Top 10 KH3 Best Accessories and Where to Get Them

Get ready to beef up our favorite Keyblade Wielder!

Ever wondered how you can maximize your abilities in Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you dream of  slicing through those Heartless like butter? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll be listing the Top 10 accessories in the game, complete with  guides on how to obtain them.

10. Cosmic Arts

This is an early-game accessory that has a perfect balance of stats if you’re just starting out. It boosts both your Magic and Strength stats by 4, and provides a healthy boost to your AP by 12. Cosmic Arts also has Damage Syphon, which restores your MP when you take damage.

Why you should get your hands on this accessory:

  • Sizeable buffs to Strength, Magic, and AP
  • Damage Syphon is great if you tend to take a lot of hits

How to Obtain Cosmic Arts:

  • Black Ships have a 20% chance of dropping them
    • Here's a video for more info on defeating Pirate Ships!
  • You can also always find in inside of a chest at Ship's End, located in the Caribbean
    • This video will show you where to find that chest!

9. Forest Clasp

Hidden in the lands of Corona, this accessory has quite an interesting ability to it. With HP Walker, you’ll regenerate HP simply by running around—if only it worked like that in real life! Unlike some of the other accessories, you don’t have to jump too big of a hurdle to obtain Forest Clasp.

Why should you be interested in the Forest Clasp?

  • HP Walker makes regenerating health a breeze
  • It may be hidden, but it’s pretty easy to obtain

Okay, okay… so where is it?!

  • There’s a series of steps you need to complete:
    • Use Aero near the Save Point on the hills, where the dandelions are
    • Splash Rapunzel with water at the pond in the hills
    • Rescue the rabbits from the Heartless in the hills
    • Guide the birds to Rapunzel at Wildflower Clearing
  • If you're more of a visual learner, here's what to do!

8. Master’s Necklace

This decadent accessory will give you a hefty +16 boost in AP, as well as a pleasant Strength and Magic buff (+3 for both). Its ability is MP Haste, which will regenerate MP at a faster rate. Overall, it’s quite balanced—and if you’re needing those extra AP, this might be a great accessory for you.

What’s good about the Master’s Necklace?

  • Large boost in AP
  • Balanced Strength and Magic buff
  • MP Haste is great in the early-game

How do I get it?

7. Royal Ribbon

The Royal Ribbon is great in that it can stack abilities with other accessories. This paves the pathfor Sora to be as powerful and tanky as possible. The Royal Ribbonincreases your defense by 4, and elemental defenses by 40%. It’s pretty vital if you want to protect Sora’s, Donald’s, or Goofy’s heart throughout your journey!

What's so great about it?

  • Amazing defense boost
  • Applies buffs on top of other accessories to maximize abilities

How to Obtain the Royal Ribbon:

6. Cosmic Belt+

For tankier builds, the Cosmic Belt+ might be the perfect match for you. On top of its dark, stunning look, the Cosmic Belt+ offers +6 to your defense stat. It’s also one of the only belt accessories in the game, compared to the rings, brooches and necklaces. How could you pass this one up? 

Why should I go for this one?\

  • Huge advantage in defense
  • 10% fire resistance
  • 10% blizzard resistance
  • 10% thunder resistance
  • 10% darkness resistance

How to Obtain the Cosmic Belt+:

  • Shoot 65 Lucky Emblems

5. Wisdom Ring

The Wisdom Ring may not offer a boost in strength, but it’s great for Magic, increasing your stat by 5 and AP by 10. This will allow you to have more Magic spells under your belt, and it’s undoubtedly great as your progress through the game.

Here's what makes the Wisdom Ring cool:

  • Wizard's Ruse gives you the chance to recover HP while casting spells
  • Wonderful boost in Magic stat

How to Obtain the Wisdom Ring:

  • Shoot 45 Lucky Emblems

4. Orichalcum Ring

Complementary to the Wisdom Ring, this accessory is for all Strength favorers out there. It has a steely purple and gold design, characteristic of the buffs it gives you: 6 Strength and 10 AP. It doesn’t have a Magic stat, though, so beware of this if you’d rather cast spells than punch enemies around!

What makes the Orichalum Ring so great?

  • Cure Converter
    • The sole ability of the Orichalcum Ring, Cure converter, well, converts Cure spells into the Situation Command gauge. It adds 35 form value, which is then multiplied by the percentage of however much MP you have remaining. If you have this ability stacked two or three times, you’re looking at a LOT of form value!
  • Strength-based ring with great stat boost

3. Flanniversary Badge

Don’t let the quirky, dessert-themed appearance of the Flanniversary Badge fool you! You’ll get a Strength and Mana boost of 4 each, and though it doesn’t have an effect on your AP, its abilities more than make up for it.

So what's up with it?

  • MP Hastera
    • Second only to MP Hastega, Hastera helps in replenishing your MP bar, giving you ample wiggle room to cast spells at will.
  • MP Thrift
    • Equipping this ability once will reduce your MP cost of all spells by 20%. But if you’ve equipped it twice, whether with this accessory or another Keyblade, your MP cost will be reduced by a whopping 40%. That’s almost half off on all magic spells—a tasty deal indeed!

How to Obtain the Flanniversary Badge:

  • Complete all Flantastic Seven minigames

2. Crystal Regalia

Aside from being arguably the best-looking accessory in the game, Crystal Regalia also provides you with the best of three worlds: boosting both Strength and Magic by 5, and AP by a whopping 10. You won’t want to miss out on this one! Whether you favor Magic or Strength, obtaining Crystal Regalia will be a decision you don’t regret.

  • MP Hastega
    • This ability will rejuvenate your MP bar like nobody’s business.
    • This will make casting spells easy, so you can overpower any enemies that dare cross your path.

How to Obtain Crystal Regalia:

  • This accessory is unfortunately found pretty deep in the game.
  • You’ll need to clear the Battle Portal in the Keyblade Graveyard. That’s no easy feat, but we’re here to help! Here's a guide.

1. Mickey Clasp

The cream of the crop, the creme de la creme… Mickey Clasp. Its simple copper-and-silver design is charming and minimalistic–though it definitely carries a punch. At first glance, you’ll notice that it has stat boosts of 3 Strength, 5 MP, and 0 AP. This might have you youthinking, “Huh? Why is this one number one?” 

Here’s why. (Magic Lovers, this one’s for you!)

  • MP Hastega
    • This ability is the same one that Crystal Regalia has: massive MP generation, allowing you to cast spells from your pockets like they’re nothing.
  • Endless Magic
    •  Your foes won’t be able to catch their breath with this one. Endless Magic will have you overwhelming the Heartless with constant Magic Spells.
    • You won’t need a finisher–Endless Magic takes care of that for you with its power.

That summarizes our Top 10 KH3 accessories! From here, you can determine which accessory best fits your loadout based on where you are in the game, and exactly where and how you can obtain them. It truly is satisfying to chain together combos to trample through the Heartless, so pick what really stands out to you!

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