10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games Loved By Millions Worldwide

Post-Apocalyptic Games
Knight in shining armor? How about a knight in ranger armor?

What Are The best Post-Apocalyptic Games You Can Play Today?

Ah, nothing like a good time in a post-apocalyptic wasteland to take you away from it all.

In such a flooded genre, what games are worthwhile? Pull up a chair, and mind the zombie guts as we count down the 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games loved by millions worldwide!

10. Mad Max (2015)

Mad Max (2015) gameplay

Fight, drive, and survive in the iconic world of Mad Max. Beaten and left to die, you must navigate an open world post-apocalyptic landscape on your quest for revenge. Rack up kills in vehicular combat, take enemies down with brutal melee combos, or tear them apart with a hail of gunfire. This is a game that rewards aggression!

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Action-packed, intense vehicular and melee combat.
  • Expansive upgrades for both Max and his car, the Magnum Opus.
  • A vast game world full of character and style.

Blood, guns, and explosions! What more could you ask for in a Mad Max video game?

Take on the world with some sick combos.

9. The Walking Dead (2012)

The Walking Dead (2012) gameplay

Fight your way through the dark, vivid world of The Walking Dead. Through the gripping narrative, your choices will shape how you survive through the zombie apocalypse. This was the game that started something special for Telltale!

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • An emotional, gripping story that will have you hooked from beginning to end.
  • Captivating characters that are full of depth.
  • Choices made have an impact on how the story plays out.

Close encounters with walkers will have you on the edge of your seat.

Characters you’ll like so much, you won’t want them to be zombie food!

8. Metro: Last Light (2013)

Metro: Last Light gameplay

In the world of Metro, scavenging is the only way to survive. Beneath the Moscow metro system, people desperately try to live and hide from the “dark ones”, using scarce ammo as currency. The irradiated surface hides horrors of abominations and lurking insanity. Are you prepared to claw your way to survival?

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Bone-chilling imagery that will keep your mouth open the whole game.
  • A huge overworld with countless paths will keep you coming back for more.
  • Frantic fights with enemies make for hours of excitement.

Intense fights are Last Light’s bread and butter.

You never know what horrors await you around every corner!

7. They Are Billions (2019)

They Are Billions gameplay

Build, plan, and pillage in this steampunk-inspired RTS! Can you manage resources and plan well enough to ward off countless hordes of zombies?

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Varied unit and zombie types keep gameplay fresh!
  • The unique steampunk environment adds immense character to the game!
  • Frantic nature of the game keeps the excitement high despite being an RTS!

If the gameplay doesn’t excite you, the aesthetics of the game WILL hook you!

The menu system makes defending and pillaging so easy!

6. Sheltered (2016)

Sheltered gameplay

In this wasteland, your goal is to protect a family of survivors. Manage the shelter they find themselves in, manage their emotions. Most importantly, survive. You are their only hope!

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • A unique management system that puts some emphasis on emotion.
  • Addicting, tense gameplay will keep you playing for hours.
  • An interesting character dynamic that will bond you to this family.

Do whatever you can to get the family out of tough spots!

The unique world design will have you enthralled from the beginning.

5. The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us gameplay

From the studio behind Uncharted comes the highly acclaimed, fast-paced shooter The Last of Us. In a world ravaged by zombies, you must shoot, climb, and survive your way through. Beautiful graphics and high-flying action mix with the horrors of the apocalypse for a truly gripping experience.

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • The stunning graphics and the look of the game will make your jaw drop.
  • Well fleshed out characters, and a gripping narrative.
  • Well executed action that makes for a fun and challenging experience.

Joel and Ellie find ways to get each other out of some tight spots.

Blow them away with a shotgun or find a way to be stealthy. The choice is yours.

4. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (2018)

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden gameplay

Based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game set in a world where humans are near extinct. Play as a colorful cast of mutants as they claw their way to survival in an age torn apart by a devastating virus. Join them on their quest to find Eden!

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Unique gameplay style mixes strategy with action.
  • Lore and narrative has lots of character and depth.
  • Emphasis on world exploration makes this game different from other strategy games.

An eccentric cast of characters really gives this game its own identity.

Different characters means different playstyles! Level them up and figure out which work best for you.

3. Project Zomboid (2016)

Project Zomboid gameplay

In a horrific world infested with zombies, you must manage your hunger, pain, and even mental stability to survive. With a vast map and a wide variety in gameplay and customization, this hardcore RPG will beg you to answer the question: “How will you die?”

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • The freedom the game gives you in how you survive feels amazing.
  • The RPG elements of the game add depth to an already stellar experience.
  • A fully customizable sandbox mode adds hours of extra play time.

Though slower moving, in hordes, these zombies are terrifying.

One of the best overlays we’ve seen in a game.The look of the game is truly one-of-a-kind!

2. Metro Exodus (2019)

Metro Exodus gameplay

The third installment of the Metro series sees you fleeing from the underground metro into the expansive, unforgiving wilderness beyond. With more of a focus on exploration, it is up to you to conserve your resources, fight through impossible odds, and keep your sanity to survive! Can you live through this nightmarish apocalypse?

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Non-linear gameplay gives the player more freedom than previous installments.
  • Improved visuals bring the environment and horror some new life.
  • With one of the largest worlds in any video game, immersion is inevitable.

The bone-chilling horror of this game will make it hard for you to sleep at night.

The enormous wasteland is your playground.

1. Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Fallout: New Vegas gameplay

This entry of the Fallout series takes you back to the series roots. Back to the wild, wild west! In the world of New Vegas, you explore and survive in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Nevada; all the while trying to get revenge on the man that left you to die. Will you conquer the Mojave Wasteland and the streets of New Vegas, or will they conquer you?

Top 3 Things That Make This Game Great

  • Huge world to explore with intriguing locations and characters at every turn.
  • A detailed faction support system that gives weight to every interaction.
  • Arguably the best narrative in a Fallout game thus far! Genre-defining lore and story.

The VATS system makes its return, making gunfights more fun and tactful.

To survive in New Vegas you have to be prepared to take down creatures, mutants, and even robots.


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