[Top 10] Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Accessories and How to Get Them

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Accessories
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Too many accessories to decide what's the best? 

That's completely understandable. There are a lot of accessories in Kingdom Hearts 3, and all of them have their pros and cons. 

Read on to find out the top 10 accessories to get in the game! 

10. Fencer’s Earring

The Fencer’s Earring is a really cool accessory that you can get relatively early in the game. It’s available in Monstropolis, hidden away inside one of the many doors of the Laugh Factory. The increases in strength, magic, and AP are moderate at best, but the ability gained from it is helpful. 

Want the numbers for those stat boosts? Strength is increased by 4 points, magic is increased by 2 points, and AP is increased by 8 points. 

What’s awesome about Fencer’s Earring? 

Its Design

The bottom half of the earring is comprised of 3 spikes, with a small, multicolored gem in the center of the biggest one. The coolest part is the serpentine dragon perched atop the spikes. Its wings are proudly spread as it rears its body back for a devastating attack. 


Remember that ability I mentioned before? This is it. The defender ability increases defense when Sora’s HP is critically low. This is one of my favorite abilities because I’m known for unnecessarily sacrificing way too much HP in the heat of battle. 

More stats? 

Comin’ right up: here! 

And how do you get it? 

I know my description above was super unhelpful. 

Here’s a guide that will help you out a lot more: 

Kh3 where to get fencer's earring

9. Wisdom Ring

This accessory can be incredibly helpful, especially if you use a lot of HP but maybe not as much MP (or if you just have a lot of MP). Just like with Fencer’s Earring, the status boosts are moderate, but the ability is the real star. 

Here are the number stats: magic is increased by 5 points, while AP is increased by 10 points. 

What’s Awesome About Wisdom Ring? 

Wizard’s Ruse 

This ability will be really helpful for those of us who aren’t amazing at holding onto our HP. By spending some MP, Sora will be able to regain some of the HP he’s lost. It’s kind of like with Cure, but you can choose how much HP is regained by selecting how much MP to sacrifice. 

Obtaining It

This is an accessory that’s pretty easy to get. If you really like accessories, especially ones with awesome abilities, then being able to easily gain access to the Wisdom Ring is a huge plus. 

Can’t get enough info? 

Here’s some more! 

And how do I get it?

I can hear you asking that now. Easy: synthesize it after photographing 50 Lucky Emblems. 

Here’s a video to help you find all of those tricky buggers: 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - COMPLETE GUIDE: All 90 Lucky Emblems / Hidden Mickeys

8. Draw Ring

This accessory doesn’t have the best design (no offense to anyone who likes it), but thankfully, accessories are worth far more than aesthetics in this game. This ring definitely makes up for its lackluster looks with its abilities, however. 

Here are some number stats for ease of reading: strength is increased by 1, magic is increased by 2, and AP is increased by 8. (I know, these aren’t the best stat boosts…)

What’s Awesome About Draw Ring? 

Master Treasure Magnet 

This ability is one of the best because it means that you don’t have to run around in circles trying to pick up all of the prize orbs dropped by enemies and unsuspecting boxes. Wearing the draw ring will attract those orbs from a further distance. 

Obtaining It

Again, one of the most awesome things about this accessory is just how easy it is to obtain. More on that down below! 

Craving more? 

Here you go! 

Still need to know how to get it? 

Like I said, this one is really to obtain. All you have to do is complete the 10th Moogle photo mission, and then you’ll be able to synthesize it! 

Here’s a guide to help you complete the mission (This mission starts at 3:15): 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - All Moogle Photo Missions Locations & Solutions

7. Moon Amulet

This is one of my favorite accessories because (even though this detail is not very important) it’s got a gorgeous design. Users who rely heavily on magic but take a lot of damage will really love the ability that comes with this amulet, and it doesn’t pose much of a challenge to obtain. 

You’re a fan of numbers? Have some: strength and magic are both increased by 2, and AP is increased by 8. 

What’s Awesome About Moon Amulet? 


Again, I know that design isn’t really something I should be looking at in these accessories, but I can’t help noticing and sometimes basing preferences on it, okay? 

It’s a silver triangle with crescent moons and spikes jutting out from the sides. There’s also a black crescent moon adorning the upper half of the triangle’s face. 

Damage Syphon

Are you a player that uses a lot of magic during battles? Do you also take a lot of damage? Then this is a great ability for you! Damage Syphon allows Sora to regain MP every time he takes damage! 

Need more info? 

No worries. I’ve got some for you right here

How do you get it? 

Complete the Festival Photo Mission for the Moogles, then you can synthesize it in the shop! Here’s some help: 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Festival Photo Mission - Kingdom of Corona

6. Star Charm

Just like the Moon Amulet, I really love this accessory because of its design, even though design is completely arbitrary in these accessories. It also has a really awesome ability for players who rely heavily on magic, and it’s easy to get. 

Numbers! Strength and magic are both increased by 3, while AP is increased by 10. 

What’s Awesome About Star Charm? 

Its Design

As I said, it’s a gorgeous accessory. It looks just like the Moon Amulet. However, instead of a crescent moon in the middle of the charm, there’s a black, five-pointed star. 

Damage Syphon

This ability is really helpful if you use a lot of MP. Every time you take damage, you’ll regain some MP. 

Stats! Stats! Stats! 

Well, here they are!

And how do I get it?

This accessory is another one that is really easy to get. All you have to do is complete photo mission #16 for the Moogles, and then you can synthesize it! 

Here’s a guide to help you finish that mission (This mission starts at 7:30): 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - All Moogle Photo Missions Locations & Solutions

5. Master’s Necklace. 

This accessory offers a pretty sizable boost in AP and slight boosts in strength and magic. It has a pretty basic design, with the Kingdom Hearts crown on the face of it. Its ability and the ease with which it can be obtained are some major pluses, though. 

Prefer numbers over words? Here they are: strength and magic are increased by 3, and AP enjoys a boost of 16.

What’s Awesome About Master’s Necklace?

Ease of Acquirement 

Not all accessories are easy to obtain in this game. This one is. I’ll tell you more about that down below. 

MP Haste

This is a great ability for fans of magic. It increases the rate at which MP regenerates while you’re attacking enemies. This is really useful during boss battles, and it doesn’t have any cost associated with it. 

Craving more? 

Find some here

How do you get it? 

All you have to do is photograph 45 Lucky Emblems. 

Here’s where to find them: 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - COMPLETE GUIDE: All 90 Lucky Emblems / Hidden Mickeys

4. Forest Clasp 

This is an accessory that is really easy to miss in the game, but it’s an incredibly useful one to have. While it only offers slight boosts in magic and strength, it offers a moderate boost in AP and has a very helpful ability. Also, it’s really pretty, and you can get it relatively early in the game! 

Want the exact numbers? Strength is boosted by 2 points, magic experiences an increase of 3 points, and AP is raised by 8 points. 

What’s Awesome About Forest Clasp? 

HP Walker

This ability is incredibly helpful to those of us who go through HP like nobody’s business. With this equipped, all you have to do in order to regain HP is walk or run around. Considering how much walking and running is done in this game, you’ll regain your HP in no time. And it costs absolutely nothing. 

How Difficult It Is To Obtain

While I’ve been boasting about the ease of obtainment for most of the other accessories, the fact that this accessory is so easy to miss is what makes it extra cool. Imagine finding such a difficult accessory and being able to brag to your friends about it. 

Want more info? 

I’ve got it right here

So, how do you get it? 

I know I’ve mentioned that it’s pretty hard to get. You have to successfully complete four unique events with Rapunzel, but these events can sometimes be difficult to trigger. 

Here’s a helpful guide: 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - How to get Forest Clasp - Missable Item

3. Lucky Ring

The Lucky Ring is very similar in design to the Draw Ring, except that it’s silver in color. Another way that they're similar is the effects that they have on your stats: this accessory also boosts strength and magic in a minor way but gives a larger boost to AP. The really important aspect of this accessory is the ability; there are two reasons and they’ll be discussed below. 

Gotta have the numbers? Here’s the breakdown: boosts strength and magic by 1 point and AP by 8 points. 

What’s Awesome About Lucky Ring? 

Lucky Strike

This is an extremely important ability in this game. It increases the likelihood of enemies dropping rare items when they’re defeated. If you’re trying to make the Ultima Weapon (discussed in a different article), you need to have this ability because you need all the rare items that you can get your hands on. 

Rarity of Lucky Strike 

The Lucky Ring is the only accessory in Kingdom Hearts 3 with this ability. Plus, only one keyblade (Favorite Deputy) has it. Like I said, if you want to make the Ultima Weapon, you need to have as much luck as you can get. So stack all the Lucky Strikes!

Need more info? 

Right here

Wanna know how to get it? 

It’s only right that such a rare and special item should be so frustratingly annoying to get. It might even seem impossible. But it’s not. 

And what is that frustratingly annoying, nearly impossible way? You have to send off some Moogle postcards and hope that you get it as a reward. 


Gamer Guru has a pretty good strategy to make it slightly less annoying: 

KH3 - How To Get The LUCKY RING In Kingdom Hearts 3 (Increase Drop Rate For Rare Items)

2. Crystal Regalia

This is one of the best accessories in the game. It offers some of the highest stat boosts and it has an amazing ability attached to it. The design matches its practical benefits in that it is absolutely gorgeous. 

Numbers for stats? Never! 

Kidding. Here you go: strength and magic are increased by 5 points, while AP enjoys a 16-point boost. 

What’s Awesome About Crystal Regalia? 

Its Design 

I would like to reiterate again that aesthetic is not a great reason to use one of the accessories on this list. HOWEVER, it’s one of my deciding factors and you can’t change my mind. 

The Crystal Regalia charm consists of a heart that resembles the one in the logo for Kingdom Hearts. A violet-colored crown rests in the dip where the two halves of the heart meet, and a brilliant blue snowflake resides in the middle of the heart. 

MP Hastega

This is another great ability for the heavy magic users out there. It’s similar to MP Haste in that increases the speed of MP restoration. However, MP Hastega allows 30% faster restoration, while MP Haste only allows 10% faster restoration. 

Can’t get enough of those sweet, sweet deets? 

Here, have some more. 

Need help getting it? 

Understandable. It’s difficult to find, and even more difficult to defeat its guardian. 

You have to be pretty far in the game to get this accessory because it’s in the Keyblade Graveyard. Go to Battlegate 14 and defeat the Dark Inferno inside. 

It’s a really difficult battle, so here’s a video to help you out: 


1. Mickey Clasp 

This is the most important accessory in the game for players who rely heavily on magic. It’s also really helpful to players who don’t use magic much for battle, but use Cure a lot. (This author. Right here.) The design is pretty basic, with a silver key charm attached to a bronze hidden Mickey emblem. 

Want some more numbers? It increases strength by 3 points and magic by 5 points. Unfortunately, it has no effect on AP. 

However, it makes up for the lack of AP with its abilities. 

What’s Awesome About Mickey Clasp? 

MP Hastega

This is the same ability granted by the Crystal Regalia. It increases MP restoration speed by 30%. Again, this is very helpful for heavy magic users and those who rely on Cure a lot, especially as the battles get more and more challenging towards the end of the game. 

Endless Magic 

This is a really important ability for all the magic users out there. This ability allows the player to release a powerful barrage of magic onto their enemies, because magic combo finishers are disabled so thatmagic combos can be strung together in rapid succession. Again, this will be really helpful in the later, more challenging battles. 

Last chance for some additional details! 

Find them here and get your fill! 

Need help getting it? 

Not a problem. This accessory is deceptively easy to obtain. All you have to do is find all 90 of the Lucky Emblems hidden throughout the game. 

Unfortunately, some of them can be really difficult to find, so I’ve found a video to help you sniff them all out: 

Kingdom Hearts 3 - COMPLETE GUIDE: All 90 Lucky Emblems / Hidden Mickeys

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