Dragon Age Movie: 19 Movies Every Dragon Age Fan Needs To Watch

dragon age movie

Whilst Dragon Age has yet to hit the silver screen here are 19 films for any true fans of the series

Unfortunately and to the dismay of many fans of the Dragon Age series there has yet to be a Dragon Age Movie… And whilst some fans rejoice in the fact that Hollywood won’t ruin another of our beautiful gaming worlds there are some who long to see their favourite series on the silver screen. So to recommend that below are 15+ beautiful films that every Dragon Age fan needs to see.

1) Clash of the Titans – Clashing Critics and Fans

A face only a mother could love. If you know, Titans have mothers.

Clash of the Titans was loved by the masses but hated by critics. The fans argues that its CGI creatures and brilliant battles were superb while critics argued against its sub-par and boring story. The film loosely follows the Greek Myth of Perseus and his adventures against the Titans. The film is your classic fantasy adventure which is perfect for killing some time, however the brilliantly done CGI creatures make for some epic battles that any Dragon Age lover would be astounded by. My rating: 6/10

2) Season of the Witch- The season Nick Cage should have took a break

Oh Nick, just give acting the kick. You've done enough for us.

This film Stars Nick Cage… Oh you wanted to know more? Um this film stars Nick Cage that’s all you need to know. Let me take Con Air for example that’s a classic a brilliant Nick Cage film. This film is not Con Air. Season of the witch is your classic dark action fantasy film that somehow managed to get an A List actor to star in it even though (Sorry Nick) they don’t fit the role at all. The film isn’t bad, it’s not complete garbage like certain films (*cough* *cough* Spider-Man 3 *cough* *cough*) but I just seemed to bore me. Though it’s not terrible I may just have high expectations, the film runs just over an hour and a half and is perfect for a short break if you’re a fan of Dragon Age. On the plus side if it turns out to be awful to you as well then you can laugh at it the whole way through. My rating:5/10

3) Seventh Son – Would probably get a SEVEN out of ten, if you know it wasn’t what it was

This is what we're calling a Dragon these days?

The story of Seventh Son follows Thomas Ward who is the seventh son of a seventh son and his adventures as an apprentice of which makes utterly perfect sense and is no way confusing like the entire plot of this film. The film, isn’t the best the story is generic and boring, along with the picture which is just constantly dark and gloomy. However some of the acting in this medieval cluster is surprisingly outstanding. Plus the fact that it has Dragons, tats usually a selling point for most people, especially fans of Dragon Age. My rating: 6/10

4) Hercules (2014) – “Bless his soul Herc WAS on a role.”

Dwayne Johnson with hair is weird to me...

‘Before he was a legend he was a man’ and ‘before this film the Hercules film was good’. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I hated this film personally I thought it was a huge let down compared to the legendary Hercules Disney Film as most live actions turn out to be. But then again, it turns out a lot of people enjoyed it and upon looking back, it’s not the worst film I’ve ever watched, much of the action is extremely well done and the music score is pretty magical. If you’re looking for a film where you only care about the action or looking at the hot muscular men (If you’re into that) then hey, I won’t judge. I figure it’s something that fans of Dragon Age could enjoy even if I personally didn’t. My rating:4/10

5) Spartacus (TV Series)- An Arena full of fans

Mirroring History perfectly.

The Spartacus TV series was brilliant, the show was acclaimed by critics breaking records on the channel Starz and being loved by fans worldwide. The lead actor of Andy Whitfield was suburb and was the highlight of the show which ran on for two more seasons even after his tragic death, to give one of his last works the final send-off it deserved. I loved the stories of the real-life Spartacus as a child and the show managed to match its story perfectly in a historical point of view. All in all the brilliant action story that follows a man go from, Slave to Gladiator to Hero is a must watch and would satisfy any fan of the action genre and definitely and Dragon Age fan. My rating:8/10

6) King Arthur (2004)- King of England my arse

Okay but why does Lancelot look like a 80s Pornstar?

Okay, so imagine the classic King Arthur Plot. The young boy pulls the sword from the stone when even the strongest men in the real couldn’t, he is crowned King of England, unites with the famous wizard Merlin and fights the forces of darkness using the legendary Excalibur. Text Book iconic fairy tale. Now take away the whole king of England thing and make Arthur a Roman Cavalry Officer… Loses a lot of the magic right? Well that was my opinion, if you’re looking for something to match the classic English folk lore, well this certainly isn’t a film for that even though it’s what the producers aimed for. However, if you’re a fan of the gorgeous Kiera Knightly, like watching fully grown men stab at each other and a generally decent action flick. Then it might just be worth a watch. My rating:5/10

7) Prince of Persia – The Sands of time to rethink your life choices

"From the producers of Pirates of The Caribbean" but no where near as good…

Now, I love the Prince of Persia games, they were a huge part of my childhood, its brilliant time travel mechanic entertained my miniscule brain for hundreds of hours. The film however, well it didn’t really live up to its promised expectations. While I felt like the Persian set action adventure (with some hints of sorcery) didn’t live up to its video game counterpart a multitude of critics shared this opinion. So while for fans of the series it could be called a mess of its brilliant story, the action of the film is perfectly choreographed, with a brilliant picture and magic music score the film is good for any action or Dragon Age Lover looking for so time to kill…

I'll see myself out. My rating: 6/10

8) Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – Insulin Hunters more like

Because cleavage in the Theatrical poster guarantees money.

Okay this one has Jeremy Renner! Now I know most of you only really know him from being Hawkeye in the Marvel Universe, but this guy is amazing just please for God’s sake look at the video of him singing. Anyway, fanboying aside, the film adapts on the classic German fairy tale of Hansel (Jeremy Renner) and Gretel (You know with the Ginger Bread house) and follows an older version of the pair, who know are famous witch hunters except Hansel has to take a shot of insulin every few hours (You know because of the whole Ginger Bread house thing – don’t ask me it’s a plot point.) but honestly, whilst having mixed reviews (For example it was hated in the US and UK but loved in Germany and Brazil) and some weird moments I’ll admit, the fantasy action film was a blast and something I couldn’t stop watching. Renner’s acting is superb and I honestly found it extremely enjoyable a definite recommendation for a fable action film. My rating: 8/10

9) Conan the Barbarian (2011)- Barbaric Movie Making

Khal Drogo THE MOVIE!

With stars like Arnie, Jason Momoa (Famous for a role as a certain Khal on Game of Thrones) and seven years in development you’d think the sword and sorcery epic on Conan the Barbarian (The man I spent hundreds of hours learning about in Fallout) this film would be spectacular… You’d think wouldn’t you...? Truthfully the film fell short in the eyes of critics, obtaining a particularly low score, however, for fans of the characters creator Robert E. Howard the film can be surprisingly nostalgic and fits the genre for something any Dragon Age fan would enjoy. My rating: 5/10

10) 300 – Did you know 100 in 300 Spartans are gay?

Just relive "THIS IS SPARTA!"

I’m kidding with that title pun, but fun fact: Spartans were raised from childhood to be soldiers with almost no female contact and being surrounded by other sweaty muscular Spartans most of them turned out gay or bi-sexual. Which is kind of cool for the LGBT community and a nice historical anecdote which is hinted at in the movie. Apart from that though, the film is excellent, following a small army attempting to take on almost impossible odds with a tear following heart tear of an ending the film is masterfully created and an easy recommendation for any fan of Dragon Age’s brilliant battles. My rating: 8/10

11) 300: Rise of an Empire- Well something was rising in the Spartan Army if the last film was anything to go on…

Because the ancient Greek Spartans would have such well-kept teeth…

If you get that title pun I’m proud of you. Anyway, 300: Rise of an Empire, what some call a masterpiece and others call a pathetic cash in on the success of 300. Personally, this film following the events after its original with a multitude of more murderous Spartan warriors seemed like more of a cash in. However it did receive mixed reviews from fans, with some enjoying it more then the original. And no while it didn’t have a quote to top “This is Sparta!” it was still enjoyed by thousands and is a solid action flick for any melee fight loving Dragon Age Fan. My rating: 6/10

12) Warcraft – The one that caused an actual war

Actually brilliant.

Warcraft has some sort of a reputation on movie sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, whilst it was loved by fans who believed it to be almost identical to its brilliant MMO RPG inspiration it was hated by critics who captioned it a ‘CGI mess’ with an unfollowable story and an abundance of uninteresting characters. As a fan of the video game World of Warcraft however I enjoyed the film and liked seeing characters of my gaming days appear in multitude throughout the fantastic fantasy epic and whilst it wasn’t the new Shawshank Redemption or Inception I still loved it. Guess critics really are just emotional robots who only care if a film is in the Oscars or not. My rating: 7/10

13) Solomon Kane – Was he born on Monday and buried on Sunday?

Nothing says dark fantasy like dark clouds with lightning right?

Solomon Kane is a… Wait, let me get this right first… French-British-Czech dark fantasy action adventure film. Which you know isn’t a mouthful at all. The film follows Kane, an English Privateer as he gains redemption for his past and becomes an avenger (No not the Marvel kind) a Puritan Avenger. Battling what we’ll call ‘the forces of evil’ to prevent spoilers Solomon Kane is a 1600s Medieval epic with mixed reviews from critics the sword fighting spectacular relates better than most on this list to the Dragon Age franchise and is definitely worth a look from fans of the series. My rating: 6/10

14) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – A Christmas for Nerds

Expectedly Brilliant.

I remember the release of the first instalment of The Hobbit franchise and being baffled, I was younger at the time but another film set in the beautiful world of Middle Earth had me ecstatic. With returning stars like Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee (Rest In Peace you Legend) from The Lord of the Rings and a new star in the form of Martin Freeman the first of the Hobbit Films was set to top its predecessor. And with an emotional ending, brilliant quest of redemption, revenge, treasure and a music score to earn a Grammy the fictional epic quest of an adventure seriously earnt praise. My rating: 8/10

15) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – Desolating the competition

You could almost say this movie is 'gold'...

My title puns are worthy of a prison sentence. Featuring the only man actor who can say he’s played Sherlock, been in the Marvel Universe and now been a giant fire breathing Dragon whilst also looking slightly like an Otter, Benedict Cumberbatch is the highlight of this sequel playing the terrifying Smaug. Whilst the quality dropped from the previous Hobbit Film the Desolation of Smaug is still a solid almost medieval fantasy adventure that could satisfy any fan of the Dragon Age series. My rating: 6/10

16) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - I was fighting for a reason to defend this one

Guess this poster just bows in terrible loss and defeat...

Oh the Five Armies… The Hobbit was going so well before, well before this film. It’s only saving graces are the superb acting of Christopher Lee (One of his final performances) in his iconic role of Saruman, the touchingly emotional ending that tugged our hearts and of course it’s brilliantly composed soundtrack. Apart from that, the story of the Hobbit series faltered here with a mostly unfollowable plot, CGI characters which made no sense and the introduction of plot points which disappeared straight after. Seriously what was with those giant earth worms? They we’re in it for one scene and made out to be a weapon of mass destruction only to never be seen again. All in all while still a stunning film and perfect for any Dragon Age fan though it will disappoint those who wanted an epic finale to the six Middle Earth films… They even got the title wrong, it should have been There and Back again!

But hey, we’ve still got Shadow of Mordor to play. My rating: 6/10

17) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- Uniting a global fellowship of Nerds and Geeks alike

Oh the nostalgia.

Lord of the Rings… How we love you. The epitome of nerd films along with Star Wars and maybe the Marvel Universe there is no series we enjoy more. The tale of Frodo and the fellowship’s quest to destroy the one ring is over fifty years old and a beautiful icon in fantasy films. Anyone who hasn’t seen the three hour epic should be ashamed to call themselves a fan of the genre an easy recommendation for any Dragon Age fan. My rating: 9/10

18) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - Worthy of two times the score

As a kid I never understood the title you know?

I assure you my puns can be worst. But apart from that, you know how most sequels fail to top their previous instalments (*cough cough* Spider-Man 3 *cough cough*) this destroys that stereotype with The Two Towers being one of the highest rated films on IMDB and is a sequel that can’t be topped. The battle of Helms Deep is iconic along with the introduction of Gollum in full the now split Fellowship’s quest is fantastic and known as one of the greatest movies of all time, the easiest recommendation I’ve ever had to give. My rating:10/10

19) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King- The King of Fantasy

One of the greatest films to ever grace the planet.

That pun wasn’t even bad, don’t judge me. But Peter Jackson has done it again, with a film to finish the trilogy and to finish any film trying to top it for the next fifty years. The Return of the King is iconic and while most fans argue that the series second instalment is it’s best we can all agree that it’s still a masterpiece. With legends like Ian McKellen, the loved Orlando Bloom and never aging Elijah Wood the final Lord of the Rings film is my close favourite, Frodo and Sam’s epic climb, the final battle against Sauron and the perfect ending to the nine hour phenomenon the Return of the King is one of my favourite films of all time… And if that doesn’t sell you IMDB rates it in its top fifty films in history. My rating:10/10

So while some are better than others, there are thousands of fantastic sword wielding films scattered across the world, most of which are perfect for Dragon Age fans who are waiting desperately for their very own film.

Are there any films that you think should be on this list? What would you say is the best film for Dragon Age fans? Tell us your thoughts!

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