Doomsday is Coming, and Atomic Society Might Just Be The Game We Need To Prepare For It

atomic society
The bleak reality of a post-apocalyptic society.

If You Were a Doomsday Survivor, Would You Be Prepared For The Post Apocalypse?

The dreary reality of a post-apocalyptic town

Many Hollywood movies like Zombieland, The Book of Eli, 2012 and The Road have shown us what can cause a doomsday event and what it's like being a survivor. From zombie outbreaks to natural disasters, to nuclear war and biological weapons, each one of these events could potentially wipe out 95% of the world's population, rendering earth a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And if you somehow survived and are lucky enough not to run into zombies or mutant flesheaters at every turn, you'll still need to compete for survival against your fellow man.

Man would turn against man in a fight for food, for women and for resources. Without the rule of law, the country would turn into a gangland. And the gang with the most weapons would be King. Violence will be used to assert power, and the strongest and most cunning people will be leader of their gangs.

A Game That Teaches You How To Rule a Post-Apocalyptic Society

Atomic Society: Post-Apocalyptic City Builder With Moral Choices

Perhaps doomsday wouldn't happen in our lifetime. But wouldn't it be fun to be leader of a gang and build your own society and settlement in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? How would you make use of your power as a leader? That's exactly what Atomic Society will give you a chance to do.

In a post apocalyptic world that has been ravaged, you must lead your group of survivors and build a town to stay alive. It will be up to you to set the laws, and it will be up to your people to follow them, or else.

You will have the power to dole out punishment as you see fit. Rule mercilessly with an iron fist or be lenient and see how society reacts to your decisions.

To survive, your followers will have to scavenge for resources and build structures that will sustain a growing population. Murderers will be part of your society, and you'll either bring them to justice or let them roam free.

Your people may die of famine and disease and they will depend on you to survive. It will be up to you to build the perfect town, keep your loyal followers alive, punish the criminals, and keep the town flourishing.

The game currently focuses on 2 core elements, town-building and population management. It would be nice to see combat elements in the future. For example, fighting with other gangs or defending your town from bandits or zombies.  

Release Date

Atomic society is being developed by indie developer Far Road Games (based in England) and is scheduled for release in 2017. The current pre-alpha version of Atomic Society can be purchased for $14.99.

Far Road Games has 3 full timers working on the game. Development for the game started back in Feb 2015 by designer Scott MacDowall, artist Mariana MacDowall, and programmer Nick Stevens. More info about the team can be found here.

The soundtrack for the game is particularly good, and nicely fits the game's post apocalyptic setting.

If you're a big fan of post-apocalyptic or city-building games, this is one title you'd want to look into.

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