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Nuka world entrance
There's something for everyone at Nuka World!

Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC gives the sole survivor a taste of life as a raider overlord. Once you have cleared the gauntlet (which is a challenge in its own right) you will be given the ability to take control of the entire park and its three raider factions, the Operators, the Pack, and the Disciples. This can be a little overwhelming for new players so I’m here to guide you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of Nuka world. 

Nuka world leaflet

The Three Factions:

The Disciples are the ones who created the gauntlet, these are killers who kill for pleasure, they are armed to the teeth with guns but they prefer using their knives when it comes to killing. This faction is led by Nisha, she is by far the most brutal one out of the gang. She only has one main rule for her faction members. Whatever crime you commit, just don’t get caught!

The Operators are a little more civilized than the other two factions. They are led by Mags and William Black (brother and sister). Their goal is caps, caps, and more caps. They are out to make money by any means necessary.

The Pack believes in survival of the fittest. Their leader is Mason and he is referred to as the alpha. They fight for sport and are definitely the faction with the most loyalty to one another. A little side note, upon meeting Mason, pass a speech check and he gives you The Problem Solver (a handmade rifle with the Furious legendary effect attached to it).

Nuka world faction leaders

Porter Gage:

I know this has nothing to do with Nuka world’s story endings but I feel like it’s still pretty important. As I previously mentioned, it’s possible to have Porter Gage as a follower. It is definitely worth having him as your companion throughout this DLC as he offers a very interesting and unique perspective on the world around you.

Once you reach max affinity with him you will unlock the Lessons in Blood perk. This perk is not to be sniffed at as it offers a 5% XP increase per kill and a nice 10 damage resistance to the player. 

Please bear in mind that if you choose the good ending he will turn hostile, so make sure that you have max affinity with him prior to attempting the good ending.

Porter Gage

The Open Season Ending:

The morally good ending is quite simple. Kills all raiders! This quest can be activated by speaking to Mackenzie Bridgeman in the Nuka-Town market. Alternatively, just start killing raiders. You start firing at one and they all turn hostile (including Porter Gage). Be warned, although this seems simple, it is actually very difficult, so make sure to pack plenty of stimpaks for the battle. Here’s a quick summary:  

  • Talk to Mckenzie Bridgeman 
  • Kill all raider faction leaders
  • Rid Nuka World of any stragglers 
  • Report back to Mackenzie
  • Give the traders freedom

This is morally the good ending, but it does come with one caveat. You miss out on any real reward and the possibility of being granted special perks from the raider gangs, as they are all dead.

By choosing this path you do please Preston Garvey as you won't be raiding the commonwealth with your raider possy. So that is one plus you get from this ending, but on the other hand, hearing the phrase ‘another settlement needs your help’ is enough to drive anyone crazy so it may actually be worth screwing Preston over a little bit by choosing another ending!

Once you have completed this mission you can still power up Nuka World, just go to the power station located on your pip-boy map and turn on the power. Nuka World lights up and the park is all yours, Sort of. There aren’t any factions left to control so it’s more of a house-sitting job instead of an overboss job!

Good ending NPC

The Grand Tour: 

Nuka World: The Grand Tour (All Locatons)

The grand tour is a quest given to you by Porter Gage after meeting all of the raider leaders. He will ask you to take over the five regions outside of the raider’s jurisdiction. Upon clearing out one of the regions you will be able to give the region to a raider gang of your choice. However as i’m sure you have figured out by now, since there are five places up for grabs and three raider factions, somebody will be getting less. I will get to that in a bit, but first let’s find out about the five regions.

These areas each contain side missions. I am going to try not to spoil them too much and leave these missions up to you on how you tackle them. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter too much on what decisions you make during these missions as the outcome is always the same. Raise a flag and move on to the next place. So below is a small summary of what to expect, enjoy!

Kiddie Kingdom:

Don’t let its name fool you, this is not a fun place to be. With feral ghouls and radioactive smog everywhere, this really isn’t a place for the unprepared. Upon entering Kiddie Kingdom a new quest will start, (A Magical Kingdom) and you will hear the voice of Oswald The Outrageous, a former performer from before the bombs fell and now, a ghoul with an attitude. 

The objective of this place is to find your way through Kiddie Kingdom and confront Oswald. 

I don’t want to spoil anything for this so I’ll just say that once you have dealt with Oswald you can raise the flag for a raider group to come in and make themselves at home. 

Kiddie kingdom map

Dry Rock Gulch:

This one doesn’t sound too enticing, however, it’s a lot easier than conquering Kiddie Kingdom. Dry Rock Gulch is a western-style zone, with saloons, robot cowboys, oh, and a bunch of bloodworms (Overgrown hostile bloodsuckers)! To get past this area you will need to complete High Noon At The Gulch. This quest will begin when you speak to either Sheriff Hawk or Sheriff Eagle, (Two protectron robots programmed to be cowboys). These guys aren’t difficult to find, It’s kinda hard to miss robots dressed up as cowboys!

After activating the quest you will be told to speak to three other protectron cowboys, The Giddyup Kidd, One-Eyed Ike, and Doc Phosphate and they all require some assistance. As these are pre-programmed robots, they are completely oblivious to the nuclear apocalypse and will ask you to help them complete some minor tasks to earn code pieces. You need three code pieces to unlock a safe which gives you a key to enter Mulligan's mine. Clear out Mulligan’s mine of the bloodworms, defeat the bloodworm key and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Choose a raider faction and raise their flag. Two down, three to go woohoo!

There is a way to bypass the mini-missions that the robots give you with either a speech check or if you have the Robotics Expert perk. However, I don’t recommend doing this as the mini-missions are quite silly and just give you a little change from all the bloodshed for a while.

Dry rock gulch entrance

The Galactic Zone:

This is my personal favorite, The Galactic Zone. A futuristic world with a space walkthrough simulator, Robot battle zone, Interstellar theatre, and many more awesome places to discover.

When you approach this place you will notice a fair few dead bodies spread across the floor. On one of the bodies, Tiana Alston, you will find a holotape. Upon reading the holotape you will be prompted to find the star control mainframe.

Galactic zone map

Once you enter the Galactic Zone be warned, you will be shot at from all angles by many, many robots. Feel free to take them out or run through them and head to Starport Nuka (It will be marked on your pip-boy). Once there you will see an enormous mainframe system with all of it’s Star Cores missing. You will find one of these cores on the corpse of Kendell Alston (A victim of the robots who is conveniently holding a Star Core). Take the core and place it in one of the many empty panels on the mainframe.

After all of that, you will have started Star Control. This mission has you running around Nuka world finding the rest of the Star Cores. You will need to find 20 to turn off all the robot's defenses (Stopping them from being hostile). Every five cores you place in the mainframe you can deactivate one type of robot, making life a little easier.

Alternatively, you can just kill all robots, that will stop them too (You will still need to find 20 Star Cores)! But personally, I like the idea of having peaceful robots wandering around so I like to hunt all the Star Cores. But either way, you will still be able to raise a flag for a raider faction of your choice so it’s up to you really. 

One other thing that might entice you to locate Star Cores, is if you find all 35 and place them into the mainframe you will get a unique set of power armor. 

Quantum power armor

Safari Adventure:

As the name suggests, this is an area built to simulate being on a safari. The only difference between this and a real safari is that this place is filled to the brim with Gatorclaws! I know what you are thinking. What are Gatorclaws? Well, I am glad you asked. Let me explain.

Gatorclaws are the result of experiments gone wrong. Prior to the whole nuclear apocalypse thing, the people at Nuka world had developed a way of cloning various animals like gorillas and alligators. As I’m sure you can imagine that it proved very popular with park guests, however after the bombs fell scavengers and raiders took to Nuka world searching for supplies and a place to live. Dr. Darren McDermot (the only survivor of the bombs in Safari Adventure), decided to try to clone himself an army of creatures that would defend him and keep Safari Adventure safe from outsiders.

He created the Gatorclaw! A mix between an alligator and a Deathclaw. I know right, what could possibly go wrong? Well apparently quite a lot, as not long after, the Gatorclaws turned on him and killed him. Since then the machine that clones them just keeps popping out fresh Gatorclaws. Unsurprisingly it ends up being your job to put an end to the Gatorclaw infestation. 

To start the quest Safari Adventure (The same name as the location but there you go!), you just have to enter the region and it will start the quest. You will see a guy named Cito fighting a Gatorclaw, just inside the entrance to Safari Adventure. Help him take out the Gatorclaw and then follow him back to his hideout. Again as not to spoil anything I will let you see the rest for yourself.

But whatever you choose, you will end up stopping the Gatorclaw cloning machine and eradicating them from the park. Then like the others, you raise a flag in a raider faction's name and move on to the last place.

Safari adventure map
World Of Refreshment:

The final stop on the raider radar is World Of Refreshments. Home to Nuka World bottling plant! 

Ok I get it, it doesn’t sound too impressive, but this is where the magic happens, this is a journey of discovery for how Nuka Cola was founded. Or at least it used to be. Now it’s a ruined river ride filled with Nukalurks! (Mirelurks high on Nuka Cola Quantum)

As you get close to World Of Refreshments a quest will start, World Of Refreshment (Creative naming from Bethesda right there!) It’s quite simple, clear the area, inside and out. If it moves, shoot it, it doesn't get much simpler than that! There are a few twists and turns and some interesting information about Nuka Cola to be learned, but overall it’s quite straightforward. 

Once this place is cleared out choose a raider faction and hoist that flag up!

World of refreshment

Home Sweet Home:

Fallout 4 Nuka World - Home Sweet Home Quest - Taking Over Settlements - Convincing and Killing

Once you report back to Gage with the news that you have taken over the park's main attractions and assigned them to the raider gangs he will send you to talk to Shank (Located outside Nuka World Market).

You are tasked with taking the raider gangs into the commonwealth, remember earlier when I said you could screw Preston Garvey over? Well, this is what I meant by that.

The approach you take is up to you, as is which settlement you decide to take also. But in order to progress with the raider endings properly, you need to choose either the Capture or Clear out style of approach.

Upon taking over the first settlement select which raider faction you want to occupy that settlement. Then you report back to Shank and let him know what you’ve done. He will tell you that a raider leader outside of your control is planning to attack you, his name is Sinner.

You are told to meet him and deal with him. How you choose to handle him is up to you.

Once he is dealt with, report back to Shank, he will ask you to build some things for the raider at the settlement and then take on two more settlements and assign them to the raider factions.

After taking over two more settlements and returning to Shank this quest is done.

Home sweet home icon

The Power Play Ending:

Fallout 4 Nuka World Ending - Kill Nisha - Side with Operators and Pack - Power Play Quest

Nearly there now I promise! This is the final quest of the main storyline in this DLC. After assigning all the regions and areas to the raider gangs there is always going to be one faction that doesn’t get a fair share. 

There are eight regions/settlements up for grabs and three factions so at best you can give two factions three places each leaving one faction with two.

You will be told to meet the raider leaders near the power plant located on your pip-boy. The faction leader with the least given to them will betray you. Kill them and then you are able to restore power to Nuka World!

If for whatever reason you give everything to one raider faction then the faction that turns hostile is chosen randomly between the two factions with nothing. Doesn’t make much sense but there you go!

Power play icon

Options For The Ending:

I can see how all of this may be a little overwhelming. Who do you choose? Who should die? Who gives the best reward?. So to put all those questions to rest here is a breakdown of what you get from who:

If you have given more to the Operators you will receive the Ace Operator perk. This gives you 25% more damage when using silenced weapons. You are also 10% less visible in the shadows.

If the Disciples are among the lucky two factions then you will receive the Chosen Disciple perk. This restores 25% of your action points with every kill with a melee weapon.

If you are generous with the Pack then they will give you the Pack Alpha perk. This gives you the ability to take 25% less damage in general.

So three pretty good perks, but in my opinion, the Disciples perk is the weakest so I let them have the smallest share.

There is a way to get all of the perks but I believe that it wasn’t intended to be that way by Bethesda so I'm leaving that part out. Feel free to look it up yourself if you like.

Nuka world postcard

Ending Summary:

This is a great DLC with many twists and turns, and a whole bunch for the sole survivor to explore. There is a lot more to Nuka World than just the main storyline, so I highly recommend doing some exploring of your own. After all:

What if there was a place with all the zip of Nuka cola?

Wouldn't that be the cheer-cheer-cheeriest place in all the world?

Where the rivers' made of Quantum

And the mountaintops are fizz

With fun and games and rides for all the moms and pops and kids!

Well it turns out there's a place with all the zip of Nuka cola

Come on down to Nuka World and see it for yourself!

Kiddie Kingdom's lots of fun for childs like you and me

Safari Adventure's full of animals to see

Blast off to Galactic Zone for otherworldly thrills

Down in Dry Rock Gulch there's cola up in them thar hills

The World of Refreshment's the most wonderful place

The friendly streets of Nuka Town put a smile on your face

Now you know there's a place that's just as great as Nuka Cola!

Come on down to Nuka World and see it for yourself!

A vacation that refreshes, a trip you won't forget

A park with every minimum acceptable safety standard met

Quench your thirst for adventure at Nuka World!

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