FF14 How to Desynth (Step by Step Guide)

FF14 How to Desynth

If you’re new to crafting classes in Final Fantasy 14, you might be wondering what exactly is desynthesis and why’s it considered such a useful skill. As a Disciple of the Hand, you can not only craft items but also take them apart for the materials originally used to create them through a process called desynthesis. Desynthesis is an especially handy skill because it can give you access to rare or high quality materials needed to make even rarer items. As a crafter, there is no reason not to level up your desynth skill, and this quick guide will lead you through the process so you can get to stocking up on materials in no time.

Unlocking Desynthesis

Video Guide for unlocking desynthesis

To unlock the desynthesis skill, you will have to complete the main story quest “Life, Materia, and Everything” as well as have level 30 of the crafting class or classes that you wish to learn the skill. Each crafting class has a separate desynth skill that can be leveled up independently of the other, and unlike previous patches, the skill no longer has a global points cap on how high you can level up, so you can max out every classes’ desynth skill if you want. If you meet these requirements, look for the quest “Gone to Pieces” in Ul’dah and complete it to unlock the skill. 


  • The best classes to start grinding your desynth skill would be ones that tend to have more items drop in dungeons (goldsmith, weaver, and armorer). 

The Mechanics

Desynthesis Mechanics Video Guide

The desynthesis process is pretty straightforward, and luckily, there is no longer any chance of the desynth failing. First, you’ll want to check if the item in question is actually able to be desynthesized. Most items are, especially ones dropped from dungeons, are, but on occasion some are not. Bring up the info screen for the item and look for the Desynthesizable tag. If it reads “N” then it cannot be desynthesized, and if there is a number beside it then that indicates it can be desynthesized as well as the amount of experience you will gain through the process. 


  • To desynth something, select the item and then choose Desynthesis. 
  • The desynth screen will appear, displaying what class is needed to desynth that specific item. 
  • Click Desynthesis and check out your new materials!

What Materials You Can Obtain

Obtainable Materials Video Guide

The next question is, what materials can I obtain from this process that makes leveling this skill worthwhile? This process will yield whatever materials were needed to make the item originally. Typically, this consists of either elemental shards, crystals, clusters as well as whatever main material item that was used to create the item. Sometimes, you’ll also obtain Demimateria, which sells quite well on the Marketboard if you’re in need of gil. 


  • Breaking down an item to its base materials is quite useful especially with current endgame dungeons
  • Rewards dropped from these dungeons are often made of extremely rare materials that sell for thousands or can be used to make even more rare items. 
  • The nice thing about desynthesis is you can also sometimes obtain high quality materials from an item with no quality.

Leveling Your Desynthesis Skill

Desynthesis Leveling Video Guide

Lastly, we’ll look at leveling up your desynthesis skill, which fortunately, is much easier with recent updates. The skill now levels up like any other skill or class and all you have to do to level it is desynthesize items. However, keep an eye on your desynth skill level in comparison to the item level. If your skill level is higher than the item level you have the chance of gaining more materials from the item, but you will gain very little experience if any at all. 


  • If you’re looking for experience over materials then buy the cheapest items from NPC venders in the area that coincides with or is above your skill level.
  • Send your retainers on Quick Ventures for desynth fodder and don’t forget about any dungeon rewards. 
  • Since there is no chance of the desynth failing, you can break down endgame items right off the bat, giving you access to rare high end materials immediately.

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