Top 17 Game of Thrones Best Fighters and Their Favorite Weapon/s

Game of Thrones Best Fighters
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Game of Thrones has had many warriors throughout their seven seasons. Some were really good and some were just horrible. In this article, I list who I think were the best of the best. A lot of them are dead, but I still can’t rule out their expertise because they are dead. You should see if you agree with me with these being the best Game of Thrones fighters or not.

17. Daario Naharis

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When we first meet Daario he is a Soldier of the Second Sons army, and he is against Dany. Daario is a masterful swordsman, and his code is that he won’t kill anyone unless they are trying to kill him. I was intrigued by Daario, and when he turned on his captains and joined Dany I thought he was going to be a very interesting character, and a good ally for Dany to have.

Daario’s best fight for me was when he fought Meereen’s champion at the Gate of Meereen. He was quick, ruthless, and it was really cool how he outsmarted the champion on the horse.

Daario has killed many people over the four seasons he was on, but the most notable were his two captains, and the Meereen champion. He did kill others, but those are the three that stood out for me.

Daario didn’t have one favorite weapon, but two. The first was the Dothraki Arakh which is a weapon where it is long and short enough to be used as a sword or a scythe.

16. Syrio Forel

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I couldn’t have this list without having the man who started to train Arya Stark in sword fighting. Hired by her father, Syrio was hired to train Arya how to properly use her new sword. With being a master swordsman this was not difficult for him at all.

Syrio’s best fight scene is unfortunately his last fight ever. Lannister men come for Arya, and so she can escape he holds them off long enough with just a wooden practice sword. The scene was really cool, and you think he might win, but he did only have a wooden sword, and there was also more of them. I really liked him, hoped he didn’t lose, but he did.

When we meet up with Syrio we never see him kill anyone, but I have a feeling with being a master swordsman, and once being the First Sword of Braavos he killed many men before teaching Arya the Water Dance technique.

In the series we only see Syrio use a wooden practice sword. With being a fan of the Water Dance technique his favorite weapon was probably a very light sword, so he could move around easier.

15. Tormund Giantsbane

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Tormund is one of the leaders of the Wildlings, and he started as Jon’s enemy, but through circumstances, and Jon’s good character has become a trusted friend. They fight for each other, and help when each needs help. Tormund was even there to help Jon retrieve a live White Walker.

One of Tormund’s best fights for me was when he fights and kills The Lord of Bones. The Lord insults Tormund for being allies with Jon, and they get into a huge fight that gets real gritty. It’s brutal, but it shows what kind of person Tormund truly is, and I really liked how he stood up for his friend.

Over the seasons we’ve seen Tormund kill many people. He has killed Night Watchmen, Wildlings, White Walkers, and many others. He fights to live, for his friends, and for what is right. You get in his way you better watch out because he does not go down easy.

Tormund’s favorite weapon is his sword which he has had for years. He is skilled in other weapons, but he knows his sword like the back of his hand.

14. Jorah Mormont

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Jorah was a Northern Lord who was exiled, and swears loyalty to Dany almost as soon as he sees her. He was spying on her, but he stopped as soon as he saw what she was capable of. Jorah advises, helps, and fights for Dany. He will gladly give his life for her, and he came close a couple of times. He believes in her so much that he even goes with Jon to help capture a White Walker.

Jorah’s best fight for me was by far Daznak’s Pit. He is in an arena with warriors much better than him fighting in front of Dany. I thought a few times this was going to be the end of Jorah, but through pure will he manages to defeat all of his opponents, and even throw a spear and save Dany from an assassin that was behind her. It was really cool, and my heart wouldn’t stop pumping.

Over the years Jorah hasn’t killed anyone of note, but he has killed many people for Dany, and to help her become Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. The best kill was the spear kill from the Daznak Pit that saved Dany.

Jorah doesn’t really have a favorite weapon. He uses mostly swords, but nothing that isn’t really his. Jon does offer to give Longclaw to him, but he refuses.

13. Stannis Baratheon

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Stannis was the younger brother of King Baratheon, and when he died Stannis declared himself rightful heir to the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms instead of Joffrey. He led his men in two epic battles for the crown, and even though he lost he fought until the very end in both battles. Stannis was never one to order men to battle without being the one to lead the charge. Melisandre might have gotten into his head, and made him pretty crazy, but as a fighter he was a good leader.

Stannis’ best fight scene for me was all his fights in the Battle of Blackwater. He leads his men over the walls against huge numbers of men waiting for them. He doesn’t give up until his men literally pull him from the battle for his own safety.

Stannis has killed many people in his quest for the crown, but I think the most notable was the one he did without a weapon. He killed his own daughter by burning her at the stake because of a vision Melisandre had. Like I said, he was a great fighter, but he definitely went crazy for power.

Stannis’ favorite weapon is his sword that he has had for years, and uses it in all of the battles he is in.

12. Khal Drogo

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Khal Drogo was the warlord of the Dothraki, and a fearsome warrior. He had brute strength, and nothing you did scared him. You threatened him or his wife Dany you better prepare for a battle you would be lucky to survive.

Khal’s best fight for me was when he fights and kills Mago for challenging him. Drago doesn’t back down from Mago’s challenge, and defeats him quickly with Mago’s own blade. It is short, sweet, and you get to see how good of a fighter Drogo is.

Drogo has killed only a few people in the season he is actually in. He probably killed more to get to the position he is in, but he kills Dany’s brother, which was pretty interesting having him die by gold, and he killed Mago who threatened him.

Drogo’s favorite weapons were his Arakh and his daggers. What I liked is that he got rid of both when he fought Mago, which showed how good of a fighter he really was.

11. Bronn

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Bronn is a very skilled, and very smart mouthed mercenary who will sell out anyone if the price is high enough. He has no code, and he does anything for money. He is first hired by Tyrion Lannister to protect him, and after he escapes Bronn joins up with Jaimie.

Bronn’s best fight for me was when he fought Vardis Egen for Tyrion’s freedom. At first it looks like they are evenly matched, and that Bronn might lose. When he gets the upper hand though he plays with Egen before finally killing him, and kicking him out the hole that led to the outside. This fight showed Bronn’s skill, and that he would do whatever he could to win.

Bronn has killed many people through the years, but Egen was probably the most notable because with that fight Tyrion was freed from the Starks.

Bronn’s favorite weapon is his sword, but he is skilled in many other weapons. He uses whatever he can to survive.

10. Oberyn Martell

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Oberyn was a Prince of Dorne, and he was the one to fight for Tyrion in the Trial by Combat after Joffrey died. He was a very skilled fighter, and he was doing very well in the battle that killed him.

Oberyn’s best fight for me was unfortunately the one that killed him. It was epic, and just really well done. If he didn’t talk so much he might have actually won the fight. He talked way too much, and Gregor Clegane killed him very brutally. It was sad, but really cool to watch at the same time.

Oberyn killed a few people for the time he was on Game of Thrones, but he didn’t really kill anyone of significance.

Oberyn’s favorite weapon was an eight-foot long ash spear. He liked this because it allowed him to reach his opponents from a distance, and it fit his more acrobatic fighting style.

9. The Mountain

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The Mountain, or his real name Gregor Clegane, is one of the most fearsome fighters in Game of Thrones. With pure strength, and anger he defeats all his enemies. When he thinks he is about to be defeated a rage takes over that he can’t quench without death.

The Mountain’s best fight scene is against Oberyn because you think Oberyn is going to win, and then the table turns. He brutally kills Oberyn, and because of that battle he is cured by something that pretty much turns him into a walking, fighting zombie.

The Mountain killed so many people during the series, but the most notable is Oberyn because that led to events of Cersei’s daughter being taken, and then killed.

The Mountain’s favorite weapon is his sword, but his sword is a bit different. With him being so tall, and strong his sword is longer, and stronger.

8. The Hound

What sword?

The Hound, or Sandor Clegane, is the younger brother of The Mountain, and has as much thirst for blood and fighting as his brother does. With his face burned because of Gregor he doesn’t know anything else except violence. He does use his skills to protect Arya for a bit, but he still kills and enjoys it.

The Hound’s best fight had to be when he faced Beric Dondarrion for a couple of reasons. The first is that even though his fight with Brienne was really cool I thought this was better. With his fight against Beric he was at full strength, and he had to overcome his fear of fire in order to defeat his enemy. It was a challenge both in reality and as a person.

The Hound also killed many people like his brother. The one death that is most notable is when he killed Mycah, who was Arya’s friend. If he didn’t do that he wouldn’t have had to fight Beric.

The hound’s favorite weapon is his sword that he has had for many years, and has used to kill many people.

7. Ramsay Bolton

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Ramsay was the bastard son of Roose Bolton. He took control of Winterfell from Theon, and tortured Theon for the joy of it. He caused pain and death all over including to the Stark family.

Like so many others on my list, Ramsay’s best fight was his last one. I choose these because the person is usually giving their all, and the fight is epic. After his army is starting to lose to Jon’s army Ramsay flees to Winterfell where Jon shows up, and they have an all out brawl. Jon gets the upper hand, and literally punches Ramsay until he is almost dead. Sansa takes it from there, but that fight was still really interesting.

Ramsay was so ruthless that he probably killed the most on the series. He loved to torture people, and when that wasn’t fun anymore he killed them with a smile. The most notable person he killed was Rickon Stark. It was another blow to the Stark family after they lost so many, and Rickon was still just a kid.

Ramsay’s favorite weapon was whatever he could find that caused the most pain to someone. Whether it was a sword, a knife, his dogs, or anything he could find and use.

6. Euron Greyjoy

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Euron is the uncle to Theon and Yara Greyjoy. He kills his brother and takes control of the Salt Throne. Theon and Yara wish to take it back, and he wishes to kill them. They have an intense sea battle where Euron defeats them. Theon gets away, but Yara doesn’t, and is currently Euron’s prisoner.

Euron’s best fight was his battle with Theon and Yara on the sea. It was intense, and very bloody, and every second was just one death after another.

Euron killed many men during the battle of Blackwater Bay, but before that he killed his own brother. Euron killing his brother is what started the civil war between him and Theon and Yara.

Euron’s favorite weapon is his two-handed battleaxe. This weapon is sharp, powerful, and has a long handle so that he doesn’t have to get too close in order to kill his enemies.

5. Jaime Lannister

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Jaime Lannister is the son of Tywin Lannister, twin and lover of Cersei, and the warrior in the family. Cersei usually has him fight for her, and Tyrion was never taught to fight with being too short. Jaimie killed the Mad King earning him the nickname “Kingslayer.” He is willing to do anything, or kill anyone for Cersei, and he has the skill to do it.

I think Jaime’s best fight was when his army faced Dany’s army, and then her dragons. It was a fight of super proportions, and I couldn’t stop watching it. So many people were dying, and then Jaimie tried to kill one of the dragons, and you didn’t know what was going to happen. You thought he is going to do it, he’s going to do it, he’s going to die, and oh my gosh he didn’t die.

Jaime killed many people, but the most notable had to be the one we never saw. The death I’m referring to is the Mad King, and I think this is most notable because it earned him the nickname Kingslayer, and changed his attitude on leaders.

Jaime’s favorite weapon is his sword even after he loses his hand. After that he receives a new sword that works with his less dominant hand.

4. Brienne of Tarth

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Brienne is the sole surviving child of Lord Tarth, and a very skilled warrior. Because of her looks and height no one wanted her as a wife, so she trained to be a knight. She trained so much that she now is one of the most experienced female fighters in Game of Thrones. She knows how to handle herself, and you shouldn’t underestimate her skills because of her looks.

Brienne’s best fight by far was her fight with The Hound. It was a brutal fight between two equal opponents, and she got the upper hand, and defeated The Hound with awesome glory.

Brienne has killed a lot, but the one that is the most notable is when she killed Stannis Baratheon. When she killed him she achieved her vow of revenge for when he killed Renly Baratheon.

Brienne’s favorite weapon is her sword because it matches her skill and fighting style perfectly.

3. Daenerys Targaryen

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Dany is the daughter of the Mad King, and another one who thinks she has the right to the Iron Throne. She has been sold, raped, beaten, and many other things during the series. She overcame them all to become one of the fiercest warriors on the show, and with good reason. Dany doesn’t back down from a fight, and will do what it takes to help those who need it. She is the Mother of Dragons, and a queen.

Dany’s best fight was Jaime’s best fight as well where the two armies go at it. This is Dany’s best fight as well because she shows up with her dragons, and destroys everyone. She burns and kills everyone, and doesn’t shed a tear.

Dany has killed many men and women in her rise to power. The most notable is when she ordered her dragon Drogon to kill Kraznys. I loved this scene because you first think that she really is handing over Drogon for 8,000 Unsullied soldiers, and then when she has command of the Unsullied she orders Drogon to burn Kraznys killing him right there on the spot. This shocked everyone including me, and I was really happy about it too.

Dany’s favorite weapons are her dragons, and I can’t blame her. They are strong, powerful, and they cause huge amounts of death and destruction.

2. Arya Stark

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Arya Stark is the youngest daughter of Ned Stark, and she always wanted to be a fighter, and not a lady. She first learned how to fight from Syrio Forel, and after many trials, from the Man with No Face. She is now the best female fighter in Game of Thrones in my opinion. She will kill anyone, and she can do it without getting caught. I love her, and I can’t wait to see what she does in season 8.

Arya’s best fight was when she was sparring with Brienne. Brienne is a very skilled warrior, and I wouldn’t want to mess with her, but when these two sparred Arya kicked Brienne’s butt, and it was awesome to watch.

In her quest for revenge against everyone who hurt or killed anyone from her family Arya has actually killed a good amount of people. Her best is when she killed the entire House of Frey, after slicing the throat of Lord Walder and taking his face. Another good one is when she walks right up to Petyr Baelish after he is sentenced to death by Sansa, and just slices his throat with one swoop of her sword.

Arya’s favorite weapon from the beginning has been the little sword “Needle.” It was a gift from Jon, and she has used it since the beginning.

1. Jon Snow

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Jon is the Bastard son of Ned Stark, unless you are caught up, and then you know the truth, but I won’t spoil that. He was part of the Night’s Watch for most of the series until he went through certain things, and through the battle for his home against Ramsay became King of the North. Jon is my number 1 fighter for a few reasons. The first is that he has probably been through the most battles out of everyone on my list. He has battled and defeated more than just humans. He has killed giants, White Walkers, and other creatures that no one else has faced yet. Second, he is still alive after everything. Jon has been through so much in the past seven seasons, and he is still alive which just says something. Finally, with all the battles and trials he has been through he still hasn’t stopped fighting. He hasn’t given up, and I don’t think he ever will which I really like about him.

Jon’s best fight by far was his battle with all the White Walkers when him and a few others were capturing one alive. He’s fighting the dead, and he is doing very well for himself. He even falls into ice, and escapes, with some help, alive. I call that one intense battle.

Jon has killed many warriors over the years from Wildlings, Night Watchmen, and White Walkers. I think the most notable is when he killed four Night Watchmen after they did something to him. It was in the code of the Night’s Watch, but it affected him in a way he didn’t like.

Jon’s favorite weapon is his sword Longclaw, which was a gift from Jeor for saving his life. Jeor is Jorah’s father, and Jon tries to give it to Jorah later on, but Jorah refuses and it stays with Jon. The handle was remade from a bear to a direwolf, which is the sigil for House Stark.

Well that is my list of the top 17 fighters in Game of Thrones and their favorite weapon/s. Create your own list, and see who you would put on yours.

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