[Top 4] FF14 Best Tanks (Ranked Good to Best)

FF14 Best Tanks
A Fearsome Black Knight

Final Fantasy 14 offers players four tanking classes all with unique actions, gameplay, and storylines. Overall, the tanking classes are fairly well balanced, and while the best tank is ultimately a matter of personal choice, all four classes do have their pros and cons, making some easier and more fun than others. Based on mechanics, ease to learn, and popularity, here are Final Fantasy 14’s four tanking classes ranked.

4) Gunbreaker

A Gunbreaker in Ul'dah

Introduced with Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker is the newest of the tanks and has a pretty awesome aesthetic, excellent damage output, and a great arsenal of defensive spells. Unfortunately, Gunbreaker has a steep learning curve, and as expected of a newer class, there are still quite a few kinks in its rotation that need to be sorted. However, over time and a couple of patches, Gunbreaker might be able to give the other tanking classes a run for their money.

What Gunbreaker excels in:

  • High DPS-like damage for a tank
  • Has the most defensive cooldowns
  • Very active tanking
  • Healing spell for a quick pick up

Tank Usefulness Score: 82/100

3) Warrior

An Au Ra Warrior

Who doesn’t want to wield a ridiculously giant but intimidating axe? With Warrior, you get all that as well as self-healing and excellent damage output. Warrior’s downfall, however, lies in its cone shaped AOE that makes it much more difficult to agro enemies.The class overall, can struggle to compete with the other tanks later on in the game. But, put in the right hands, Warrior is an efficient tank that can deal absurd damage while taking little hit to its own HP.

What Warrior excels in: 

  • Self-healing 
  • Excellent damage output
  • Effective in absorbing damage

Tank Usefulness Score: 85/100

2) Dark Knight

A Dark Knight outside the Crystal Tower

Armed with a monster of a blade and the power of the darkness, Dark Knight is an extremely popular class that allows for a great deal of mobility while tanking. A personal favorite of mine, Dark Knight allows players to destroy hordes of enemies without chipping too much off the player’s HP. The one downside to Dark Knight is it lackluster invulnerability skill, but with its great tanking abilities and awesome battle animations, it’s easy to overlook. 

What Dark Knight excels in:

  • Mobility allows player to avoid damage
  • Great for tanking large groups
  • Deals a fair amount of damage
  • Has the coolest aesthetic of the tanks and amazing animations

Tank Usefulness Rating: 92/100

1) Paladin

A Paladin looks over Coerthas

Paladin has long been the golden child of the tanking classes with its pure tanking play and ease to learn. With an array of defense buffs, actions to deal damage over time, and excellent mitigation, Paladin becomes a desirable tank for any team. Paladin also has a useful healing spell for sticky situations, and its invulnerability skill is considered the best of the tanking classes.

What Paladin excels in:

  • Being a tank in the purest sense
  • Easy, fun, and simple
  • Taking damage with its massive defense buffs
  • Excellent damage mitigation control

Tank Usefulness Rating: 95/100

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