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In Fallout 4, survival is key and for that, you need the best armor sets. These provide protection for you in all kinds of situations and can be the deciding factor between life and death in the Wasteland. The modding community has come up with amazing armor mods and that’s why here are the top 15 armor mods for you to discover!

15 . K-9 Harness Armor

The K-9 Armor is a great-looking and highly textured armor for your faithful canine companion, Dogmeat. It provides amazing damage and energy resistance and also provides radiation resistance. The armor is also very lightweight and modifiable.

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14 . Wasteland Fashion

 This mod adds several outfits to the Commonwealth to give it a more cowboy/girl/wastelander vibe. It makes an attempt at new lore-friendly clothing for both male and female characters. You can make them at the workshop or chemistry workbenches. It will definitely spice up your gameplay and roleplaying in various ways

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13 . Concealed Armor

This mod adds a Visibility category to armor pieces. You can freely modify armor pieces to make them invisible and can make them visible again at any time. You can hide all of your armor or just the ones you don't like. This mod also includes the ability to reduce the appearance of armor. A heavy armor piece's appearance can be changed to a medium or light version while the stats remain unchanged.

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12 . Wasteland Sniper

This mod will allow you to play the role of a sniper in the Wasteland. For minimal clipping, the outfit was custom-fitted in modeling software. There are distinct male and female meshes, as well as ground models and first-person models. There are four distinct variations, each of which can be individually crafted.

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11 . ODST Battle Armor

This mod adds to Fallout 4 a highly customizable suit of ODST armor from the Halo series of games. Featuring a plethora of cosmetic and gameplay-altering modifications to suit everyone's preferences. Ballistic protection, temperature control, thermal insulation against extreme temperatures experienced during atmospheric entry, and thermal protection from energy weapons are just a few of the features present in the armor in the field. This mod also adds three new sets of armor and four kinds of new helmets.

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10 . NCR Ranger Veteran Armor

Miss the NCR from Fallout New Vegas? Well, reminisce those days by roleplaying as the NCR Ranger in the game. The armor is highly textured and detailed for everyone to bask in its glory. You can learn new skills and show people in the Wasteland how they do it in the Mojave Wasteland. The armor is highly accurate to properly roleplay as a veteran ranger.

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9 . Chinese Stealth Suit

The Chinese Stealth Suit includes all of the features that made it a fan favorite in Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, as well as a few extras that make it an even more intimidating presence. Recovered, worn by centuries of time from a Chinese Nuclear Submarine, a determined and patriotic Sole Survivor with a streak of honor and a penchant for opposing the forces of imperialism and capitalism can turn it into one of the game's most powerful armors. Use the Gravitational Force Expulsion modification to redirect the energy from a large fall against your enemies, or the Electromagnetic Repulsor Field to redirect the force from your enemies' blows into lethal arcs of electricity.

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8 . Sirius.12 Assault Suit 

The Sirius suit is a futuristic, high-tech, and lore-friendly suit of armor. The suit comes in two versions: a zero-shaped female version and a base-shaped male version. Suits, gloves, helmets, and the Twin-Blades can all be made on a Chem workbench, modified on an Armor workbench, and worn individually. Along with the outfit, additional armor elements can be simply worn.

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7 . Institute Expeditionary Suit

This mod is suitable enough if you want to roleplay as a member of the Institute. The Expeditionary Suit is considered a marvel of the Institute as it protects the wearer from high levels of radiation. It is also the pinnacle of wasteland utility because it helps in protecting them from all the harshness of the Wasteland. The outfit can be modified with various customization options available to the players.

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6 . CROSS Jetpack

With the CROSS jetpack mod, cruising the skies has gotten much easier in the Commonwealth. This mod lets you travel the skies freely without any T pose distracting you. The jetpack here features three variations that let you even run in the skies. Sprinting with the jetpack is much more fun and you can modify it with all the 32 colors available. The visuals and textures are much more refined and detailed than the vanilla version which is a treat for sure.

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5 . Courser X92 Powersuit

This mod adds a really cool Courser suit to the game. The armor, goggles, and a custom Pip-Boy are also available with this mod. The gameplay mechanics are also revitalized with the help of this power suit. You can craft fusion cores that can be consumed to give you a power boost. Modules can also be crafted to enhance your gear. The suit is highly detailed and textured and brings new life into your gameplay.

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4 . Forsaken Institute Assassin

The Forsaken Institute Assassin mod is another powerful armor mod. This mod is just so cool and dangerous-looking that it’s worth it for the looks alone. The Forsaken Assassin is an in-game character present at the start of the game with a haunting backstory. They will also appear as a NPC once you have acquired the Mysterious Stranger perk. The mod includes three sets of outfits for the Assassin.

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3 . Eli's Armor Compendium

This mod is filled with different kinds of clothing items. Present in this is 50 armors, all of which are lore-friendly, 20 accessories, and a lot of customizable color options. The accessories and armors are available for both male and female characters so you won’t have any problem choosing a great outfit. You can get these items from Ellie, a custom-voiced vendor. All of these are highly detailed and should make your character stand out in the Wasteland.

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2 . Black Widow Armor and Pip-Boy

Next, we have the Black Widow Armor Set which is one of the most popular mods ever for the game. It is amazing and badass for many reasons. There is a great backstory written by Mitsuke along with a cool-looking armor and hood available. There are also a few loot locations specifically for this mod that are available throughout the world. The armor and Pip-Boy have highly detailed textures and designs. The armor and hood are fully customizable. You even have your own custom Widow shotgun for your player character.

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1 . Armorsmith Extended

This mod adds so many things that it can’t be explained in short. Every clothing in the game can now be worn under armor pieces, and when donned, all armor pieces should appear. Bandanas and gas masks can be used with any headgear or helmet in the game that does not hide your face. Ballistic woven armor can be fitted to any costume in the game, as well as any headgear or helmet. Clothing Protective Weave mods, Lining mods, clothing add-on mods, headgear add-on mods, and many more sorts of mods are now available. These are only a few examples; the rest is up to you to uncover.

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With these mods, your gameplay will be revitalized and enhanced in various ways. You can roleplay or whatever you want in the Commonwealth. The mods will definitely impact your gameplay in a positive way. Good Luck, fellow Survivors!

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