The 17 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies Worth Watching Now

top 17 post apocalyptic movies
10 Cloverfield Lane explores paranoia about the apocalypse. Post Apocalyptic Films can use their setting to examine a wide range of how humans interact with the end of the world.

17 Post Apocalyptic Movies You Should Not Miss Out On

Over the past few decades, and increasingly frequent in recent years, post-apocalyptic stories and settings have become a staple in pop culture. The reasons for the collapse of civilization tend to be, at least for me it seems far more superficial than the reality itself. In a zombie apocalypse, it may not be the zombies themselves in which people are interested, but the story of modern man having to survive in this harsh world amidst the ashes of his society.

This can be partly explained by the large number of subgenres relating to post-apocalyptic films and the numerous creative ways we have explained the end of civilization. And perhaps with the state of the world becoming increasingly unpredictable, people may want to brush up on their survival skills. This is a genre which translates well into pop culture and especially movies (and games), so to help you prepare for the end of the world, here are the top 17 best post-apocalyptic movies worth watching again in 2017.

17. This is the End

When beams of light from the sky begin abducting people, Hollywood actors band together and try to make meaning of this apocalypse. Fearing the worst, that this truly is the end of days spoken of in the book of Revelations, the actors must survive the Rapture and the onslaught of demons roaming the Earth.

This is the End tells the story of Hollywood actors dealing with the apparent rapture

16. Stake Land

In a vampiric twist on the zombie outbreak story, Stake Land follows a small group of survivors as they journey north to a fabled “Eden” where they will be safe from the feral vampires. Along the way they need to fend off not only the vampires, but a fanatic cult who is thought to be responsible for the outbreak.

Stake Land mixes up the formula of a zombie outbreak with a vampiric virus

15. I am Legend

When a mutant strain of a cancer treatment wipes out most of the population save for a small percentage turned into bestial, feral beings called dark seekers, and an even smaller percentage immune, Dr. Robert Neville (Will Smith) is left in an abandoned (save for the dark seekers) New York City to work on a possible cure. Not only does he need to survive the violent dark seekers, but also separation from his family and other humans. When he runs intotwo human survivors, all his work is put into jeopardy.

Alone, surrounded by hostile infected, Dr. Robert Neville must survive while working on a cure

14. Doomsday

A deadly virus has infected Scotland, to quarantine the outbreak the British Government seals off the country with a massive wall. In hopes of finding a possible cure, a team led by Major Eden Sinclair moves into Scotland to find medical researchers who were working on a cure when the wall went up. The team is pitted against cannibals, medieval knights, and a secret plot within their own government.

Doomsday sees the collapse of society turning ordinary people into violent cannibals following the outbreak of a virus

13. Pandorum

Overpopulation has prompted a space expedition to colonize an Earth-like planet called Tanis. A spaceship containing 60,000 colonists is supposed to last 123 years and every two years a small number of crew members wake from sleep to maintain the ship. This task is incredibly difficult however owing to the infestation of a hostile alien species, a malfunctioning reactor, and the slow realization that they have been in stasis for far longer than intended.

Pandorum pits the crew of a ship loaded with sleeping colonists, an alien species and its own malfunctioning reactor

12. The Book of Eli

After a nuclear apocalypse has ravaged the Earth a blind man named Eli must traverse the wasteland of America in hopes of preserving the world’s last remaining Bible. Eli must survive bandits and other hazards while he protects the sacred and coveted book.

The Book of Eli tells the journey of a man traveling the wastes with the last Bible on Earth

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