Top 10 Fallout 4 Faction Mods Everyone Should Use

Best Fallout 4 Faction Mods
Who will you side with?

Fallout 4 Just Keeps Getting Better!

Fallout 4 is one of the biggest, best-selling games of all time. The player is free to roam an apocalyptic wasteland, able to do (almost) whatever they please!
As big as the game is, and how many game hours are involved, fans have created their own mods to make the game bigger and better. There’s something for everyone in the ever- growing catalogue of Fallout 4 mods.

This list will focus on faction-specific mods. Now there's more to think about when deciding who you want to side with and way more choices!

10. Synth Stormtroopers and Imperial Institute

We've all seen the footage, Stormtrooper, you can't judge!

Let’s kick off this list with something entertaining for our nerdy gamers out there. This mod basically brings Star Wars into Fallout 4. It’s a fun little change for the Star Wars fans out there.

What’s great about Synth Stormtroopers and Imperial Institute:

  • Turns Synths into Stormtroopers
  • Creates Trade Federation Droids

Synth Stormtroopers and Imperial Institute Details:


9. Faction Maintenance Mod

Ever wanted to have control of your faction and have it all in one place. Now you can, all the power of command is right there on your Pipboy!

What’s great about Faction Maintenance Mod?

  • Includes 850 factions
  • Can change your relationship with any faction, even if you've been banned
  • Change the way companions feel about you

Faction Maintenance Mod Details:


8. Fallout UIF Mod

Fallout 4 is already a pretty huge game, but this mod takes us beyond that. Making it an even BIGGER experience for the players! This mod adds a new faction called the Union of Independent Federations.

What’s great about Fallout UIF Mod?

  • New faction
  • New voice acting
  • 20 hours of extra content
  • New questlines
  • New side quest
  • Takes us out of Boston to new areas
  • Become evil

Fallout UIF Details:


7. Bounties for You

This mod brings something new to Fallout 4, a whole new faction of bounty hunters! Be careful though. You’re not always the bounty hunter, you’re sometimes the bounty hunted.

What’s great about Bounties for You?

  • Unique gear
  • New voice acting
  • Bounty missions
  • Unique weapons
  • Tracks crime

Bounties for You Details:


6. Enclave Resurgent Mod

The Enclave were a major part in Fallout 3, but have no mention in Fallout 4. Well, this mod brings them back and into the Commonwealth as a joinable faction!

What’s great about Enclave Resurgent?

  • New faction
  • New missions
  • New companion
  • New voice acting
  • New armor
  • New weapons
  • New vendors
  • New workshop

Enclave Resurgent Details:


5. Far West Minutemen

Did you ever want to play a cowboy-themed apocalypse game? Well, now you can! With this mod, you can bring the fun of the Wild West to the Commonwealth! (Well, kind of…) This mod changes the look of all minutemen. Unlike the cheesy cowboy outfits you can get from Dry Rock Gulch, this mod makes your minutemen look badass!

What’s great about Far West Minutemen?

  • Basic Minutemen get overhauls
  • Minutemen get new names
  • Minutemen get new western-themed outfits

Far West Minutemen Details:


4. Improved BoS

In a nutshell, this mod gives the Brotherhood of Steel a complete overhaul. It comes with many fixes and changes that make the faction better. Better weapons and armor, more distinct differences between the ranks, and more!

What's great about Improved BoS?

  • Soldiers in power armor will have rank appropriate paint
  • New itemsof clothing and armor
  • More selection from Brotherhood vendors

Improved BoS Details:


3. Faction Settlement Mod

Tired of just having the same old boring settlers? Did you like the mechanic in the Nuka World DLC to assign different gangs to each location? Well, you can now do that in the Commonwealth too!

What’s great about Faction Settlement Mod?

  • Claim settlements for your faction using their flags (Just like in the Nuka World DLC)

Faction Settlement Mod Details:


2. Militarized Minutemen

Want to turn the Minutemen into a realistic army? This mod can do that!

What’s great about Militarized Minutemen?

  • 15 military-themed items
  • Complete overhaul of the faction
  • Level class system within faction
  • Each level will have different weapons and combat style

Militarized Minutemen Details:


1. We are the Minutemen

Do you ever think “Yeah, the minutemen are the good guys. I’m going to side with them!” Only to be constantly being sent out by Preston to help yet another settlement or a settlement you’ve saved repeatedly? Well, this mod changes that! Yes, that is the main reason this was at my number one spot…

What makes We are the Minutemen great?

  • Increased minutemen patrols
  • Minutemen levels are in proportion to the player
  • Minutemen will appear wearing power armor
  • More diverse weaopns for Minutemen
  • Minutemen Tank
  • Minutemen Vertibird
  • Preston stops harassing you with quests!

We are the Minutemen Details:

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