[Top 5] KH3 Best Armors and How To Get Them

We all wanted armor from the keyblade wars.
Everyone wanted a Keyblade War Armor but we had something different for armors.

[Top 5] KH3 Best Armors and How to Get Them

Sora using his keychains to help bolster his "armor" abilities.

5. Cosmic Chain

Not a belt and doesn't look cosmic...so what is it is the question?

The Cosmic Chain is a kind of armor that works almost like a belt and protects the wearer from multiple kinds of attack types. Rather than being synthesized this item needs to be found out in the world.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: +3
  • +30% Resistance to Fire
  • +30% Resistances to Blizzard
  • +30% Resistance to Thunder

What’s Good About this Cosmic Chain:

  • It protectes the wearer from three types of magical attacks
  • It can be worn by Sora, Donald, or Goofy
  • It raises the defenses by 3

How to Get This Cosmic Chain:

  • Can be synthesized with a Moogle
  • Requires Orichalculm, Lucid Crystal, Soothing Crystal, Writhing Crystal, and Hungry Crystal
  • Can be acquired in a chest at the Heartless Manufactory

Video Guide:

  • No video guide available for this armor

4. Snowman Rosette

Might not want to give this armor a warm hug.

The Snowman Rosette is a cute little piece of armor that, like the others, can be worn by all party members. The little snowman helps protect from different Blizzard based attacks and would be something Olaf would be proud to present the player with.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: +2
  • +20% Blizzard Resistance
  • +10% Darkness Resistance

What’s Good about Snowman Rosette:

  • Not many armors actually protect about darkness and another element.
  • It improves natural defense and works well in Arendell
  • It’s cute and functional!

How to Get Snowman Rosette:

  • Photo Mission #13
  • Then synthesize after mission is complete

Video Guide:

3. Cosmic Belt+

A belt without the cosmos that is still cosmic somehow.

The Cosmic Belt+ is a rather interesting piece of armor that better protects all of the characters. Plus it actually looks like a piece of clothing rather than a weird chain or pin. It can only be acquired by finishing one of the side quests for collectables in the game but it is worth the effort.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: +6
  • +10% Blizzard Resistance
  • +10% Fire Resistance
  • +10% Thunder Resistance
  • +10% Darkness Resistance

What’s Good About Cosmic Belt+:

  • It has one of the highest defenses of any armor in the game
  • It is one of the few armors that protects against every kind of elemental damage
  • It’s easier to get than a few of the other armors.

How to Get Cosmic Belt+:

  • Find 65 Lucky Marks

2. Ribbon

The 2nd place ribbon!

The Ribbon is one of the earlier prizes you get for finding Lucky Emblems and gives you a taste of what kind of armors are to come. It’s very versatile and almost looks like it would match Donald’s outfit.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: +3
  • +30% Fire Resistance
  • +30% Thunder Resistance
  • +30% Blizzard Resistance
  • +30% Darkness Resistance

What’s Good About Ribbon:

  • It is well suited to most combat situations
  • It is easier to get than the Royal Ribbon
  • Second highest elemental resistance in the whole game

How to Get Ribbon:

  • Find 30 Lucky Marks

1. Royal Ribbon

1st Place Ribbon!

The Royal Ribbon is the last piece of armor that you can get by collecting the Lucky Marks. It also is one of the most useful pieces of armor in the entire game.It has the highest resistance and has a decent amount of base defense.

Armor Stats:

  • Defense: +3
  • +40% Fire Resistance
  • +40% Blizzard Resistance
  • +40% Thunder Resistance
  • +40% Dark Resistance

What’s Good About Royal Ribbon:

  • Highest Resistance of the most elements out of all the armor in the game
  • Nearly halves all elemental attacks from enemies
  • Can be worn by all party members

How to Get Royal Ribbon:

  • Find 70 Lucky Marks

Video Guide: This guide is for the last three armors since they all require finding Luck Marks.

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