15 Scariest Fallout 4 Enemies

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The Wasteland's Most Dangerous and Terrifying

Since Fallout takes place in an irradiated post-apocalyptic world, it makes sense for there to be a myriad of mutated enemies to fend off as you struggle to survive. From the very begining, the series has never shied away from spooking us with dangerous beasts, twisted mutants, and gurgling monsters that go bump in the night (especially in dark and dank subway tunnels).

Fallout 4 is no exception.

From the dangerous to the creepy, encountering these 15 scary enemies will send even the most daring adventurer into fits of full-blown panic.

15. Feral Ghoul

"Give me five!"

Ghouls are humans who’ve suffered extensive radiation poisoning. The exposure eventually resulted in a zombie-like transformation, resistance to readiation, and a seemingly endless lifespan. Because of their survivability, many ghouls lived before the Great War. Feral ghouls differ from normal ghouls in that they lack intelligence and attack on sight. Their sickness culminated into severe brain degradation, which left them crazed and cannibalistic.

As with mice, if you spot one feral ghoul, more are sure to follow. They travel and gather in packs, roaming the wasteland and infesting tunnels, facilities, and abandoned buildings. While each ghoul has relatively low health, they attack en masse, running erratically at their targets to dodge fire.

They charge with a tackle, rolling to the ground afterwards and leaving themselves momentarily exposed to counterattacks. Up close, they sweep and claw with their rotted hands. Some are prone to lie down and impersonate corpses or hide underwater before springing up and attacking nearby victims. Inside buildings, ferals will crawl from holes in the ceiling and floor to ambush the unsuspecting spelunker.


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