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FF14 Mage classes
'Cause what feels cooler than blasting your enemies with spells before they even know you're there?

Which FF14 Mage is for you?

Few classes are as recognizable in the Final Fantasy worlds as the magic-wielding, spell hurling mages. Whether you’re looking for ranged DPS or powerful healing, these jobs are what constantly top the list. If you’re wondering which mighty mystic’s path is right for you, you’re in the right place - we’re going to take a look at Final Fantasy 14’s four distinct mage jobs.

Black Mage

Feeling spooky yet? The powerful Black Mage packs a lot of punch into a dark and sinister package. Bonus points should be given for the Halloween potential here.

Harnessing the occult and arcane arts of black magic, the iconic Black Mage is a specialized job offered to adventurers after reaching level 30 as a Thaumaturge. Producing pure destructive force, the Black Mage is a powerhouse of damage, holding one of the highest personal DPS stats in the game.

Black Mage Class Pros:  

  • Very high single-target damage
  • Strong AoE damage
  • Easy to learn, with a well-paced rotation flow
  • Easily managed and replenished MP pool

Important Stats for Black Mages


  • Intelligence = higher attack magic damage
  • Piety = more available MP
  • Vitality = more available HP.

Best in Slot for Black Mages:

There are two popular paths when it comes to choosing and enhancing gear for the Black Mage class: Spell speed (better mobility) and max crit (greater DPS). The actual DPS difference between the two is negligible, estimated at under less than 1%, and ultimately comes down to user preference.

Take a better look at the Black Mage’s true power in action!

Take a look at this Black Mage's run through a typical dungeon experience.

White Mage

Perhaps the most apt class for the title of "Warrior of Light", the White Mage encourages us all to get in touch with nature, while reminding us that even healers can do some serious damage.

Wielding divine light, there are few healers as potent as the White Mage. Concentrating on raw healing power, the White Mage class is very straightforward, making it a great fit for those both new and experienced in healing. It is unlockable after adventurers obtain level 30 as a conjurer.

White Mage Class Pros:

  • Rawest healer output currently in game
  • Easy to learn, especially for those just starting with healing classes
  • Adequate damage dealing when called for

Important Stats for White Mages:


  • Mind = increased healing power
  • Piety = increased MP

Secondary stats to consider:

  • Direct Hit,  increased damage dealt by player
  • Vitality, increased available HP
  • Determination, increased amount of HP recovered by spells

Best in Slot for White Mages:

Prioritizing Magic Damage on your weapon is an important step for healing, as this greatly affects your healing output. Beyond that, many healers prioritize differently based on personal preference, making for a variety of BiS builds.

Check out the White Mage in action here:

A followthrough of a White Mage adventurer in a routine game dungeon. 

Red Mage

Widely popular for its ease of learning, the Red Mage is still a relatively newer class in FF14. Mixing black and white magicks, spell casting and melee combat, it's a fun and well rounded class to take for a spin.

After the Sixth Umbral Calamity destroyed the ancient cities of Mhach and Amdaporm, survivors rallied and joined their forces of black and white magick. Thus arose the Red Mages to wield them both. With magicked crystal mediums and rapiers, they are also one of the only casters who can engage in melee combat.

Red Mage Class Pros:

  • One of the easiest classes to pick up and master
  • Innate dualcast ability enables an instacast spell after any full cast spells
  • Ability to heal and resurrect others
  • Instant resurrections with dualcast ability

Important Stats for Red Mages:

Crit > DH > DET > SpS

  • Critical Chance = increased critical hit chance
  • Direct Hit = increased damage dealt by player
  • Determination = increased damage dealt by player
  • Spell speed = lowered times between using one spell after another

Best in Slot for Red Mages:

Follow along here to see the Red Mage at work:

Follow along as a Red Mage adventurer trips through an average FF14 dungeon. 

Blue Mage

One of the most controversial recent additions to the game, the Blue Mage is an interesting class in its dedication to the solo player experience. While critics don't enjoy its limited capabilities, many do appreciate the challenge of increasing their skill set through revisiting old locations and monsters.

The Blue Mage is the very first “Limited Class” to hit FF14, meaning it is primarily focused on solo gameplay, is not available for roulettes or raids, and is level capped at 50. Blue Mage is unlocked via the Limsa Lominsa Lower Docks quest “Out of the Blue”, and players of the class travel Eorzea to unlock actions learned from the beasts and monsters of the world.

Blue Mage Class Pros:

  • Great for solo players
  • Gain greater EXP from battling open world enemies than other classes
  • Learn immensely powerful beast moves

Important Stats for Blue Mages
INT > Crit > SpS

  • Intelligence = higher attack magic damage
  • Critical Chance = increased critical hit chance
  • Spell speed = decreased spell cast times

Best in Slot for Blue Mages

Now let's check out the class in action!

Get more aquainted with the new Blue Mage class with the above visual guide!

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