[Top 10] Resident Evil 3 REmake Facts

You won't like Nemesis when he's angry

10. Jill's New Look

Jill & CarlosJill & Carlos gear up to take on the unstoppable Nemesis

Jill ValentineJill's new look for this reimaging of a horror classic

Those familiar with the original Resident Evil 3 will see a noticeable difference with the main protagonist's look. Not only have the graphics received a major overhaul, but a brand new model was used to render the character. She's also rockin' a new wardrobe as well. Instead of the tube top, skirt, and sweater around the waist combo, Jill is sporting a more tactical tank-top and jeans that are much more suitable for her current predicament.


9. Same City, New Nightmares

Jill v ZombiesNew high-detailed locations to explore

Raccon CityChaos looms in the flame-ridden streets of Raccoon City 

Resident Evil 2 was a massive hit when it was released in 1998, as was it's 2019 PS4 remake. It's no wonder why Capcom decided to take what was originally supposed to be a short side story and turn it into a full-fledged video game. Due to time constraints, many of the same locations from RE2 were recycled into RE3 as will be the case for the remake. Players can also look forward to more of Raccoon City to explore along with new locations never before seen.


8. Timeline

TimeSee what happened before Leon & Claire rolled into town


Battle-damaged Jill ready to jump back into action

As the events of Resident Evil 3 take place in the same location as those of Resident Evil 2, it should come as no surprise that they occur around the same time as well. RE3 serves as a partial prequel and sequel to the events of RE2. The game picks up about 24 hours before the second one starts and shows how Jill made her harrowing escape from Raccoon City and the monsters contained within.


7. Nemesis Easter Eggs


Nemesis shaped hole in RE2

Nemesis Easter Egg

Nemesis can be heard in the distance

When the RE2 Remake was released a year before RE3 was announced, many claimed seeing easter eggs teasing Nemesis. Large holes were present in the police station made by something rather large and aggressive. These holes were there before Mr. X came in to stalk you and make your life a living hell. Later updates to the game include a letter left by Miss Valentine herself and the disembodied voice of something echoing the word “STAAAAARRRRSSS” in a familiar bone-chilling tone.


6. A Nose for Nemesis

NemesisSmell ya later

NemesisNemesis profile looks even more menacing 

Nemesis's look gets un update in more ways than one. But perhaps the most noticeable added feature is smack dab in the middle of his face. A damaged crooked nose can be seen where there was none before. This gives the titular villain the ability to sniff out the S.T.A.R.S members he is tasked with hunting down. At least that's what I assume it's for.


5. Nemesis Pulling Looks


Back in black

Flame thrower

Nemesis has a burning desire to meet

And next coming down the runway we have Nemesis sporting the latest in S&M bondage gear! Not only does his face make some changes but his outfit does as well. A patchwork black leather mask can be seen covering his ugly mug in the trailer, which I assume slowly tears away as the game progresses. His signature rocket launcher also gets swapped for a flame-thrower. Let's hope Jill has packed some serious SPF.


4. Project Resistance


The latest victims of Umbrella's experiments

mr x

Mr. X makes an appearance from RE2

An add-on to the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake, Project Resistance is an online co-op game set in the same doomed metropolis, Raccoon City. You'll play as one of four survivors who have been abducted by the nefarious Umbrella Intelligence Division who seek to gather intel on their latest bio-weapon monstrosities. Work as a team to escape with your life.


3. New Weapons


Jill will have no shortage of weapons at her disposal 

Samurai Edge

Jill's signature sidearm

The Resident Evil 2 Remake saw a slew of new firearms added to the protagonists' arsenal and RE3 seems like it will follow the same suit. Teaser images give a taste of what we can expect to see Jill use to take down the hulking behemoth. Holsters, harnesses, and pockets are all visible on her person as well.


2. More “Rearranged” Elements than RE2


Even more secrets and features to uncover in this remake

RE3 Remake

No Resident Evil game is complete without a trip to the sewers

The RE2 remake hosted new locations, characters, and story elements, but according to the game's producer, Masao Kawada, RE3 will feature even more! Familiar ones are still present for fans to enjoy as are new ones to keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay vigilant and expect the unexpected in this re-imaging of a horror classic.


1. Carlos's Hair


Maybe he's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Carlos Hair

Carlos's new look is a vast improvement on the original

Quite possibly the best upgrade the RE3 teasers have shown us so far is the new hair-do sported by supporting character, Carlos Oliveira. Ditching his slicked-back greasy locks for a more tousled, messier “bed head” and facial scruff, Carlos looks more menacing and combat-ready. His gear is stealthy black and more tactical than the original as well. Let's just hope his updated look reflects a new personality we will be seeing for the hero.

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