[Top 10] Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Accessories And How To Get Them

Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Accessories
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Accessories have always been a big part of RPGs, from stat boosts to finding that perfect matching helmet for your demon slayer look. In Dragon Age, though they don’t always change your look, the right accessory can turn you from a fumbling beginner to a master assassin with one click. I’ve compiled the top ten best accessories to use in Dragon Age: Inquisition for all your Inquisitorial needs. After all, there’s no use saving the world if you can’t be stylish while doing it!


10. Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration

Magic can't help you now

From Mages to Warriors to the sneaky, tricky rogues, barriers can thwart most attacks that are thrown at them. A quick Dispel usually takes care of them, but with the Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration, you can save that mana for something a little more potent. It’s rather self-explanatory, but this ring helps you beat through enemy barriers with ease, destroying their defenses and freeing up their health bar. Barriers are usually used by magic users, so when their last line of defense is down, you can usually take them out with ease.

Why the Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration is great

  • +20% Barrier Damage Bonus
  • Fewer barriers mean it’s easier to drain an enemies’ health
  • Less mana wasted on Dispelling barriers

How to get the Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration

There are a few ways to grab this ring. You can loot it from a chest in the Tomb of Fairel in the Hissing Wastes or find it randomly in the Deep roads, either by defeating the first Ogre Alpha or in chests during The Descent DLC.

Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration details 

9. Superb Belt of Health

Just a sack of hit points

There are a few basic rules in all RPGs: deal damage and don’t die. This belt helps with the latter. With an extra 200 points of health, the Superb Belt of Health is fantastic for keeping your tanks on the field or your squishier allies off the ground.  

Why the Superb Belt of Health is great

  • Gives an extra +200 Maximum Health
  • Great either for mages that keep in the line of fire or Reaver specialty Warriors

How to get the Superb Belt of Health

The only way to get this belt is by completing the treasure hunting quest in the Emerald Graves’, the Map of Watcher’s Pass.

Superb Belt of Health details 

8.  Superb Ring of Flanking

Teamwork makes the dream work

Two is a couple and three is a crowd… except when you’re fighting. The Superb Ring of Flanking can help you optimize your teamwork capabilities by letting your rogues deal massive damage while the enemy targets someone else. Keep your tank in front and let the slippery ones slide in, hacking and slashing their way to a 20% damage bonus when they hit the side or back of an enemy.

Why the Superb Ring of Flanking is great

  • Gives an extra 20% flanking damage
  • With rogues, this ring is essential for doubling up on enemies with your tanks

How to get the Superb Ring of Flanking

This one requires a bit of work. To get his ring, you must defeat the Storm Coast High Dragon, Vinsomer, and loot it off its body. Hope you don’t use electricity!

Superb Ring of Flanking details 

7. Belt of Retaliation

You hit me, I hit you back harder

This belt is great for making enemies regret hitting you in the first place. With every swipe they take, they’ll feel more and more cuts on their own body, helping you lower their own health as you fight. The more hits you take, the more damage they deal to themselves, and you get the satisfaction of watching a demon drop knowing that they basically killed themselves for you.

Why the Belt of Retaliation is great

  • Whenever you take damage with this belt equipped, some of the damage is returned to the enemy
  • Great for warriors that can handle a lot of damage

How to get the Belt of Retaliation 

This belt comes further down the line. To get this belt, you must defeat the Qunari Shock Trooper in the Courtyard section of The Darvaraad during the Trespasser DLC. Late in the game, but definitely worth it!

Belt of Retaliation details 

6. Ring of Doubt

Can't kill what you can't see

Hope you like surprise attacks. The Ring of Doubt is another flanking bonus, but now with the twist of critically hitting whenever you attack from stealth. The mage restriction means that you can’t equip it to your rogues but giving mages this bonus means that their spells do even more damage, giving them an intense advantage. Rogues and Mages that can crit from stealth are a deadly combo, after all.

Why the Ring of Doubt is great

  • +20% Flanking damage
  • Enter stealth when not attacking during combat
  • When you attack from stealth, you automatically critically hit.

How to get the Ring of Doubt

During the Something to Prove quest in the Exalted Plains, this ring is looted from a young Dalish elf’s corpse. A dark end, but this ring will prove useful enough for it to be worth it.

Ring of Doubt details 

5. Superb Cooldown Amulet

Non-stop power

What’s better than casting one spell? Casting three in a row! With the Superb Cooldown Amulet, you’ll be able to use your abilities one right after another, as long as you’ve got the mana or stamina to withstand it. Personally, I prefer equipping my mages with this amulet, it’s still useful for your rogues and warriors’ large stamina pools. 

Why the Superb Cooldown Amulet is great

  • 20% cooldown modifier
  • For rogues, this amulet allows them to utilize their massive stamina to its full potential
  • Mages with this amulet become unstoppable casting machines

How to get the Superb Cooldown Amulet

To get such a cool item, you must brave the cold itself. This amulet is looted off of the high Dragon Hakkon Wintersbreath during the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. Bring your winter gear, because this boss can get ugly.

Superb Cooldown Amulet details 

4.  Superb Ring of Critical Damage 

Critical hit!

Critical hits are known for one-shotting enemies, but more damage couldn’t hurt, right? This ring can turn your rogues into killing machines. With all of the passive extra damage and abilities to dive into stealth or crit otherwise, the damage will rack up, and it’s also quite good for a warrior’s hard-hitting attacks if coupled with a bonus to critical chance.

Why the Superb Ring of Critical Damage is great

  • 20% critical damage bonus
  • With Rogue abilities that allow instant or frequent crits, this ring is immeasurably good to do tons of damage with one swing

How to get the Superb Ring of Critical Damage

During the Trouble with Darkspawn quest in the Western Approach, you can find this ring behind a locked door in Coracvus’ Records Room, as well as in the Burial Ground Tomb in the Tomb of Fairel quest in the Hissing Wastes.

Superb Ring of Critical Damage details 

3. Master Guard Belt

Can't touch this

The Master Guard belt can turn your warrior into an invincible wall, taking any damage thrown at them without a flinch. The biggest bonus to guard, this belt as a Champion is a perfect match to keep your tanks on the field. More guard means more enemies can target you without you falling, which leaves your allies to cut them down while they don’t look. A personal favorite of mine!

Why the Master Guard Belt is great

  • +40 guard max
  • This paired with the Champion Specialization can make a virtually invincible warrior 

How to get the Master Guard Belt

This belt is found in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, looted off a corpse on a wall near The Mystery Of Winter temple door.

Master Guard Belt details 

2. Master Belt of Focus

Channel great power to smite your enemies

Focus is one of Inquisition’s most unique abilities. It grants you access to extra powerful abilities that normal class features don’t have, and the more you fight, the more focus you gain. This belt lets you gain focus faster, allowing you to use insanely high damage abilities or utility powers so useful it almost feels like cheating. Who doesn’t like the ability to use powerful stuff more often?

Why the Master Belt of Focus is great

  • 35% focus gain
  • More focus means more opportunities to use high damage or high utility focus abilities, like your Mark of the Rift or the Resurgence ability from the Knight Enchanter Specialization.

How to get the Master Belt of Focus

There’s a Fade-Touched Lurker northwest from the first camp in the Frostback Basin. If you defeat it and loot a pile of bones nearby, this belt will be your reward.

Master Belt of Focus details 

1. The Taken Shape

Stalk, shield, strike

We’ve saved the best, and heftiest, for last. Inquisition is the only Dragon Age game to have only one item set, and that is the Taken Shape from the Trespasser DLC.  The set includes a ring, an amulet, a belt, and armor, and each item grants special abilities from faster damage dealing to enhanced healing when you attack. The best part is that if some or all of these items are used together, you get even more bonuses stacked on top. The more bonuses the merrier, and that’s why the Taken Shape has the best accessories in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Why the Taken Shape is great

  • Equipping the Bind that Guides grants you a 10% Critical Chance Bonus
  • Equipping the Hand that Cuts grants you a 20% Critical Damage Bonus
  • Equipping the Eye that Weeps grants you a 10% Attack Bonus
  • Equipping all of the equipment plus the Skin that Stalks grants you a 10% Attack Speed Bonus, 10% Movement Speed Bonus, and a 1% Heal on hit bonus

How to get the Taken Shape

All three accessory pieces in this set are found in different areas of the Trespasser DLC. The Bind that Guides is looted off a chest in the Forgotten Tower, guarded by two Revenants. The Hand that Cuts is found in a chest in the Abandoned Chateau guarded by corpse archers and Arcane horrors. And, lastly, The Eye That Weeps can be found in another chest after defeating two despair demons and a rage demon in the Hidden Hollow section of the Crossroads.

The Taken Shape details 

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