Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Abilities: Top 5 Overpowered Abilities

Kingdom Hearts 3 Best Abilities
The most powerful ability of all: the power of our hearts.

Not sure what abilities are the best to use against the strongest bosses? 

That's totally understandable! There are so many abilities in this game, and it can become a bit overwhelming when you try to decide what ones to use.

Read on to find out the best abilities to use in difficult situations! (Images of all abilities- and some honorable mentions!- are in the image gallergy, so be sure to check that out!)

5. Focus Syphon 

Sora using Focus Syphon

This is a really awesome ability that you’ll be able to get at multiple points throughout the game. There are three different ways that you can unlock Focus Syphon, and I encourage you to try one of them because it will be a really useful ability for all my shotlock enthusiasts out there.

What Makes Focus Syphon Awesome 

  • You get a special shotlock. Having options and getting special abilities is always an advantage.. 
  • This shotlock costs no focus to use. All shotlocks will deplete your focus gauge, except for this one. 
  • When you use this shotlock, you absorb focus from the enemies that you’re locked on to, as opposed to draining your own focus. 

Focus Syphon Details

  • Focus Syphon is an action ability. 
  • It costs 3 AP to equip. 
  • When your focus gauge is entirely empty, Focus Syphon will be activated. 
  • Focus Syphon can be obtained in one of three ways: by obtaining Hiro’s AR Device in San Fransokyo, by achieving an A-Rank in the Verum Rex: Beat of Lead mini-game in Toy Box, or by scoring at least 29,000 points in the mini-game for the Watermelon Flan. See? Options.

4. Offensive Slide 

Sora in Offensive Slide Mode

Offensive Slide is an ability that some people might overlook, but when you really think about it, it’s a really helpful ability for you to have. It’s also one of those abilities with multiple forms. This means that you can use it with different keyblades. Again, options.

What Makes Offensive Slide Awesome

  • This ability deals either physical or Blizzard damage depending on what formchange you’re using. Happy Gear’s Agile Claws formchange will produce physical damage when using Offensive Slide, while Blizzard Damage will be dealt while using Crystal Snow’sBlizzard Claws formchange 
  • With this ability activated, you can deal damage to your opponents just by going into a slide and touching them. What other abilities can you deal damage just by touching? None. 
  • This ability costs no AP to equip. It’s just a default ability that you get with the two formchanges mentioned above. Not having to spend AP to equip an ability is definitely a plus for me.

Offensive Slide Details 

  • This is a default ability that comes with Agile Claws and Blizzard Claws.
  • It has 2 different forms based on the formchange you’re using. 
  • It can deal either physical or blizzard damage. 
  • I’m sure you can guess this based on the name,, but you get to slide while using this ability. 

3. Avatar Barrage

Sora using Avatar Barrage

Wouldn’t things just be a whole lot easier if there were more than one of you? Well, this ability will give you a little taste of that. At least, it will while you’re in-game. It can’t help you with household chores. Sorry!

What’s Awesome About Avatar Barrage

  • You can create multiple avatars by using Avatar Shift. Then, when you activate Avatar Barrage, all of the avatars will launch an assault on an enemy using projectiles. 
  • The tenth shot is far more powerful than the other ones. 
  • Even if the timer has ended, the Mirage Staff formchange will continue until you finish with Avatar Barrage, so you don’t have to worry about being rudely interrupted.

Avatar Barrage Details 

  • Avatar Barrage comes as a default ability with the Mirage Staff formchange. 
  • This ability is exclusive to Mirage Staff. 
  • At least one avatar has to have been created in order to use this ability. 
  • This is classified as an action ability. 

2. Ancient Light 

Sora using Ancient Light

Not only does this ability have a really cool name, but it also has some amazing effects. It’s a very powerful ability, so being able to utilize it would definitely be in your best interests, especially as you get further in the game and the battles become more difficult. 

What’s Awesome About Ancient Light 

  • First of all, its name is pretty awesome. If this name doesn’t instil fear in the hearts of your enemies, then I don’t know what will. It just sounds powerful. 
  • Five columns erupt from nothing and absolutely annihilate your enemies. That description makes this sound like the most amazing and powerful ability you could possibly equip. 
  • I’ve got good news for those who nurture their magic stats. The damage induced by this ability is determined by the level of your magic stat. 

Ancient Light Details 

  • This is an action ability. 
  • This is the third-level finisher for the Second Form S. Second Form S is a formchange that pays homage to Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2, by changing his outfit and giving him abilities from that game. Ah, nostalgia.

1. Ultimate Finish

Sora using Ultimate Finish with Mirage Staff

With a name like this, it’s really no surprise that this is number one on our list of most powerful abilities. As one might expect, this is an ability that affects the finishers of formchanges. 

What’s Awesome About Ultimate Finish

  • When you activate the Ultimate Finish ability, Sora is instantly given access to the formchange’s finish situation command. However, with this ability, the keyblade’s full potential is unleashed and the moves are even more powerful. 
  • While some abilities will only affect one or two formchanges, Ultimate Finish alters at least a dozen of them. Having a dozen formchanges with the full power of the keyblade affecting their finishing commands is a bit overkill (but also super awesome). 

Ultimate Finish Details 

  • This is an action ability. 
  • There are a dozen formchanges that this is a default ability for, including Counter Shield, Magic Launcher, Drill Punch, Mirage Staff, Twin Yo-Yos, Hunny Launcher, Blizzard Blades, Storm Flag, Clock Drill, Frying Pan, Ultimate Form, and Double Form. 

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