has your character fall to the ground in a dramatic fashion and pretend to be dead. A popular emote, Play Dead is a fun emote to use at inopportune times and costs $7 on the Mog Station.

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