15 New Post Apocalyptic Games That Look Really Fun!

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Always try to avoid the clickers in The Last of Us 2

Zombies, Mutants, Cyborgs, and of course, Demon Hitler.

In the post-apocalyptic genre, there is no shortage of enemies who are hell-bent on your destruction.

Fans of survival games from Resident Evil to Fallout know the score: the end of the world is nigh and there's only one option: find a weapon, and get to survivin' it.

While there are many to choose from in the post-apocalyptic genre, each game offers it's own unique twist, charm, and something to come away with that will stick with you passed the end credits.

15. Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

Enter the world of The Dome, where humanity seeks to use ancient artifacts to achieve new heights...or so they'd have you believe.

Outside is an apocalyptic wasteland filled with deadly anomalies, zombie-like mutants, and warring factions.

Encased is a narrative-driven RPG influenced partially by the Fallout series, where the faction you choose will give you access to unique dialogue choices and ultimately, how you play.

Stay armed! Even though the inside of the dome is portrayed to be a haven, all is not what it seems, and guns are a hot commodity!

In this turn-based RPG, you must strategize your moves wisely to make the most out of every turn.

Which faction will you join? The security faction, for example, will give you unique access to otherwise restricted space but make it more difficult to gain information from criminals.

14. Remnant: From the Ashes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Forget zombies. In this third-person action/adventure shooter, your world has been invaded by an ancient race of other-worldly creatures called The Root, who are bent on humanity's destruction.

Scavenge, upgrade, and enhance your character while fighting your way through randomly generated maps.

With RPG elements, gameplay, and difficulty akin to the Soulsbourne series, you and up to 2 other players must try and carve out a foot-hold for humanity to rebuild their lost civilization.

Travel through a post-apocalyptic wasteland to discover the source of “The Root” and drive them out of humanity’s homeland.

Fight through hordes of enemies: From the small and numerous to the large and deadly, aim well and use your ammo wisely.

Facedown huge bosses of every zone. There’s no blocking so you have to be agile or you’ll be dead before you get a chance to reload.

13. Dying Light 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Think it’s tough to survive in a giant zombie playground? Try doing it at night when they can really get the jump on you!

An open-world action RPG, Dying Light 2 seeks to improve upon its predecessor with new sandbox narrative properties, making your choices really count. 

Players of the first Dying Light will enjoy the parkour-style combat mechanics being improved upon with new dodge mechanics and gliding capabilities. 

Not just mindless zombies: Making decisions in Dying Light 2 is one of the ways you can influence and change the outcome of the narrative.

In your face combat: It’s not just the undead, rival factions will also be out for your head; modify weapons to give yourself the (serrated) edge!

Can’t touch this! Fans of the series know that night-time brings out the worst of the worst; Use makeshift technology like the ultra-violet flashlight to temporarily stun the undead!

12. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Rainbow Six has been a staple of first-person shooters for years, and its latest incarnation merges its tactical fps core with an undead nightmare.

While not much has been revealed about Rainbow Six Quarantine, the lead game designer teases the experience of Siege with the added thrill of survival horror.

Whether you’re a fan of Rainbow Six, or just a fan of blowing the brains out of the living dead, Quarantine looks to be a stunning piece of zombie-hunting gameplay.

Our unknown protagonist is shown vulnerable and wounded, with a dark-colored infection quickly spreading through his arm.

While infection spreads, grotesque screaming of unseen creatures can be heard as monstrous shadows appear to surround the wounded soldier.

In the nick of time: Fans of Rainbow Six Siege will recognize Ela and Virgil as they blast their way through a thicket of unseen creatures for a last-minute rescue.

11. The Last of Us Part II (PS4)

Fans of survival horror, action/adventures, and cinematic storytelling should not miss out on The Last of Us Part II.

If you’re new to the series, humanity lies on the brink of extinction as a fast-spreading fungus turns humans into mindless, cannibalistic monstrosities.

Play as Joel and Ellie as they work together to survive the elements, mutated humans, and a mysterious and bloodthirsty cult. 

Ssshhh: Don’t move, don’t make a sound. The Last of Us veterans will recognize the deadly clickers, who sense your presence by echolocation.

A world in disarray: On horseback or on foot, explore the world from the deepest sewers to the ruined metropolises and gather what you need to survive.

Don’t get caught off guard! The infected roam everywhere from forests to suburban neighborhoods. Only the smart survive this plague.

10. Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged

A post-apocalyptic zombie survival game like you may have never seen... if you’ve never played the first one. Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse Ep2: Caged is a story-driven and dialogue-heavy game that puts you in the role of Hank, a retired salesrabbit, and Larry, his old canine buddy.

Using their combined influence, guile, and persuasion techniques, you must convince others to do the scavenging for you; getting the goods, without risking your own fur.

This game takes on a very different angle of the survival horror genre with its own twist of wit, vulgarity and dark humor.

Hank and Larry are partners in...well, not crime per se, but definitely nothing good for their would-be marks. Use team-work to influence others into doing your bidding!

Using various decision-making responses you can amass a veritable posse of pawns to do your bidding, while you reap the rewards, baby!

Convince other curious critters to pick locks, find secrets, and scavenge for items. Oh yeah, and don’t get them eaten by zombies.

9. GTFO | PC

Think you have a tough job? Try joining the members of GTFO. In this squad-based fps, you are a prisoner tasked with the extraction of various valuables from an underground complex.

You must work together with other prisoners to survive hordes of enemies, to solve the puzzles of the complex and of your own past.

Fight with a squad of up to 4 players to traverse deeper and deeper into a dark complex infested with deadly enemies.

Keep your light on! You can’t see them but they can see you! Don’t get caught off guard if you want to survive these vicious beasts!

Utilize different weapons and equipment from assault rifles to RPGs to shoot down your enemies or blow them apart.

8. Zombie Army 4: Dead War - Feb 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE

What happens when the Axis powers of WWII lose the war but refuse to die? They become Nazi zombies of course!

If you’re new to the series, Hitler turns to the occult to raise zombies to fight his war and inadvertently turned Europe into a Nazi-zombie nightmare.

In the 4th part to the Zombie Army Trilogy, Zombie Hitler has finally been defeated but the horde continues its rampage.

Continue in this alternate history to defeat the Nazis once and for all!

If you see one of these guys coming your way, probably best to find some cover before he go “boom”.

Think fire is how to kill zombies? Oh, how the tables have turned.

Hitler is back from Hell to use his demonic powers to push the world into chaos. Now if only he had the power to change that haircut...

7. Project Resistance PS4, PC, XBOX ONE (Included with Resident Evil 3)

Set in Racoon City, Project Resistance merges multiplayer gaming with escape-room horror.

In this Resident Evil spin-off, play as one of four survivors to navigate a booby-trapped and zombie-infested area and find the way out.

Or, play as the fifth character, the insidious mastermind who tries to prevent the survivors from escaping by placing traps, weaponized cameras, and taking direct control of zombies! Who will survive in this deadly game?

While one team of 4 works together, a 5th player, the mastermind, places traps, zombies, and various obstacles in the way to prevent the survivors from...well, surviving.

Each member of the team has their own key role to play. Find clues and items to help you move forward and gain extra time.

Work both independently and as a team, utilizing each individual’s unique powers and abilities to escape the traps of the mastermind.

6. Back 4 Blood - TBA 2020 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE

Ever since the infamous Left 4 Dead dropped over a decade ago, new zombie games have been spawning faster than...well, zombies.

I’d say this one is no different, but the fact that it’s from the same developers behind Left 4 Dead, it might just be.

With a release date slated for late 2020, possibly 2021, Back 4 Blood is teased to be the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead with all the co-op zombie-horde blasting you have come to expect, plus new features to improve upon the already great original.

(Left for Dead) With little shown of Back 4 Blood, it is widely assumed/speculated that it will both look and play similarly to Left 4 Dead.

(Left for dead) Stick together as a squad to blast your way through the undead hordes.

(Left for dead) Will the cast of the Left 4 Dead series make a return in Back 4 Blood? Only time will tell by the end of 2020 (hopefully).

5. Synced: Off-Planet - 2020 | PC

Taking a new twist on Survival horror, Synced: Off-Planet isn’t PVE or PVP, it’s both.

Turning to technology for survival as humans have always done, in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi shooter, technology has gone horribly wrong and humans have become cybernetic zombie-like monsters. 

In order to survive, you must work together with a band of fellow humans to gather parts, repair your ship, and escape planet earth.

But there are only enough resources for one group to escape...and you’re not the only one who wants out. 

Use futuristic guns and explosives against waves of enemies; remember your enemies run on electricity so EMP’s are a great addition to any arsenal!

You’re not the only one trying to escape! Hold off technological zombies, sync with the escape ship, and fight off rival teams trying to do the same!

Up close and personal: These enemies have no qualms about getting up in your face! Keep them at bay using anything and everything at your disposal!

4. The Black Masses - TBA | PC

Another twist in the guns-V-zombie universe is The Black Masses: an open world co-op RPG set in a fantasy world. A medieval population on an island has had their minds usurped by a mysterious force called the “black mass”.

Use swords, spells, crossbows, and anything else you can get your hands on, be prepared to run, jump, and fight your way through hundreds of thousands of enemies as you discover the source of the curse.

Clever wordplay aside “The Black Masses” looks to be a fun and unique take on the zombie apocalypse genre.

Knight in shining armor? This might look like a chivalrous knight, but don’t be fooled: the only thing that helmet is hiding is a zombie visage.

Hordes upon hordes: with a huge island to explore, you must make your way through swathes of zombies, but don’t worry, as you become more powerful you’ll soon be cutting them down like weeds.

Town centers and other areas where humans once congregated and lived are the most dangerous, with sometimes thousands infesting one place.

3. BEYOND DEATH - 2020 | PC

Scavenge, build, survive, repeat. In what looks to be one of the most massively open-world survival-horrors to date, you must learn to survive in a world of living dead while discovering not just what happened to the rest of humanity, but if there is any cure.

This sandbox RPG not only lets you explore a massive open world, but also use anything and everything to put together new tools to survive, fix existing equipment, even build your own shelter.

Will you have what it takes to put your knowledge and tools to work and survive long enough to discover the cause of the outbreak?

Aim well! While not possessing the best graphics, the physics engine coupled with realistic aiming physics makes shooting the undead as fun as it is believable.

Don’t leave any door left unopened; you never know when there may be something of use somewhere. Keep that flashlight handy and get ready to scavenge.

Find out what happened in this once-quiet rural community; build a shelter to stay in and come out to scavenge day by day while avoiding the swarms as much as possible.

2. Undying - TBA 2020 | PC

Other than the usual undead threat, Undying shows you that there’s more to survival than aiming for the head.

In this indie adventure game from Vanimals, you control Anling, a mother trying to survive long enough to teach her son everything he needs to survive himself.

As you improve do what is needed to survive, her son will learn to acquire the same skill sets.

Level him up quickly and pass on your skills to survive, because Anling herself is infected… and time is running out. 

Surviving the zombie apocalypse isn’t all just shooting and running; Teach your son useful skills like cooking. A boy’s gotta eat!

Hold my hand while we cross the road! Don’t let your son fall too far behind as he will need to watch what you do to learn the skills to survive.

Never far behind: Use your ammo sparingly and kill when you need to protect yourself and your prodigy from ravenous zombies.

1. Resident Evil 3- April 2020 | PS4, PC, Xbox One

One of the forerunners of the zombie-apocalypse survival horrors, Resident Evil makes its remake return with the reimagined Resident Evil 3 in 2020.

As Jill Valentine, police agent of the specialist squad S.T.A.R.S., you are trapped in the T-Virus infected Racoon city with few remaining survivors of your company.

Relive this 1999 classic with updated graphics, cinematics, and gameplay and see how Resident Evil has solidified itself in the annals of video game legends.

Reimagined: Experience Resident Evil 3 with updated, top-notch graphics and see Racoon City the way it was meant to be seen.

Play as various members of S.T.A.R.S. as you find your way out of the city, all the while battling more and more ferocious creatures.

Pursued: not all just mindless zombies, Nemesis will use weapons and cunning to hunt you down one by one. Can you escape?

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