[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Builds

Fallout 4 Best Builds

Fallout 4 lets you scour or aid the wastes of the Commonwealth in a variety of fashions. Do you want to run around in massive amounts of armor, disintegrating everything in your way with a Fat Man?

Or are you more the diplomatic type, and wish to bring peace and properity to you and your wasteland friends and be a post-apocalyptic businessman of sorts?

While these scenarios may be two completely different playstyles, there is a spectrum of builds you can use to make the Commonwealth wasteland yours. Here are the top 10 best Fallout 4 builds.


10. Melee Master

Can we get a BONK in the chat?

This is the best build for those who love getting up close and violently personal with the unsavory denizens of the Commonwealth armed with a bladed baseball bat or super sledge. This build focuses largely on strength and agility. The perks to grab as soon as possible are Big League, Idiot Savant, and Moving Target. You’ll also want to get Toughness, Medic, and Blitz when you can. These perks make you an extremely damage absorbent and powerful opponent to your enemies. This build excels in:

Melee/Up close and personal combat

Carry weight and damage absorption

Defense and critical hits

Full build details here!


9. The Demolitions Expert

An army helmet is all the protection the Demolitions Expert needs.

The Demolitions Expert utilizes bombs, mines, and other explosive weapons such as the missile launcher or the Fat Man to obliterate their enemies from afar again and again. The perks to prioritize for this build are: Demolitions Expert, Strong Back, Gun Nut, Scrounger, Heavy Gunner, Scrapper, Ninja, and Adamantium Skeleton. The Demolitions Expert utilizes these perks to excel in: 

Explosive weapon damage as well as limb damage resistance.

Sneaking to place mines in strategic areas then escaping to afar to blast away enemies.

Strength for hoisting around heavy weapons and parts as well as weapon crafting and scrapping.

Full build details here!


8. The Terminator

The Juggernaut exterminates all in their way in a relentless rain of bullets.

The Terminator build focuses primarily on strength and intelligence and utilizes a suit of Power Armor for the majority of the time. The build has a focus on high damage and damage resistance while using heavy guns like the Minigun or the Junk Jet. Prioritizing perks such as Nuclear Physicist for fusion cores to power your armor and Gun Nut for your weapons is essential. The perks The Terminator needs to have ASAP are Strong Back, Heavy Gunner, Rifleman, Toughness, Blacksmith, Armorer, and Life Giver to operate to its full potential. The Terminator excels at:

Heavy weaponry and high damage.

Power armor and damage resistance.

Weapon and armor crafting.

Full build details here!


7. The Ninja

The ninja prepares to strike once again...

The Ninja build focuses primarily on agility and strength to sneak in the shadows and assassinate their enemies with a melee weapon. Utilizing perks like Ninja, Mister Sandman, Big Leagues, Blitz, and Critical Banker, and Bloody Mess, the Ninja build is an unstoppable force using astoundingly powerful critical hits in VATS to kill enemies or the classic-crouching-behind-the-enemy-and-slitting-their-throat-with-a-blade move. The Ninja build excels in:

Stealth kills and critical hits.

Strength for melee attacks.

Agility for stealth attacks and sneaking up on foes.

Full build details here!


6. The Charming Killer

A silver tongue, a cold heart, and an empty conscience.

The Charming Killer is not for any players aiming to be a hero of the wastes. This build uses charisma and manipulation, luck, and endurance to conquer the wastes. Perks such as Cannibal, Bloody Mess, Chem Resistant, Intimidation,Toughness, and Sneak are a must to help this build manipulate, steal, and murder its way through the wastes. The Manipulative Killer excels in:

Dialogue checks with high charisma allowing intimidation and manipulation being key tools of this play style.

Sneaking to steal and covertly kill enemies.

Cannibal allows for healing after every battle and bloody mess adds a damage boost making the Manipulative Killer exceptional in VATS combat. 

Full build details here!


5. The Rifleman

A disciplined trigger finger and a steady aim in action...

The Rifleman focuses on perception largely and utilizes the accuracy and range of non-automatic rifles such as the combat rifle. Getting the Rifleman perk to 5 stars as well the Action Boy/Girl perk to help with AP when using VATS to kill enemies. Other perks to focus on for the Rifleman are Awareness, Gun Nut, Scrapper, and Scrounger.The Rifleman is the ideal soldier and makes accuracy and high damage rifles their greatest asset. The Rifleman excels at:

Non-automatic rifles as well as crafting and maintenance on firearms in general.

VATS critical hits and AP threshold.

Ammo won’t be a concern as Scrounger makes ammo appear more frequently and non-automatic rifles use the most common ammo types in the game.

Full build details here!


4. The Loner

Queue up Bobby Vinton's, "Mr. Lonely".

The Loner build focuses on making yourself entirely independent so it focuses on filling in the roles that are usually done by your companions through the perks. For The Loner build you’ll want the Lone Wanderer perk first and foremost as well as high strength because of the lack of a companion to carry items that you don’t have enough strength for typically. There is also a major focus needed in the Hacker, Locksmith, Gun Nut, and Gunslinger or Commando (depending on your preferred weapon play style) perks. The Loner excels in:

High location accessibility through leveling up the locksmith and hacker perks.

Well rounded build. Excels in combat but incorporates a little bit of everything into it.

Independence. No companions to appease or build a relationship with but that means no extra help in combat either. That’s why this build helps you make up for the lack of company by making the lone wanderer an all round aficionado of the Commonwealth and its geography.

Full build details here!

3. The VATS Sniper

The Sniper scans the wastes from afar...

The VATS Sniper build makes the lone wanderer the deadliest marksman of the wastes. Much like the Rifleman build, this one too focuses on high AP and a knowledge of combat in rifles and with crafting these items. The difference here however, is that this build focuses more on sneaking and never being spotted by your enemies while using the rifle. Perks absolutely necessary for this build are Rifleman, Sniper, Action Boy/Girl, Quick Hands, Sneak, Gun Nut, Scrapper,  and eventually Grim Reaper's Sprint. The combination of these perks eventually allows you to sneak around your enemies and take them out in one foul swoop with VATS. The VATS Sniper excels in:

Scoped as well as mid-long range rifles and their parts and mods. 

Stealth. Sneak attack damage becomes exponentially stronger as you level up.

High AP level along with leveling to the Sniper and Rifleman perks makes the VATS Sniper capable of clearing rooms of enemies, completely undetected, within a single VATS encounter. 

Full build details here!


2. The Noob

The weak become the strong.

While the name may suggest the build is weak and inexperienced, The Noob is quie the opposite. As a newbie to the wasteland, focus should be placed largely into damage resistance and AP and VATS focused perks. The focus with this build is to allow the lone wanderer to take loads and loads of damage and slow everything down through VATS in order to survive while they explore the Commonwealth. The perks to prioritize are Lead Belly, Rad Resistant, Strong Back, Awareness, Action Boy/Girl, and Refractor. The culmination of these perks allows you to level and explore while taking loads of the inevitable damage the wasteland will throw at you. But as you climb through the levels, you will become the absolute opposite of The Noob in the Commonwealth. The Noob excels in:

Damage and radiation resistance.

VATS and Luck based skills.

Sneak and perception based perks.

Full build details here!

1.The Infiltrator

Is it a shadow? Is it the Infiltrator? No one ever gets the chance to find out for sure.

The Infiltrator is by far the most powerful build in Fallout 4. The main power of this build plays out once you obtain the Deliverer. However, this build utilizes sneak and high AP based perks in addition to a focus on the use of pistols. Perks necessary for the Infiltrator build are Gunslinger, Action Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Locksmith, Hacker, Sneak, and Ninja. These perks with the combined might of the Deliverer in VATS makes you the single most deadly assassin in the game. You sneak into places by lockpicking doors and sticking to the shadows and scoping out your enemies only to blow them all away with VATS and several suppressed shots of Deliverer. The Infiltrator excels in:

High damage when sneaking with the sneak damage multiplier as well as the Gunslinger damage buff.

High AP makes sneaking and dealing with enemies in VATS incredibly more powerful.

The focus on hacking and locksmith makes accessibility to other areas covert and deadly to your enemies.

Full build details here!

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