Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Weapons (And What’s Deadly About Them)

Best Fallout 4 Weapons
Arm Yourself To Take On The Wasteland

When traveling through the Commonwealth of Fallout 4, one thing you will notice almost immediately is the abundance of weapons. Whether it’s Legendary weapons with various enhanced properties like increased damage against certain types of enemies or Normal weapons that have been heavily modified for maximum efficiency, there is no shortage of ways you can violently solve a problem.

In this guide, the 10 best weapons in the game have been ranked and sorted for your convenience. Some weapons can be bought, some can be found through exploration, and some you just might have to shoot somebody for. No matter the method, one thing is for sure, they are worth the effort to collect.

10. Le Fusil Terribles

It’ll dislocate your arm in the process, but it’ll get the job done.

The Le Fusil Terribles is a combat shotgun that can be found in the Captain’s Cabin, located in the mass shipwreck known as Libertalia. You’ll most likely come across it while you’re getting your Dog the Bounty Hunter on during the “Synth Retention” mission (check the 15:37 mark to see it sitting on a yellow crate) for the Institute. When it comes to close range, this gun can make short work of lesser enemies quickly.

It’s also a great weapon when it comes to fighting your way out of a corner. The downside to using this weapon is that it has increased recoil, but it’s a shotgun. If you’re using it at a range that requires your gun to remain steady, you’re doing it wrong. If it’s not killing enemies outright, they’re definitely getting limbs shattered.

9. Furious Power Fist

Punch in the face. Repeat until dead.

So, the Furious Power Fist is a must-have for anyone who gets a special thrill out of “throwing the hands” with enemy characters. (*cough* Marcy Long *cough*)It racks up damage with each hit on the same target, allowing you to get deadlier the longer the fight goes on.

If you’re already running an unarmed build anyway, this is a great early game weapon to have. Matter of fact, we’ll leave this video here of how take down the previous owner of the Fist at level 15. Disclaimer: He’s a Big ‘Un!

8. Automatic Laser Musket

If a Minigun had a baby with a Jack-In-The-Box…

So you’re down with the Minutemen. Preston Garvey, Sturges, and them. You went into the Institute. You blew stuff up. Your gang of farmers with funny hats have decided to reward you with the Automatic Laser Musket, which does exactly what the name implies.

Instead of gathering energy to release in one powerful shot, you now can just continuously fire until you run out of fusion cells. No reload, no reload animations, if you got cells to fire, you’re good. This also changes up the type of player that would like to use it, mid-range assaulters instead of snipers.

7. Wazer Wifle

Because the Commonwealth doesn’t do “#1 Dad” cups.

If Shaun is still around after the main quest, he’ll hang around and ask you bring back pieces of junk 3 different times for a project he’s working on. If you don’t have time for kids and their foolishness, then skip this entry, but if you decide to humor him, he’ll hook you up. The Wazer Wifle, making a return from its appearance in Fallout 3, has a bottomless clip. If you have ammunition, you’ll never have to worry about about a reload.

6. Pickman’s Blade

Ready to go night-night?

If you got a Wasteland Assassin’s Creed aesthetic going on with your Sole Survivor, this is a melee weapon you’ll definitely want to look into. A fully upgraded combat knife designed to do more damage to enemies attacked from stealth and does 25 points of bleeding damage on top of that.

If you can manage to sneak up on your opponent, they’re going down quickly. If they don’t directly die  from the initial hit, give it a few seconds. You’ll find this at Pickman’s Gallery as a reward from saving Pickman from a group of raiders hunting him down.

5. Deliverer

You’re not alive anymore, you are delivered!

You get this weapon during the mission “Tradecraft” as you and Deacon infiltrate the Switchboard in Lexington, as a part of your entrance exam for the Railroad. Like Pickman’s Blade, this is a great weapon for stealth, but this time, you don’t have to get so close for it to be effective. It uses 10mm ammo, but it outperforms a regular 10mm Pistol in damage, fire rate, and accuracy.

Plus, it comes equipped with a suppressor, so you’re all set for mid-range stealth combat. It also fits the whole spy motif that the Railroad has going on. If you’re not so sneaky, don’t worry, it does just fine in open combat too.

4.  The Gainer

Kill it with fire.

The .44 is just a great weapon in general, even without a boost. It has the best stopping power out of any other pistol in the vanilla game, and it’s comparable to a shotgun in sheer power. Keeping that in mind, The Gainer is a .44 Pistol that sets bad guys on fire on top of being such a great gun.

You can find this weapon in Vitale Pumphouse, which is located behind Fitch Farm, across the water. If you’re already headed to Fitch Farm for the “Out of the Fire” mission (which will grant you the Shishkebab, another dope fire-based weapon), why not stop by the Vitale Pumphouse while you’re at it? There’s a number puzzle inside where you’ll have to input the right code to open the door to get to The Gainer. The correct code is located on the wall.

3. Spray N’ Pray

Automatic Fire Explosions. ‘Nuff Said.

You see that picture. You see that caption. The Spray N’ Pray is a submachine gun that does 15 extra points of area effect damage per bullet.This weapon will upgrade your typical BRA-TAT-TAT into BRAT-BOOM-BOOM! This weapon will cut the opposition Down with a capital Dead.

Torgue from Borderlands would risk it all for a gun like this. Next time you hear Cricket talking all creepy about her infatuation with guns, this is what she’s talking about. All you have to do get this gun is to buy it from Cricket. No quests. No puzzles. No behemoths. Just don’t be broke.

2. Kellogg’s Pistol

It’s the only thing that’ll keep you safe...

The weapon used to kill your spouse is actually the best .44 Pistol in the game, especially for Agile/Lucky Gunslingers. It shines when facing groups of enemies, like packs of Ferals or Raider gangs. As soon as you get a critical hit, your AP will fill right back up, giving you the ability to keep racking up hyper accurate shots and even more critical hits.

If you run a V.A.T.S. heavy build, this is a must-have gun. It’s very compatible with perks like Gun-Fu, 4 Leaf Clover, and Grim Reaper’s Sprint and will allow you to wreck smaller opponents with ease. All you have to do get Kellogg’s Pistol is (surprise) kill Kellogg, and take it off his body during the main quest “Reunions.”

1. Overseer’s Guardian

The pride of Vault 81.

The Overseer’s Guardian is probably the most popular gun in all of Fallout 4, because it can make short work of anybody. If you have the gun set to Auto mode, you’ll have to make sure you keep an eye on your ammo reserves, because it will go pretty quickly. Otherwise, this is a solid gun.

It will rack up damage quicker than most other weapons in the game, especially if you have the gun appropriately upgraded to your playstyle. To find this weapon, just head to Vault 81 and buy the weapon. It’s that simple, but it will be very expensive so just keep that in mind. Simply stated, It’s a gun for ballers.

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