[Top 10] Fallout 4: Nuka-World Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Making a killing at Nuka World!

Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC brings a whole new region for the lone wanderer to explore and you even get the ability to live life as a raider overboss! This occupation does come with some hazards, but more importantly, it comes with a plethora of rewards and items just waiting to be found by you.

With so many new locations and areas to explore it can be very easy to overlook or miss out on some special/unique weapons. This is where I come in, so sit back and relax as I talk you through some of the best new weapons introduced in the Nuka World DLC.

In order to rate the items on this list, I have decided to take into account their damage, difficulty to acquire, and how much fun you have using the weapon. Not everyone will agree with the order of this list, and that’s ok, feel free to comment below what changes you would make to the list.

Nuka world entrance

10. Paddle Ball:

FALLOUT 4: Nuka World DLC - Paddle Ball Weapon Analysis, Review and Location #PumaThoughts

The paddle ball is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a paddle ball. But it’s fun, I mean, really fun. Just imagine going up to a deathclaw and bopping it on the nose with a paddle ball (action not recommended)!

You can get one of these for 500 tickets at Nuka-Cade, you can also purchase the ammo there for 50 tickets. As you may be able to imagine, it’s not very useful, but you can modify it, it will still be pretty useless but like I said, it’s really fun!


  • Damage = 1
  • Ammo = Paddle Ball String
  • Clip Size = 20
  • Range = 11
  • Accuracy = 151
  • AP Cost = 10
  • Value = 10 Caps

Paddle Ball

9. Commie Whacker:

Have you ever felt like smacking somebody across the face with a mini mallet that has the word Democracy written across it? Well, look no further! What the commie whacker lacks in power it more than makes up for in political views. 

You can get one of these from any Whack-a-commie arcade machine spread across Nuka world. More specifically you can get one of these from Nuka-Cade, so happy smacking!


  •  Damage = 20
  • Swing Speed = Medium
  • Value = 25 Caps

Commie Whacker

8. Smart Fragmentation Grenades:

Fallout 4 Nuka World - Smart Fragmentation Grenade Location (Legendary Grenade)

How awesome would it be to have a grenade that would hurt the enemy without the risk of blowing yourself up! Well now you can, with the smart fragmentation grenade, these bad boys don’t hurt the thrower, only the intended victims. Yay! 

Ok so there is a major drawback with these, you can only ever have two. You can buy them from Shelbie Chase at the Nuka-Town market, but once you buy them, she will not restock them. So make them count!


  • Damage = 216
  • Value = 60 Caps
  • Special Effect = Won’t Injure Thrower

Smart Grenade

7. Thirst Zapper:

FALLOUT 4: Nuka World DLC - Thirst Zapper Weapon Analysis, Review and Location #PumaThoughts

I know what you are thinking. How did this make the list? Well, let me answer your hypothetical question, my hypothetical friend. Without the thirst zapper, you would be a puddle of goo on the floor after your fight with Colter. Remember? You needed to squirt him with water in order to disable his protective field and kill him. So I think it’s only fair this weapon made the cut.

You get one of these at the end of the gauntlet, it’s in a locker (it will be highlighted on your map), you literally can’t miss it, you can also get more of them in the Nuka-Cade if you really want to. 

Please keep in mind, it’s a water pistol, it doesn’t do much in the way of damage unless you consider watering plants a way of inflicting pain on someone! You can modify the weapon to cause damage though, so take it to a weapons workbench and have a look at what you can create.


  • Damage = 0
  • Value = 10 Caps
  • Fire Rate = 100

 Thirst Zapper

6. Hub’s Alien Blaster:

Fallout 4 - Hub's Alien Blaster - Unique Nuka World Weapon Guide

This is not the first alien blaster in the Fallout universe, but it is a one-of-a-kind version of the alien blaster. You can get this by completing the quest Trip To The Stars. This questline follows a group of Hubologists (Nutters who are trying to use a theme park ride to get to space!). You can find these wackadoodles hanging out at the hubologist’s camp, go and help them out. Once you have helped them out, you will be given Hub’s alien blaster.


  • Damage = 50
  • Ammo = Alien Blaster Round / Fusion Cell
  • Range = 149
  • Accuracy = 76
  • Value = 2751 Caps
  • Special Effects = Double Damage Critical Shots, Fill Critical Bar 15% Faster

Hub's Alien Blaster


5. Throatslicer:

FALLOUT 4: How To Get THROATSLICER Unique KNIFE in Nuka World DLC! (Unique Weapon Guide)

If the name hasn’t already given it away, it’s a blade, and a sharp one too! This can be bought from Katelyn Alden at Nuka-Town market for around 3400 caps. This blade is a disciples blade (a raider gang who love killing). It’s fast, deadly, and can be customized to inflict much more damage than its standard version.


  • Damage = 20
  • Swing Speed = Fast
  • Value = 3420 Caps
  • Special Effect = Causes 25 Points Of Bleeding Damage


4. Nuka-Nuke Launcher:

FALLOUT 4: Nuka World DLC - Nuka Nuke Launcher Analysis, Review and Location #PumaThoughts

The Nuka-Nuke Launcher, it’s what happens when you combine nuclear missiles with Nuka Cola! You can get this weapon by completing the quest Cappy In A Haystack, this quest involves speaking to Sierra Petrovita who will get you to travel all around Nuka World finding letters that form a code that will allow you to enter the house of Mr. Bradberton (Nuka Cola’s founder). Side with Bradberton over Sierra in a minor dispute about life and death and you will have completed the quest. Once you complete this quest you will find the schematics for this weapon in Bardberton’s office. It’s a pretty nice weapon, just be careful when firing. This weapon may cause accidental death!


  • Damage = 675+18
  • Ammo Type = Nuka Nuke
  • Clip-Size = 1
  • Fire Rate = 1
  • Range = 117
  • Accuracy = 63
  • Value = 650 Caps

Nuka Nuke Launcher

3. Sword Of Wonders:

Some special swords involve pulling a sword from a stone, others involve an epic quest in which friendships are formed and enemies destroyed. This one involves killing a glowing green guy dressed as a magician hiding out in a former children’s play zone at a theme park!

This is actually a very fun questline, it’s called A Magical Kingdom and it’s about Oswald The Outrageous! He was a performer at Nuka-World before the great war, now he’s a ghoul that kills everyone that enters Kiddie Kingdom.

Long story short, fight your way through Kiddie kingdom and all of Oswald’s traps, confront Oswald and he’ll either give you the Sword Of Wonders, or you can kill him and take it off his corpse. Either way, it’s a nice weapon, so definitely pick it up 


  • Damage = 16
  • Swing Speed = Medium
  • Value = 325 Caps
  • Special Effect = Ignores 30% Of Target’s Damage/Energy Resistance

Sword Of Wonders

2. Aeternus:

Fallout 4 - Aeternus - Unique Nuka World Weapon Guide

This is the most difficult weapon to obtain on this list, mainly due to how long it can take to get. But once you have it, you won’t look back. It has an amazing ability, it has unlimited ammo and you never have to reload, and you will never run out of bullets. The only requirement is that you are holding at least one fusion core, then you are all good to go, just keep firing forever!

As I said before, getting this weapon can take some time to obtain. You can only get this weapon by taking down an NPC named Rogue Knight, and you can only find this NPC through the quest Amoral Combat.

Amoral Combat quests are centered around people who have made their way through the Gauntlet and are waiting for your decision as to what happens to them. Always choose to fight them or else you can’t get this weapon. This quest will pop up randomly and each time it pops up there is a chance that the NPC waiting for you at the end of the Gauntlet is the Rogue Knight, kill him, loot the weapon, job done.


  • Damage = 24
  • Ammo Type = Fusion Core (Only Need One)
  • Clip Size = Unlimited
  • Fire Rate = 45
  • Range = 251
  • Accuracy = 63
  • Value = 4799 Caps


1. Splattercannon/The Problem Solver:

Fallout 4 - Splattercannon - Unique Nuka World Weapon Guide

I put these two weapons in the same spot since they are pretty much the same weapon, they just have different names and are marginally different in a couple of stats, but ultimately they are both special handmade rifles. These beasts are incredibly overpowered. I mean, once you own one it’s pretty much game over for any enemies you encounter. 

You can get the splattercannon from Aaron Corber at the Nuka-Town market. Just buy it from him using caps, the price will vary depending on what perks you have. 

To get yourself The Problem Solver, you just need to pass a speech check when you first speak to Mason (The Pack’s leader). He is located inside Bradberton Amphitheater.


  • Damage = 51 To 57
  • Ammo = 7.62 Round
  • Clip Size =  75
  • Fire Rate =  11 To 59
  • Range =  89 To 185
  • Accuracy = 59 To 108 
  • Value = 675 To 6855 Caps
  • Special Effect = Damage increase with each consecutive hit


So there you have it, whether you are looking to squirt someone with water, beat someone with a paddle ball, or blow someone up with no risk to yourself. There is something for everyone at Nuka World.

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