FF16 Best Abilities for Each Eikon

Poor Clive.

If you’re a longtime Final Fantasy fan like me, you will know that the recurring Summons of the series are reiterated with a different name and function every time.

For the 16th entry, they’re known as Eikons; this time, almost all of them are recurring. They play a central role in the game’s story and are elemental-based, just like their previous iterations.

What defines these Eikons is their pivotal ability to decimate enemies in mere seconds. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the list of best abilities related to each Eikon. Also, spoiler alert as the article contains sensitive info regarding the game’s story, so you’ve been warned.


8. Phoenix


First off, we start with Phoenix, the Warden of Fire, belonging to the Dominant, Joshua Rosfield. If you’ve followed the story, Joshua is Clive’s younger brother and heir to the Rosarian Throne and blesses his elder brother with the power of the Phoenix to become his very own First Shield of Rosaria.

It’s a fire elemental Eikon, and is unlocked right from the start of the game with Clive. Its Eikonic Feat is the Phoenix Shift, which is considered one of the best starting abilities in-game. Its moves as you unlock and progress further into the game are Heatwave, Scarlet Cyclone, Rising Flames, and Flames of Rebirth, and I’ll be discussing the best of all these below.

Best abilities for Phoenix:

  • Phoenix Shift: The basic Eikon Feat of Phoenix. What this ability does is that it closes in the distance between Clive and his enemy, where Clive can execute any manner of combo that suits him, whether he can burst some magic, swing some swords, or unleash another Eikon Ability; the choice is yours.
  • Flames of Rebirth: Considered as the Ultimate move for the Phoenix Skill Tree, the Area of Effect (AoE) Attack decimates enemies surrounding Clive, and if a boss fight is going on, it delivers a great deal of Stagger Damage as well.


7. Garuda


Garuda is the second Eikon that Clive gets after defeating Benedikta Harman, who is the Commander of Waloed’s Intelligencers and Garuda’s Dominant. Garuda, the Warden of Wind, is a unique Eikon in such that its moveset completely depends upon maneuverability and precise evasion timings.

Her Eikon Feat is Deadly Embrace, while the remainder of the skills contains Gouge, Wicked Wheel, Rook’s Gambit, and its AoE attack, Aerial Blast. Below are the best abilities that are used by most players in-game.  

Best abilities for Garuda:

  • Deadly Embrace: The Eikon Feat of Garuda helps launch Clive right into the air if the enemy is huge or brings smaller enemies towards Clive to continue the combo execution. The shining moment of this Feat is that when the Stagger bar hits the halfway point, using this ability will bring enemies down and offer a limited window to delete that healthbar.
  • Aerial Blast: The Area of Effect (AoE) Attack for Garuda delivers an amazing amount of Health Damage and Stagger Damage. You can unleash this move, that’s basically a tornado, and you can still execute combos with this, running in the arena and decimating the boss/surrounding enemies.


6. Ifrit


The third Eikon that Clive attains throughout the story. Ifrit is the second Eikon of Fire, the Warden of the Inferno, and our very own Clive Rosfield is its Dominant.

It only has two abilities, namely, Ignition and Will O’ The Wykes, and can be interchanged or used together with the Phoenix Eikon slots unless you’ve Mastered these abilities; then you can place these abilities anywhere, just like the rest of the abilities. Make no mistake, these two abilities are a banger.

Best abilities for Ifrit:

  • Ignition: Launches Clive against his enemy/enemies and delivers massive health as well as Stagger damage.
  • Will O’ The Wykes: Surrounds Clive with orbital fireballs that deliver damage to enemies whenever Clive executes his sword combo as well as absorbs oncoming enemy attacks.


5. Ramuh


The Fourth Eikon that Clive gains access to as the game moves forward. The Warden of Thunder is controlled by none other than the Dominant Cidolfus Telamon, the former Lord Commander of Waloed’s Army and who we dearly know and love as “Cid the Outlaw,” the mentor figure for Clive.

Once Cid is fatally injured by Typhon, one of Ultima’s minions, he willingly gives his powers to Clive, sensing that he can make better use of them than he ever did.

Ramuh's moves are Thunderstorm, Pile Drive, Lightning Rod, and his Eikonic Feat Blind Justice. Let’s not forget about the AoE attack, Judgment Bolt, that absolutely decimated enemies.

Best abilities for Ramuh:

  • Lightning Rod: Hands down one of the best abilities in-game and can be used in any build. Place it on the ground, and this multiplies the health and stagger damage delivered by any other means, whether by sword or by spells.
  • Judgment Bolt: The AoE attack for Ramuh that completely destroys enemies surrounding Clive. Two Levinbolts are launched in the sky and target the enemies present on the ground.


4.  Titan


The Warden of Earth, belonging to the Dominant, Hugo Kupka, the Chief Economic Advisor for the Dhalmekian Republic, Titan, is the Fifth Eikon Ability that Clive attains as he progresses further into the story, more specifically, when Clive defeats Kupka for the first time in Rosalith Castle.

With a more defensive moveset, its skills consist of Titanic Block, which is its Eikon Feat, as well as Raging Fists, Upheaval, Windup, and Earthen Fury, the AoE attack.

Best abilities for Titan:

  • Raging Fists: If timed properly, this devastating attack can parry oncoming attacks, stop time momentarily, and deliver a flurry of punches that deliver massive stagger damage to the enemy.
  • Upheaval: This attack has a charge build-up that, whenever entered in the red portion of the circle, it delivers maximum damage and provides collateral damage as well. If airborne, it can be used directly as well, with no need to charge!


3. Bahamut


The Warxen of Light, Bahamut, controlled by none other than Dion Lesage, Leader of the Holy Order of Knights Dragoon, Crown Prince of Sanbreque, and Bahamut’s Dominant, is the sixth Eikon that Clive attains after his fight with Dion ensues in Twinside.

One of the more versatile Eikon movesets, the skills contain its Eikon Feat, Wings of Light, as well as Satellite, Impulse, Flare Breath, and the AoE move, Gigaflare.

Best abilities for Bahamut:

  • Impulse: Two projectiles are released and attack the surrounding enemy/enemies at the same time, hitting them until they turn red. Once turned red, Clive can cast magic to detonate these orbs to deliver massive health damage.
  • Gigaflare: The signature move for Bahamut, Clive launches a huge beam of light towards the enemies and immediately decates any foe present in his area.


2. Shiva


The Seventh Eikon that Clive attains when nearing the end game. Shiva, the Warden of Ice, is controlled by none other than Clive’s childhood friend and lover, Jill Warrick, Shiva’s Dominant and former princess of the Northern Territories, now a ward for the Rosarian Royal Family.

Luckily, Clive doesn’t have to fight Jill this time to get her Eikon powers; she gives it willingly when they crash at the coastline of Ash after their failed fight against Barnabas. Some of the moves that Shiva have are Cold Snap, Ice Age, Mesmerize, Rhime, and the AoE attack, Diamond Dust.

Best abilities for Shiva:

  • Cold Snap: It acts like Phoenix Shift, but the difference is that Clive can move anywhere with this feat, and if an oncoming enemy tries to attack Clive, you can use this Eikon Feat twice to freeze enemies in place. The perfect tool for evasion.
  • Diamond Dust: The AoE attack for Shiva is a must-have as it freezes the Stagger Recovery time of already Staggered enemies and multiplies Stagger damage when paired with other attacks or combo formations.


1. Odin


The Eighth and Final Eikon that Clive attains late in the game. The Warden of Darkness, Odin, is controlled by none other than Barnabas Tharmr, King of the Kingdom of Waloed and Dominant of Odin.

It’s probably one of my most-used and favorite Eikons in-game. Its Eikon Feat, Arm of Darkness, unleashes Odin’s sword to charge the Zantetsuken Gauge, and when used with its Eikon Skills such as Rift Slip, Gungnir, Heaven’s Cloud, and Dancing Steel, it surely packs a punch.

Best abilities for Odin:

  • Rift Slip: Once any type of combo ends, you can pause time for 5 seconds with this ability, allowing you to shuffle up and mix and match all the other moves you have on your skill list. Perfect for on-the-spot combo executions.
  • Dancing Steel: Launches a flurry of attacks that charges the Zantetsuken gauge by a very large amount while effectively draining the health of the enemy that is being dealt with this move.


And that’s about it with the best Eikon abilities. Now, you know what to do and what to choose in your playthrough. See ya. 


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