[TOP 10] FF14 Best Solo Classes in 2023

Going alone in FF14 is possible, and these Solo Classes are the best options right now!
Sometimes, you'll want to adventure by yourself in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether it's to get away from large parties or to level up a class, we got your back with this list of the best Solo Classes.

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG title with millions of active users daily from all over the world. The chances of you never finding someone to play with is scarce unless you decide you'd rather brave the wilds of Eorzea alone. Whether you wish to adventure alone or want to level up your character for higher Jobs in the future, there are a few Classes that you can play solo and win.

Solo Classes refer to players who adventure by themselves in Final Fantasy XIV, as well as those using the base class types before evolving into their powerful Job versions. These players are generally newcomers to the game, while some are experienced players attempting to quickly level up a certain class into a specific Job. While it's heavily encouraged to play with others, you can complete some quests and explore Eorzea on your lonesome. 

Take note that playing alone will add more pressure on yourself since no one else is there to watch your back, and sometimes, you can only play certain quests with other players (PvP, Dungeons, etc.) To help set you on the path of a powerful, lone adventurer, here's a list of the Top 10 Best Solo Classes in 2023 for Final Fantasy XIV.


#10: The Blacksmith Class (does not upgrade to a Job)

It's great to know the basics, unless you have a burning hole in your pocket for greedy vendors elsewhere.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the forge you're standing next to? Coming in at number 10, we have the Blacksmith Class. This class is a bit different from the general pick of 'combat' classes, as the Blacksmith is a 'crafting' class. Besides combat classes, Final Fantasy XIV also offers Crafting and Gathering classes (Disciples of the Hand/Land) that are used for creating gear or other various items for themselves (or other players via Market Board).

It's a good idea to dabble in at least one of these Crafting/Gathering Class types, and the Blacksmith is a good way to go. Blacksmiths are capable of creating different types of melee weapons for almost every type of Melee DPS class/Job, as well as creating tools for other Crafting/Gathering classes. Learning to create your own weapons from time to time is a good way to hone your skills as a Melee DPS user so you know just what kind of damage you can deal. Like other Crafting/Gathering classes, the Blacksmith can't fight in combat, so take it with some salt that your role in this class is for creating items only.

Excels in:

  • Being an early Class that Unlocks at Level 10, which is attainable while soloing.
  • An easy-to-learn class for Crafting/Gathering roles, a great way to learn different roles for future playthroughs.
  • The perfect way to learn all the available weapons/armor types early on, granting inside knowledge to the different kinds of play styles available in the game.

Choose the Blacksmith if:

  • You like to craft your own melee weapons. 
  • You'd like to learn the different types of weapons available for other classes/Jobs early on.
  • You want to role-play as a non-combative player (you can always change this).

Solo Power Score 20/100

You have no combative abilities in any kind of Crafting/Gathering class, but the Blacksmith class is a neat role that allows you to create your own kind of gear for any other class/Job you want to pursue in the future. You should only use the Blacksmith if you want to create specific gear for yourself; otherwise, you're better off just earning it through quests, loot drops, or buying from vendors.


#9: The Conjurer Class

A great addition to any party, that is, if you weren't going alone.

Sure, this class goes hand in hand with other party members, but if you're going for that 'lone wanderer' kind of playthrough, then being a Conjurer wouldn't help you in terms of being solo. Now, the Conjurer is a Disciple of Magic user, so MP would be your main priority for this class. A conjurer's role is to be a Healer, so unless you just keep healing yourself over and over, it's not really worth it fighting enemies by yourself.

The Conjurer can fend for themselves with spells like Aero and Stone that deal quite a bit of damage (50-140 elemental damage), but it takes a while to learn the more powerful versions of these spells (Stone II at Level 18, Aero II at 46). A majority of the Conjurer’s spells apply to healing, buffs, and status effects, which are pretty good while in a party. Unless you're trying to solo-level your way to a different healer magic job (White Mage, Sage, etc.), you're better off trying out a different magical class by yourself. 

Excels in:

  • Having the best possible healing spells compared to other base classes (not Jobs).
  • Access to earth and air elemental magic attacks (Stone, Aero, etc.)
  • Able to reduce spell cast and recast time by 20% using the skill "Presence of Mind" (Must be Level 30 or higher).

Choose the Conjurer if:

  • You want to learn the basics of a Healer role.
  • You want to have a better Healer Job at higher levels (access to the White Mage, Sage, etc.)
  • You want access to better self-heal spells/skills (Cure, Esuna, etc.)
  • (Note: The Conjurer is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 84/100

The Conjurer is a decent class to get involved in as a Disciple of Magic, offering a unique perspective on the types of spells available to different magic users. While this class has amazing healing properties, a Conjurer should really be used with a party instead of going alone.


#8: The Arcanist Class:

No spitballs are needed from this peculiar book of an Arcanist.

Even if you go alone, you could still call in backup through the magic of being an Arcanist. The Arcanist class specializes in dealing magic damage and calling forth various creatures during battle. You'll need to pay attention to your MP pool to make sure you have enough to fight with. Be sure to use the skill “Lucid Dreaming” (unlocked at Level 14) to gradually restore your MP. The Arcanist has access to a lot of spells that deal high damage potential with various outcomes. 

Spells like Ruin and Aethercharge can power you up for greater damage values. Summoning Carbuncle can change the flow of battle greatly through its different forms (Emerald, Topaz, Ruby) that deal huge amounts of damage (70-340 attack potency). The downside of the Arcanist is the recast times and MP cost for these great attacks. Recast times can take up to a minute to recharge before use, and some spells cost well over 300-800 MP. Once you reach Level 30 as an Arcanist, you'll be forced to either choose the Summoner or Scholar Job, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Excels in:

  • Moderate damage output as a Disciple of Magic.
  • Has access to Magical Ranged DPS abilities (Addle, Sleep, Lucid Dreaming, etc.)
  • Available at the beginning of the game.

Choose the Arcanist if:

  • You want to turn into a Scholar or Summoner at Level 30.
  • You want to understand the core mechanics of the Summoner Job.
  • You want to find a balance between casting and defending during attack windows.

Solo Power Score: 87/100

The Arcanist class is powerful, but that recast/MP recharge downtime is going to be annoying to deal with as a solo player. An Arcanist can hold their own in a fight, but they're better off with some coverage from party members until they become stronger versions of themselves as Summoners for better DPS values.


#7: The Thaumaturge Class

Embrace the power of the dark side, or at least, the power of fire, ice, and lightning all at once.

Want to be the bane of your enemies' existence? The Thaumaturge class gets to the point as a destructive magical role that doesn’t mess around. Think of the Thaumaturge as one of the better magic classes to play as a solo player.

Essentially, the Thaumaturge specializes in using the dark arts for some punishing spells to obliterate your enemies. From Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder, you'll always have a different elemental attack to keep your enemies at bay. Since everything about the Thaumaturge class is about dealing damage, you won't have any healing magic, so take extra precautions while fighting as a solo adventurer. 

Excels in:

  • Highest magical damage output among the other magical classes (not compared to Jobs).
  • Able to access the same Magic Ranged DPS abilities/skills as the Arcanist.
  • Having a simple attack pattern with no complex strategies.

Choose the Thaumaturge if:

  • You wish to become a Black Mage at Level 30.
  • You want to have access to destructive magic spells early on in the game.
  • You want to role-play as a dark wizard/magical user.
  • (Note: The Thaumaturge is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 89/100

This is one of the best magical Classes you could play as a solo player, just watch out for the high MP costs for certain spells. 


#6: The Marauder Class:

No monarchy, no country, just you and your trusty axe.

The path of a Marauder is often met with tough trials, but with some perseverance, you can learn the ways of a Tank role that will aid you in the future. Tank roles are known for having high HP and Defense values, which is good for any solo players out there. Your movement speed will hinder your progress but will overall be a great fit for anyone fighting alone.

As a Marauder, your main objective is to crush your enemies before you by using a heavy great axe. This weapon, along with skills like Overpower, can deal damage to multiple foes with ease. A downside to playing any Tank role is that your gear and abilities are designed to take a beating for party members. Some skills, like Defiance and Provoke, raise your chances of being the priority target for enemies to attack. While this works well as a Tank role in a party, solo players will have a hard time fending off enemies with skills that blatantly marks themselves as targets. 

Excels in:

  • Having gear that raises your defense greatly.
  • Using skills to increase Enmity, making enemies target you more.
  • Generally having high HP for battles, making you last longer as a solo player.

Choose the Marauder if:

  • You want to prioritize damage over defense as a Tank role.
  • You want to upgrade to the Warrior Job at Level 30.
  • You want to live longer as a solo player with high HP values.
  • (Note: The Marauder is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 90/100

The Marauder is built as a Tank role, but you can abuse some of the class’s weaponskills to deal high damage without caring too much about other things (like defending others). This is a great class to wander alone throughout Eorzea.


#5: The Gladiator Class:

"Are you not yet entertained?"

Do you wish to have the power of a Marauder but want access to a shield and some other defensive skills? Then the Gladiator class is perfect for all your slaying/defending needs! The Gladiator is similar to the Marauder class in terms of being a Tank role, issued with skills that raise Enmity and AoE (area of effect) weaponskills.

While a Gladiator is more suited for taking damage for other party members, some of their skills can be used more selfishly which better serves solo players. For example, the skill "Hallowed Ground" can render you impervious to almost all attacks. And with the bonus of having a shield, you can further decrease the damage you take for one powerful class fit for a solo player.

Excels in:

  • Having gear and skills that raises your defense considerably well.
  • Utilizing weaponskills fit for attacking multiple enemies. 
  • Having access to the same Tank actions that the Marauder has (Rampart, Low Blow, Provoke, etc.)

Choose the Gladiator if:

  • You wish to become a Paladin at Level 30.
  • You value high defense over high damage output.
  • You want to role-play as a knight-type character.
  • (Note: The Gladiator is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 91/100

The defensive capabilities make the Gladiator shine above the Marauder in terms of being a solo class. Watch yourself out there in the wild and take care that you don't raise your own Enmity too much.


#4: The Archer Class

When the Hunter becomes the Hunted, an Archer is never too far away from getting both.

Why be a giant brute in armor when all it could take is an arrow in the knee to stop enemies in their tracks? As an Archer, you'll have the ability to do this and much more as the only available Physical Ranged DPS base class (until you're a high enough level for a Job like the Machinist or Dancer). Leveling up as an Archer can teach you how a Physical Ranged DPS role is played and can grant you access to the powerful Bard Job.

The Archer specializes in dealing serious critical damage from a distance. This allows you to dish out big numbers to enemies while giving yourself some breathing room as a solo player. Armed with a Bow, Archers can deal heavy damage with weaponskills like Straight Shot and Quick Nok, as well as casting Raging Strikes that increase your own damage by 15%. You can also increase movement speed with Peloton, interrupt an enemy's current action with Head Graze, or even heal yourself with Second Wind. These skills are exclusive to Physical Ranged DPS users.

Excels in:

  • Casting buffs that can apply to self and party members.
  • No MP is required for actions, abilities, and weaponskills.
  • Relatively low recast times (ranging from 30-120 seconds).

Choose the Archer if:

  • You'd like to deal damage from afar.
  • You don't want to worry about MP costs.
  • You want to become a Bard at Level 30.
  • (Note: The Archer is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 93/100

The Archer is a powerful Class to use both in and out of a party. The weaponskills deal considerable damage while the Archer's buff capabilities work well for a solo player. Just make sure to keep yourself in check during the recast time for powerful abilities.


#3: The Lancer Class:

No better way to make a point.

Think your foes are missing the point? With the Lancer class, you'll never lack precision, that is, with your whopping weaponskills and abilities with your trusty polearm. This Disciple of War class makes headline moves as a strong Melee DPS role with critical hits and fair aerial movement.

The Lancer class is easy to learn, but it takes dedication to reach some of the higher capabilities that the powerful Dragoon Job possesses. As a Lancer, you'll have some great weaponskills that involve a lot of jumping, including True Thrust, Vorpal Thrust, and Chaos Thrust. Lancers can call upon Life Surge (Level 6) to guarantee their next weaponskill attack deals critical damage. 

Excels in:

  • Aerial combat, allowing for better movement across the battlefield.
  • High critical damage values.
  • Fairly quick recast times (ranges around 2.5-60 seconds).

Choose the Lancer if:

  • You wish to become a Dragoon at Level 30.
  • You want access to exclusive Melee DPS actions (Second Wind, Leg Sweep, Bloodbath, etc.)
  • You want to learn the basics of the Dragoon Job.
  • (Note: The Lancer is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 94/100

The Lancer class is an honorable choice to go with, including its aerial mobility and damage values. It’s wise to invest in any Melee DPS role because of the actions they get to use. These include restoring their own HP with Second Life, stunning enemies using Leg Sweep, or converting a portion of physical damage into their HP through Bloodbath.


#2: The Pugilist Class

Put your hands in the air, wave'em like you kinda care since that's your main way to deal with foes.

Raise your hands and keep them up because the Pugilist is coming in hot with their hand-to-hand melee combos. These hardy combatants are available as one of the beginning classes in Final Fantasy XIV and can grow a long way from a common brawler to a martial arts master, also known as the Monk Job. From hard-hitting combos to helpful buffs, the Pugilist can evenly match up against swordsmen and beasts of all kinds.

A Pugilist can throwdown on their own in battle, utilizing their whole body for some serious blows, including Bootshine, True Strike, and Dragon Kick (attack potency ranges from 210-320). The Pugilist can also power themselves up through their Chakra gauge and by using Mantra, which increases their healing capabilities by 10% (this can make actions like Second Wind more potent). 

Excels in: 

  • Fast recast times for weaponskills and abilities (ranging between 1-90 seconds).
  • Increased damage when attacking an enemy's rear side with skills like Snap Punch and Demolish.
  • Applying buffs that increase HP recovery.

Choose the Pugilist if:

  • You want a Melee DPS role with basic combos/little strategy.
  • You want to become a Monk at Level 30.
  • You want the same Melee DPS actions that the Lancer can use.
  • (Note: The Pugilist is available at the beginning of the game.)

Solo Power Score: 94/100

The Pugilist is a force to be reckoned with since they can deal damage quickly and apply buffs that increase their fighting prowess. There are no real strategy/ damage windows to plan for in this class, so you could blindly run through a fight just spamming moves and still come out on top. Magic will be your enemy, so take caution against foes that can apply negative status effects, especially if you're going alone.


#1: The Rogue Class

Going your own way never sounded so much better as any other class besides a Rogue.

What class could possibly be a better solo class than the Rogue? Their whole playstyle lives up to their name as a Rogue, meaning they are powerful whether alone or in a party. If you’re heading into Final Fantasy XIV alone, then the Rogue class is the way to go.

The Rogue class was first introduced back in Patch 2.4, and it has earned its place as a fellow Melee DPS role amongst the Lancer and Pugilist classes. Rogues deal atrocious damage to foes and can weaken them through the use of coating their daggers in poison. Their strongest abilities come from attacking enemies from behind (attack potency ranges between 200-400). Also, Rogues can render themselves near invisible from enemies using Hide and cast Shade Shift to nullify any damage taken up to 20% of their max HP.

Excels in:

  • Dealing the highest damage potency given from rear attacks.
  • Able to deal melee and ranged damage, as well as apply self-buffs all at once.
  • Utilizes stealth tactics, which is perfect for attacking or evading enemies as a solo player.

Choose the Rogue if:

  • You wish to become a Ninja at Level 30.
  • You want to have access to the same Melee DPS actions that Lancers and Pugilists can use.
  • You can employ stealth tactics in the heat of battle.
  • (Note: To become a Rogue, you must be a Level 10 for any Disciple of War or Magic class, as well as have the Armory System unlocked and complete the quest, "My First Daggers.")

Solo Power Score: 96/100

The Rogue class is the top choice for any solo player in Final Fantasy XIV. You just can't beat this well-rounded class that covers all bases, including high melee damage, the ability to deal ranged damage using Throwing Dagger, and apply self-buffs. Paired with all the Melee DPS actions, the Rogue is simply unmatched, especially with their ability to hide from enemies. It's safe to say that the Rogue class is the absolute best solo class you can pick for Final Fantasy XIV.


While you can play through Final Fantasy XIV as a solo class, there will be times when you'll be forced to pair up with others and form a party. Certain storyline quests, dungeons, and raids require a party to complete. 

You should play as a solo class if you're trying to level up your chosen class to its respective Job to unlock higher levels, gear, and skills. After all, this is one of the sole purposes why Final Fantasy XIV is successful as an MMORPG as it combines role-play and fantasy with your online buddies. 


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