[Top 11] Final Fantasy XII Best Weapons That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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With a bottomless bag, you might as well collect as many good weapons as possible!

Got enough arms to swing all these weapons?

There are many weapons in the world of Ivalice. Some are obtained from monsters, some are obtained by chests and others are obtained by selling loot. It can be a handful to keep track of them all, let alone decide which ones are best, but worry no more! This article will highlight 11 of the best weapons in the game, and why!


11. Wyrmhero Blade


How to obtain: 



While it’s one of the slowest weapons in the game, the Wyrmhero blade is without a doubt also one of the most powerful weapons obtainable. To counter its slow nature, it has the highest combo rate in the game, and since combos do not rely on charge times, its damage output can match and surpass even higher speed weapons.

The Wyrmhero blade also deals Holy damage, so it’ll smite any undead nearby with ease!

If the hefty 131 attack, 80% combo rate and 50 evade weren’t enticing enough, the user also gains a Bravery and Faith effect with it equipped. This weapon can also be freely equipped by any character! The only real downside to this weapon besides its speed is how long it takes to acquire!


Wyrmhero Blade strengths:

  • Auto Bravery and Faith
  • Anyone can equip it, regardless of job
  • Very high combo rate


Wyrmhero Blade full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Wyrmhero_Blade_(Final_Fantasy_XII)


10. Mithuna


How to obtain: 

HOW TO GET MITHUNA [Aldebaran Y] | Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Tips and Tricks


Mithuna is a much more powerful successor to the Aldebaran, making it the gun of guns. This is the ultimate gun for Machinists, and for a good reason! 

It has an incredible attack of 66, bearing in mind that guns completely ignore defense, this can make even a White Mage using Machinist as a secondary job deal more damage than other members of the party! Pairing this with Wyrmfire Shot on an enemy suffering from the Oil status effect can inflict some serious hurt.

This gun also has a 10% critical hit rate, making critical hit rate higher than every other gun in the game. In addition to this, it’s also considerably evasive, sporting 25 evade.


Mithuna strengths:

  • Flexible ranged weapon that can target elemental weaknesses when combined with different elemental shots
  • Good critical hit rate
  • Very high burst damage when it critically hits


Mithuna full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Mithuna


9. Vrscika


How to obtain: 

HOW TO GET VRSCIKA [Scorpion Tail F] | Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Tips and Tricks


This weapon’s name is more difficult to pronounce than it is to use! It does one thing and does it well: hit hard! While it still bears the properties of axes and hammers—a damage formula based on VIT and luck—it’s a very easy weapon to do high damage with. This hammer is the best weapon for the mighty Foebreaker.

Considering how easy it is to get from an early point in the game, it’s also commonly one of the first ultimate weapons the player will obtain.

It’s a step above every other hammer, boasting a massive 133 attack and 20% combo rate, so combining this with a Foebreaker’s natural ability to crush enemy defenses can leave monsters reeling. 


As it’s a one-handed weapon, it also enables Foebreakers to safely wield shields in situations where they need to tank or block high amounts of damage.


Vrscika strengths:

  • Easy to obtain early in the game
  • High combo rate
  • High damage potential


Vrscika full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Vrscika


8. Staff of the Magi


How to obtain: 

Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age How To Get STAFF OF THE MAGI (BEST STAFF) Reks RNG Guide



The Staff of the Magi is the strongest staff in the game in most circumstances, namely due its nature of buffing the elements Holy, Ice and Wind simultaneously by 50%!

It boasts the highest magick power boost out of all staffs in the game—+8, making it an obvious first choice for any jobs that can use it with the intent of dealing magic damage. Just remember that it improves Holy, Ice and Wind, so you’ll want to be casting spells of those elements more often than any other. 

While the Holy boost may not be immediately useful to a Black Mage, if they happen to be paired with White Mage or Monk which have access to Holy, then it also gives them access to the often-rare Holy damage type too!



Staff of the Magi strengths:

  • Massively increases 3 elements at once
  • Increases vitality, improving survivability


Staff of the Magi full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Staff_of_the_Magi_(Final_Fantasy_XII)


7. Kumbha


How to obtain: 

HOW TO GET KUMBHA [Masamune I] | Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Tips and Tricks



Kumbha is one of the most unique amongst all melee weapons in Ivalice. Despite being a katana—bearing with it an insanely high 35% combo rate—this weapon is actually one-handed! If that wasn’t enough to entice any would-be wielders, it also has double the range of any melee weapon, making it function like a mid-range weapon! Sadly, it still can’t hit flying enemies, but grounded enemies will quiver in fear!

This weapon is Bushi’s ultimate katana, and bears a very respectable 117 attack and 40 evade, so pairing it with a shield will turn any character into an unstoppable wall for a majority of fights. Keep in mind that some bosses will ignore the evade stat completely, but a majority of earlier hunts and regular monsters won’t.

Pair this weapon with the Genji Gloves accessory which massively improves combo rates to make this weapon cut through your foes with ease!


Kumbha strengths:

  • Pseudo-ranged weapon despite being a melee weapon
  • Very high combo rate
  • One handed, so it can be combined with a shield


Kumbha full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Kumbha


6. Yagyu Darkblade


How to obtain: 

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Overpowered #6 (Early Yagyu Darkblade, & Holy Motes)



This dark-elemental ninja sword is a force to be reckoned with and the second-to-none ultimate weapon for a Shikari. It is tied very closely with the 5th weapon in this list due to its unique damage scaling based off a specific armor piece. This weapon can be obtained in one of two ways, with one being obtainable much earlier than the other, so most players will opt for this method (linked above) instead.

If the Shikari in question is able to equip mystic armor, specifically Black Robes—boosting dark elemental damage by 50%, then this weapon actually has the potential to turn them into one of the best damage dealers possible, especially against the game’s superboss.

In addition to 88 attack, 20 evade and a 22% combo rate, it also has a chance to inflict doom, so anyone using this weapon becomes a very deadly damage dealer!


Yagyu Darkblade strengths:

  • Deals dark elemental damage, a rare element for players to obtain
  • High combo rate
  • Fantastic damage potential under optimal conditions


Yagyu Darkblade full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Yagyu_Darkblade_(Final_Fantasy_XII)


5. Mesa


How to obtain:

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age How to Get MESA NINJA BLADE - Foebreaker / Shikari Ultimate Weapon


The Mesa is the ultimate ninja sword for a Shikari, and is straight to the point! Its design resembles a snake tongue, and is fitting due to its ability to also poison an enemy on hit.

In addition to a beefy 102 attack, it also has 32 evade and a 32% combo rate, making it an incredible multi-hit centric weapon. Pairing it with the Genji Gloves bolsters its power even more!

This weapon scores slightly higher than the Yagyu Darkblade because it doesn’t need any special conditions to utilize well. It’s worth noting however that the Yagyu Darkblade will surpass this weapon if the Shikari can use the Black Robes. However, Mesa is the better option if the enemy happens to resist or absorb the dark element, so it’s generally advised to unlock the licenses to equip both.


Mesa strengths:

  • Easy to obtain
  • Very high combo rate
  • Very good damage-focused tanking option


Mesa full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Mesa


4. Tournesol


How to obtain: 

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age How to Get TOURNESOL - BEST 2 Handed Sword


This weapon is as gorgeous as it is strong. If weapons in this list were rated based on designs alone, this would easily be at the top! The Tournesol is the ultimate great sword, and with good reason! The already-powerful Knight will feel right at home swinging this beauty around.

Its stats are simplistic, yet effective. It has a massive 138 attack and 20 evade in addition to a 10% combo rate—above average for a great sword, beaten only by the Wyrmhero Blade. Pairing this weapon with the Genji Gloves accessory will produce great results!

It’s a little bit of a difficult weapon to make, but it’s mostly because the items necessary for them have you running all over the world and killing all sorts of monsters to make bazaar items.



Tournesol strengths:

  • Very high attack
  • Good natural combo rate


Tournesol full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Tournesol_(Final_Fantasy_XII)


3. Zodiac Spear


How to obtain:



This once-elusive weapon was notoriously difficult to obtain in the original version of the game, but is thankfully a little easier to obtain in The Zodiac Age. This weapon is the ultimate spear, and usable by Uhlan.

If not counting the next two rather unique weapons in this list, then the Zodiac Spear actually boasts the highest weapon attack in the game by normal means, with an incredible 150 attack, this weapon strikes true and just.

The Zodiac Spear also has the ability to inflict the Disable effect on-hit at a 20% rate; making it useful for completely shutting down enemies. Combining it with the Genji Gloves is a great way to not only increase the damage potential of this weapon, but also increase the chances disable will occur.


Zodiac Spear strengths:

  • Highest damage weapon in the game by normal means
  • Can prevent enemies from acting at all if disable occurs from its hits

Zodiac Spear full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Zodiac_Spear_(Final_Fantasy_XII)


2. Great Trango


How to obtain:



While you can’t really see what this weapon looks like because it’s invisible, you can certainly see the damage it does! This sword is one of the secret ultimate weapons—it doesn’t need any licenses to use so any character can use it right away. Given that it’s a secret ultimate weapon, it has incredible stats that put it a league above the rest on this list so far.

It’s notoriously difficult to obtain unless you follow a guide, so it’s highly recommended to follow the YouTube link details closely if you want to perfect your chances!

This invisible menace houses 153 attack, putting it ahead of even the mighty Zodiac Spear. In addition to this, it also has a 30% combo rate, putting it slightly lower than Kumbha, but taking both its attack and combo rate into consideration, it’s nearly unbeatable!


Great Trango strengths:

  • Highest damage 1-handed weapon in the game
  • Anyone can equip it, regardless of job
  • Opens up the option to use shields in the off-hand


Great Trango full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Great_Trango


1. Seitengrat


How to obtain:

Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age. Seitengrat Bow! How & Where to get it! High Success Method!


The Seitengrat is another secret ultimate weapon, and the very best of the best! This two-handed bow is the strongest weapon in the game by a considerable margin. Similarly to the Great Trango, it can be equipped by anyone and it unfortunately doesn’t have a weapon model, so we can only imagine the crazy design it might’ve had!

It’s also exceptionally difficult to obtain by normal means, so be prepared to spend several hours trying to obtain this one!

This titan of a bow has an attack of 224, evade of 75 and a 25% critical hit rate. If that wasn’t enough to drop your jaw, it also has double the attack range of any ranged weapon, so not only is it the strongest weapon, but it’s also the longest reaching one!

It’s worth noting that this weapon can be combined with arrows to add additional effects like status ailments or elemental damage. Pairing this weapon with Fiery Arrows will annihilate any enemy suffering from the Oil status ailment while pairing it with Assassin’s Arrows will add a 25% KO rate to all attacks!


Seitengrat strengths:

  • Anyone can equip it, regardless of job
  • Can decimate a majority of enemies in 1 hit
  • Extremely flexible when combined with different arrows

Seitengrat full stats: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Seitengrat_(Final_Fantasy_XII)

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