The 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Games for PC (Some You've Not Heard Of!)

Post-Apocalyptic Games
When Mad Max is mad, all Hell breaks loose!

Enter The Wastelands In These Apocalyptic Games

Post- Apocalyptic worlds are amazing. You can fight to survive against various types of mutant creatures, zombies, animals, and even other humans all for the sake of survival!

Video games are the perfect place to go to for this. These types of games pull you in with real-life scenarios and get you involved as if you are there from start to finish.

These games are the best post-apocalyptic games from the past and present available to play on PC. Get ready to face the future!

10) Metro: Exodus

Metro: Exodus Gameplay Demo

Metro: Exodus is the third game in a series based on Russia suffering from a nuclear winter. In this game, you play as Artyom, along with his wife Anna and other companions, who have finally made their way to the outside. Mutants and natural causes fill the land with danger and adventure.

It’s time to explore this dangerous land to find answers to how this disaster came to Earth. Real-life situations throughout the game take you to a place of worry and stress. Radiation is everywhere and in certain places, you need to make sure you have enough air or you will die! There are dangerous creatures at every turn and that doesn’t even count for the deadly humans who defend their territory.

It’s a kill, or be killed the world. Are you able to survive? 

Take your character through the ruins of a Russia hit by a nuclear winter.

Find and use hand-crafted guns along the way to defeat the various mutant creatures.

9) Mad Max

“Mad Max” Gameplay Walkthrough

This game will take you into the world of the epic movie Mad Max. Explore “The Great White” dessert Wasteland on foot and on the road as you collect scraps and kill enemies just to survive and conquer. There are so many things to do in this cruel world.

Max is such a powerful guy that if you get him angry enough, you can use his strength to kill enemies with his bare hands! The option to put Max into the first-person narrative makes the experience that much better. You can experience everything first hand as if you were there in person.

Explore today’s world covered in sand and ruin in this famous post-apocalyptic title.

Destroy the enemy while driving in your badass car ready for battle!

Manually destroy enemies with your bare hands!

8) The Division 2

"The Division 2" Gameplay Demo

America has fallen. Division 2 follows a group of survivors in an America where the government has fallen. In this game, you can explore the ruins of Washington, DC as you follow the stories of young men and women trying to bring the country back to where it once was.

Your enemies are the scavengers who bring chaos rather than to help to rebuild this world. Help to save innocent lives or scavenge for materials on various missions. Nature overruns the world so you must live with while exploring this abandoned city.

Travel with your team to survive and scavenge this burnt world.

View and customize your weapons to suit your needs.

7) Wasteland 3

“Wasteland 3” Gameplay Demo

Be a dessert ranger and explore the ruins of American post-nuclear bomb! This is the third installment in a series where these rangers scavenge and survive in this cruel new world.

You run into various enemies such as cannibals, treasure hunters, and other things that force you to find elements to help you survive and move on with your mission.

The numbers of the Rangers have dwindled, but the “owner” of Colorado has a mission for them. Make your way to Denver where civilization has all but destroyed lands  to find out the truth of “The Patriarch.” 

Get past cannibalistic enemies in order to move on to your destination!

Traverse throughout this Wasteland with your group in order to survive.

6) The Final Station

The Final Station” Gameplay Walkthrough

Someone gives the role of keeping the patrons on this train happy and healthy to a simple train driver. This world is creepy with its story of “the visitation” and the menu that suggests that zombies or some other creatures are lurking in the background of this game. You go through a few stations on your daily rounds to get used to the controls and back-story.

Everything goes south when you hear and see explosions in the background and the train stops at this mysterious stop that covers the place in darkness. The customers are angry but there is nothing you can do. This “final” station is where you live or die and try to survive along with the other passengers.

Vibes of aliens and zombies plague the beginning so all you need to do is keep playing to find out what is going on!

Search for the truth as you pilot this train to its Final Station.

Search everything to find supplies and save survivors!

5) UnderRail

“Underrail” Gameplay Walkthrough

After a meeting with a few other characters, they thrust you into a new society that takes place after an earthquake devastates the Earth.

For a lower-budgeted game with no voice acting, the writing will drag you into this dystopian world where you need to learn and fight to survive! Skills like intimidation and charisma help you get through certain situations where most games fall short.

Whatever way you play the game is your choice alone. There are so many things you can do with crafting, collecting, skill-building and everything you can think of. This game will make you use your brain to progress!

Trade with fellow survivors from one invitatory to another.

Make sure you keep your health up so that you don’t get weak enough to die!

4) State of Decay 2

“State of Decay 2” Gameplay Walkthrough

As with all zombie games, State of Decay 2 takes you right into a world where zombies have taken over. Life, as we know it, has fallen and you must fight to survive. You play as a pair of people (your choice in the beginning) and it thrusts you into a place where you are being chased by zombies where you must escape.

You come across an abandoned army camp where you face zombies immediately and must scavenge for medical items and make sure that both of you survive any encounters. In this zombie game, getting bit is no longer a death sentence as long as you can get to the doctor who has a cure.

The call it the “blood plague” and get meds or you will burn from the inside out and become like the creature they fight to live with.

Gotta be quick to kill those zombies!

Sometimes you need to make hard decisions to survive.


“LISA” Gameplay Walkthrough

You are a man who finds a baby. This is rare since this post-apocalyptic world has no more women so there is no way to have a child.

You need to do all you can to protect this child from the other men who want to exploit this poor child to reproduce and repopulate the Earth!

Along the way, you will encounter various choices you must make such as sacrificing a party member or a limb of Brad (the guy you play as). Despite its low graphics due to being made on RPG maker, LISA will still pull you in with a great plot that will get you hooked!

Make sure you keep little Lisa alive and safe!

Create a bloodbath to protect the last girl on Earth!

2) 7 Days to Die

“7 Days to Die” Gameplay Walkthrough

In this game, the first thing you get to do is name the game, you are playing and set the difficulty. When you get into the game you are completely immersed with the world and have to gather materials to make things such as bedding and other materials so you can survive when you get to a safe place.

Depending on the difficulty, zombies are = easy to take down or they will run at you. In this world, you are alone and you need to make your own camps and ward the zombies away from you to survive.

In the current version they have a tendency to sleep, making it easy to kill but in a new upgrade, which will release soon, it will fix it and also allow the zombies to fall normally compared to the fake falling of the ragdoll physics of old.

Find and use various weapons such as this awesome chainsaw to destroy the enemy!

Find and use various weapons such as this awesome chainsaw to destroy the enemy!

1) This War of Mine

“This War of Mine” Gameplay Let’s Play

Finally, this game takes us into a war-torn place where you play as a civilian trying to survive. You play as three people at first in an abandoned house where you must scavenge in order to find what you need to survive. Once you have enough things to build things, you need to furnish the place you are living in, to bring the temperature to a place where it is good to survive in winter months.

The small profiles at the bottom of the screen can let you know what each character is good at so that when you need food the one good at cooking can make the food for everyone. There are so many survival elements involved as well such as purifying water and guarding to make sure no one attacks when it’s time to sleep.

Time management is your best friend as you give each character a role to play in the apocalypse.

Chose between various characters to know which is best for your gameplay experience!

Do everything to keep the children safe!

There are so many post-apocalyptic games out there. It’s such a big and exciting genre where you can learn real-life skills in these scenarios in the comfort of your own home.

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