[FF16] All Titan Eikon Abilities (Ranked)


Final Fantasy XVI has introduced the Eikon system in its combat mechanics, and there is a marginal shift in its approach towards the battle system compared to its previous entries. Utilizing all of the Eight Eikons present in-game, Clive switches to and fro to get the best elemental as well as technical advantage.

Let’s not forget about Titan now, one of the most recurring Summons (known as Eikon in this game) in the series; Titan resonates with the Earth element and is a formidable beast to deal with in general. Its abilities provide a significant boost in defense and is a necessary addition to Clive’s skillset.

You will unlock Titan’s Skill Tree after you defeat Hugo Kupka during the “Capital Punishment” mission, but which of these abilities is better to use in your combat? Let’s find out in the list below!


5. Raging Fists (OK)

Raging Fists

First off, we have the Raging Fists Ability of Titan, which is a pretty good ability in itself, but it can be a hit or miss.

The reason is that once striking an enemy, it can deliver a great load of stagger damage as well as drain the HP of enemies in a flash, but if it is missed, it doesn’t hit at all, and it has a cooldown time of 32 seconds. 

It can be reduced to 16 seconds when parried properly, so one has to be really careful in finding the right opening for this Ability.

Raging Fists details: Step forward and deliver a blinding flurry of high-speed punches. Blocking an enemy attack with the step forward increases the potency of the following punches.


4. Windup (Good)


Next up, we have the Windup Ability of Titan, where a devastating and colossal attack is delivered toward enemies surrounding Clive.

All you have to do is Hold the R2 trigger on your DualSense controller and press the button where you have assigned Windup on. Once done, charge it and release it for the attack to take place.

If you want to deliver even more damage, then make sure your attack reaches the red spot to deliver “Precision Windup.”

Windup details: Punch forward. Hold the Square button to wind up the attack, further increasing potency.


3. Upheaval (Good)


Upheaval is the next ability that is making in the Top 3 spots of the list, and that is because of its versatility that the attack can be delivered.

Upheaval has the same mechanic as the Windup ability from before, but the difference is that it can be used in midair as well. While in midair, you do not need to charge, so this skill can definitely work to your advantage!

Upheaval details: Slam a fist to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within range. Hold the button to increase the range. Can be used in midair.


2. Earthen Fury (Great)

Earthen Fury

Earthen Fury, the Ultimate Move of Titan’s Ability is on the #2 is an Area of Effect attack and is a beast of an ability with a high AP cost.

It has a long cooldown of 135 seconds and must be used wisely with the perfect enemies but when the perfect opportunity arises, use it to decimate smaller enemies surrounding Clive’s vicinity or against bosses. 

Earthen Fury details: Drive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.


1. Titanic Block (Best)

Titanic Block.

And on the top spot, we have Titan’s basic Eikonic Feat, Titanic Block which has versatile use during combat.

The Eikonic Feat of any Eikon is present in the Circle button of the DualSense Controller and what the Titanic Block does is that it acts as a shield by holding the circle button at any time when equipped with Titan’s Eikon set and can parry oncoming attacks by pressing the circle button at the right time.

Another thing is that during parry, you can press the square button on your DualSense to launch counter-attacks against your enemies during the parry animation.

Titanic Block details: Block enemy attacks. When a guard is timed perfectly, the Square button can be used to launch up to three counterattacks.


And that’s about it with Titan’s best abilities. Hope you have a great one ahead.


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