All of the Power Armor in Fallout 4 and Where to Find Them

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All of the Fallout 4 Armor and How to Get Them 

Fallout 4 Power Armor

One of the most entertaining things about Fallout 4 is the inclusion of Power Armor.  Now, each of the games has their own version of Power Armor, but Fallout 4’s version allows you to customize each part to your specifications. Need a jetpack? There’s a mod for that. Want to see Vault Boy in your headlamp? There’s a mod for that. Want to be pretty in pink? There’s definitely a mod for that. 

There are four types of power armor. T-45, T-51, T-60, X-01, each in varying conditions, with and without a fusion core. The version of power armor that spawns depends on what level you are when you come across it, as well as a game-set algorithm. Some places will spawn only T-45 and T-60, while some will only spawn X0-1. So, here’s all of the Power Armor in Fallout 4, what types, and how to get them. 

29. T-45 Power Armor, Concord 

Entering Concord triggers the first Minutemen quest, which ends with you fighting a Deathclaw in the streets using a set of T-45 power armor with a missing left arm and right leg. You'll be asked by Sturges to retrieve a fusion core in order to power the suit, which is located under the building behind a security gate. It is the only power armor set in the main game that isn't leveled.  

28. Crashed Vertibird Between Rotten Landfill and Covenant, leveled 

The Rotten Landfill and Covenant. Though they're filled equally with garbage, a direct line between the two holds a nice little underwater surprise. Right below the surface, downed vertibird, is a nearly full set of power armor. Though it's missing its right leg, it does come with a fusion core, so you won't have to grab one or use your own.  

27.  Forgotten Shack, leveled 

Between the Forgotten Church and Federal Supply Cache 84NE is a location marked Abandoned Shack. It's a rundown house at the edge of the Glowing Sea, so make sure to stock up on RadWay and Rad-X.  Grab the key and head inside where you'll find the set under the stairs.

26. Between Jaimaca Plain and Neponset Park, leveled 

Under an elevated highway between Jamaica Plains and Neponset Park is a wrecked military convoy. You might be able to see the helmet peeking up just under the water next to it.

25. Military Checkpoint, leveled 

To the east of Milton General Hospital and south of Big John's Salvage is a military checkpoint guarded by a Mister Gutsy. Under the stairs of the platform is a suit of power armor. 

24. Federal Ration Stockpile, 3 types 

Guarded by the raider boss Red Tourette's group, there's a set of power armor inside the truck parked out front. Unfortunately, you cannot get the X-01 set of power armor here. 

23. Fort Strong, leveled 

East of the Prydwen on a small peninsula is Fort Strong. There's a small building where just inside is a suit of level-dependant power armor.

22. Goodneighbor, leveled 

When doing The Big Dig for Bobbi, head past the generator with the fusion core and blast the wall. Inside will be a mirelurk kind and a set of leveled power armor. 

21. Mass Pike Interchange, 3 types 

At the top of the Mass Pike Interchange is a set of armor that is leveled up to T-60. Take the elevator to the top and head to the right where the gunner commander's room. Kill the Commander stealthily while sleeping and you'll have a much easier time. 

20. Military Checkpoint South Zone 3, leveled 

Follow the road that heads northeast of Poseidon Reservoir to a military checkpoint surrounded by cars. In front of the tank is a set of leveled power armor. You'll know when you see the "Tattle on your Commie Neighbor" billboard.   

19. National Guard Training Yard, leveled 

North of Country Crossing is the National Guard Training Yard where you can get 2 sets of power armor. One is in a crate behind the buildings, and another is in the armory behind laser traps and a security gate.

18. Military APCs, 3 types 

Northeast of Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F is a small hill where a military checkpoint stood. You'll see a Protectron unit patrolling the area nearby the armor in front of one of the tanks. 

17. Crashed Vertibird, T-45 and T-51 

Slightly northwest of USAF Satellite Station Olivia is a crashed vertibird that will give you T-45 and T-51 power armor. 

16. Power Armor Warehouse, 3 types 

At the end of Fort Hagen are three warehouses that will spawn one suit of full power armor, all except X-01.

15. Crashed Vertibird, Marshland, leveled 

West of Murkwater Construction site is a vertibird crash site amongst the swamp.

14. Unloading Barge, T-45 and T-51 

North of Nahant Sherrif's Deartment is an unloading barrge. You gt T-45 and T-51 power armor. 

13. Military Convoy, leveled 

West of Finch Farm is a military convoy on the road. Head to the back of the truck and you'll find a suit of partial leveled power armor. 

12. Fiddler's Green Trailer Etates, 3 types 

Head to the ruined building and find the room with the computer. Inside the safe is a key for a trailer near the edge of the pool. Open that trailer with the key and you'll find a set of leveled armor except X-01.  

11. Military Armor Transport(Lexington) T-45 only 

West of Lexington, following the road, you'll come across a trailer with power armor in a cage. Directly in front of it is a security computer to unlock the set of T-45 power armor. 

10. Military Checkpoint, Cambridge Outskirts, T-45 and T-51 

Slightly northwest of Wattz Electronics is a military checkpoint with several platforms, tanks, and a cage. Get past the security lock and bloatflies and you'll have yourself a nice set of incomplete T-45 or T-51 armor.  

9. North Wilderness, T-45 and T-51 

Just south of Tenpines Bluff, under a cliff, is the wreckage of a train carrying this armor. The security terminal is just behind the locked cage in a red crate.

8. Military Checkpoint, Lake Cochituate, leveled 

South of the Natick Police Department is a small military checkpojint where you can find a set of leveled power armor.

7. 35 Court

Standing in front of Custom House, head west around the corner to 35 Court. Take the elevator inside all the way up and defeat the sentry bot after pressing a button inside one of the open rooms. Pressing the button in the room the bot came out of will release a complete leveled set of power armor.

6.South Boston Military Checkpoint, leveled 

Around the back of the small building is a cage with power armor guarded by a security terminal. Unlock it and you'll get a complete set of leveled power armor. 

5. Crashed Vertibird, leveled 

North of Old North Church is a crashed vertibird atop a half-sunken barge. Between two tanks is a cage with a full set of leveled power armor.

4. Elevated Freeway, Crashed Vertibird T-45 or T-51 

East of Greygarden is a vertibird stuck on the elevated highway near the settlement. Head west until you get to a portion that is just touching the ground and head up. You'll need a jetpack to reach this set.  

3. Cave, Raider Power Armor 

East of the Glowing Sea icon on the map is a location marked simplay as "Cave." Head there and slip inside the tunnels where you'll find a ful set of Raider power armor. 

2. Mass Bay Medical Center, T-45 armor 

Head into the building and up the stairs on the left, then up more stairs and up the elevator. On the overseeing deck you'll find two power armor stations, one with a set of T-45 power armor missing a helmet.  

1. The Prydwen, T-60 

Joining the BOS allows you to have your own set of T-60 power armor. There are other sets of armor, but using any sets besides your own counts as stealing.


Nuka World 

Fallout's DLCs come with their unique sets of power armor, and Nuka World is no different. Here, you'll find some neat sets of armor, including a set with a special paint on it, just for you! 

6. Overboss Armor, full set 

After running The Gauntlet, you'll come into an old hockey arena and find yourself in a rigged battle with the raider gangs' Overboss, Colter. Colter's armor is impenetrable, meaning you'll want Gage's help to battle him. Take the Thirst Zapper and use it against Colter, and if all goes well, you'll find yourself with a set of unique armor that deals energy damage. Make sre to also grab the Power Fist that comes with it.

5. World of Refreshment, T-51, full set 

In the World of Refreshment, head down the Quantum River until you come upon a set of caged power armor on the right-hand side. Nearby is a hole in the wall that leads to a set of stairs leading up to a control room. Use the security terminal to unlock the power armor set. Head back down the way you came and the door will be open, where you can own your very own set of Nuka Cola Power Armor. Now if only we could get some real Nuka Cola. 

4. Nuka World Power Plant, X-01 

Head inside the plant, down the stairs, then up the scaffolding into an office, then to the right. In a cage, you'll find a full suit of X-01 armor.  

3. Beneath ruined sign near Nuka World Power Plant, X-01 

Head southeast to a ruined billboard that has a bunker where you'll find a full suit of X-01 power armor behind a security cage. Open the cage and grab the suit.

2. Quantum Power Armor, X-01 

This set of power armor is the most difficult to get. In order to get this set, you'll need 35 Star Cores from around Nuka World, then you'll need to remember there's a console right behind the glass where the power armor is. Once you've gotten all 35 of the cores, head to the Nuk World Power Plant and head to the very tippy top and activate the Park's power. Head back to the Star Command center and use the terminal to free the power armor. Congratulations!  

Bradburton House, X-01 

To the far east is a strange little house where you can see inside the windows, but all doors are blocked and the garage is chained shut. Head down to a nearby sewer pipe, leading into the house. Inside is a full set of X-01 power armor.

Far Harbor DLC

The Far Harbor DLC is my favorite addition to the Fallout 4 game. Not only are you meeting new characters, hearing a new score of music, and learning new lore, you get a full set of Vim! Power armor. 

 National Park Visitor’s Center, Vim! T-51 full set 

If you fast travel to this location, turn around where you land and head around the bushes. Otherwise head slightly north following the main road. There will be a Vim! Truck with a full set of T-51 power armor inside. 

 Vim! Factory, X-01 Vim! Refresh full set 

Head to the top of the Vim! Pop Factory and go through the double doors at the very top. Go straight across the scaffolding and into the room where you'll find a snazzy suit of Vim! Refresh power armor! 

MS Azaela, Raider Armor 

Raider Boss Bilge is in posession of this armor. If you want the frame for this, you'll want to sneak up while he is sleeping and take it/kill him or sneak the fusion core off of the set. 

Honorable Mention  

In the far eastern part of the map, there is a set of power armor hidden in a cave beneath the waves of Far Harbor. You can't get this armor, but you can see the silhouette outlined in some rocks. 


Tesla Armor, chest and arms 

Head to the Fort Hagen Satelite Array and finish the dungeon, finding Ivy at the end. Now, there's only three piecesof this armor, but together they give a bonus of 15% more damage with energy weapons.   


Enjoy your new sets of power armor! 



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