Top 10 New and Upcoming Zombie Games (2018-2020)

new zombie games
Ain't no party like an undead party, 'cause at an undead party everyone's dead and trying to eat you.

New Zombie Games You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Why do we love slaying zombies? Is it the catharsis? The mindless mayhem? Do we all harbor a deep loathing for the human experience in general and feel the need to eradicate it through the slaughter of the undead? Or maybe it's just fun!

Chances are, if you love zombie games, you’ve played all the ones available to you and are looking for new ones. Well, look no further, because here is a complete new list of zombie-bashing gameplay. Experience new stories, new weapons, news maps and worlds, all with that same zombie hunting thrill.

1. Dead Frontier 2

“Dead Frontier 2 Gameplay (Early Sneak Peek)”

Dead Frontier 2 is a survival MMORPG that focuses on challenging you to avoid and survive the undead, or “infected” as the game refers to them.. True to traditional RPG format, you can create your own custom character and hunt for loot. This game will be completely free-to-play, with only cosmetic and utility upgrades being sold for real money, so that nobody as a pay-to-play advantage.

What makes this game stand out? Dead Frontier 2 focuses on survival horror, not player-versus-player. If you aren’t working with other players to survive or making the infected your number one opponent, then you don’t stand much of a chance. The in-game economy is completely player driven and features realistic trading mechanics such as multiple currencies, taxes, and supply and demand.

Eerie and Atmospheric: The tone of the whole game is visibly dark, adding to the real horror that could be waiting for you anywhere.

Explorable Interiors: Buildings aren't just for decoration in Dead Frontier 2; they're home to possible loot and the infected.

2. Zombie Killing Simulator 

“Zombie Killing Simulator Official Gameplay Trailer – Wave Mode”

Zombie Killing Simulator is pure hack-and-slash gore-tastic fun. It features game modes such as Waves, Tower Defense, Top Down Shooter, Free Mode, Hide and Seek, Try to Survive, and more. This game has every way possible you can imagine killing zombies.

What makes this zombie blitz game unique is that there are different weapons, models, goals, and maps for each and every level, a level editor, and there will be new game modes and updates to keep the fun coming. It’s constant, violent, bloody fun.

Unique Monsters: From your run-of-the-mill zombies to monsters that look like the Incredible Hulk took a corrosive acid bath, you will have no shortage of enemies to mow through.

Your choice of weaponry: From a range of guns, to chainsaws, to swords, every weapon choice gives you brain-exploding action.

3. Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Zombies – IX

“Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Zombies Mode Reveal Trailer”

Not typical of the zombie backstory, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has given their new Zombie Mode a unique origin. Upholding the series’ tradition of four-player co-op combat, your character has traveled back through time to one of three different maps: Voyage of Despair on the sinking Titanic, Blood of the Dead in an infected prison, and IX, which takes place in a Roman era gladiatorial arena.

This new zombie mode is unique to Call of Duty because it offers a new feature called Callings, which is a suite of post-launch updates that will exhibit timed challenges and seasonal content. There is also a mutation customizing system, which allows players around 100 different options which can alter their zombie slaughtering experience. You can change zombie speed, player damage, and more. Overall the mode allows you to decimate waves of the undead in every customizable way you can fathom.

Man-made Monstrosities: This isn't your typical zombie plague; these zombies were created by an evil secret order bent on destroying the world.

Drop your guns and grab your swords: Step into the gladiator's ring and get up close and personal with waves of the undead trying to rip you apart, and the crowd cheering them on.

4. School Girl/Zombie Hunter

“Surreal School Girl/Zombie Hunter – Gameplay”

Have you been sucked into the abyss that is the entire genre of anime RPGs? They’re story-heavy, simplistic in their combat, and terribly addicting. Once you finish one game, you just need to have more. But there’s not always enough action in the genre to really scratch that zombie killing itch--until now! School Girl/Zombie Hunter is a third-person shooter where you play as a high school girl. You and your friends are trapped in Kirisaki High School, which has been cut off from society and is infested with zombies. Your goal is to make it out of the school with your friends in tow.

School Girl/Zombie Hunter is a unique addition to the zombie game genre because you play as your typical anime school girl, complete with her clothes getting unrealistically torn to shreds during combat. Not so typical: she has a gun and she can mow through crowds of the reanimated dead. It’s also unique in that there is just as much story as there is gameplay, featuring cutscenes and additional story telling episodes with every new character you meet. This game is for those of you who love the Japanese RPG format that makes it feel like you’re playing an interactive movie.

Typical Anime Fan Service: Anime physics don’t ever make sense, but here we are anyway, half-naked and completely fine with it.

Customize: Don't let having a half-naked school girl to control bother you too much. You also have costume options. Cowgirl bikinis make suitable zombie-slaying attire.

5. Dying Light 2

“Dying Light 2 – E3 Announcement Trailer”

The first Dying Light was a best seller, and its sequel is already carrying on its legacy. Not only will you still be able to parkour in every direction, but this time every choice you make will shape your story and environment. Every player’s experience will be unique. The developer is calling Dying Light 2 a “narrative sandbox.” The game takes place 15 years after its prequel, in the last city on earth, where factions are at war against one another for control of land and resources.

Dying Light 2 is a unique immersive RPG experience within the zombie genre of video games. You will have to make difficult choices that test both your morals and your ethics, and each choice you make will have permanent consequences on the world around you, who you side with, and how your story plays out and ends.

Bigger is Better: This game will also be at least four times the size of its predecessor map-wise. The city you inhabit and play in is intricate and massive.

Enemies, both dead and alive: During the day you compete with the living, and during the night you must survive the undead.

6. Dead Matter

“Dead Matter – Gameplay Trailer (New Open World Zombie Game)

Dead Matter is an open world first-person-shooter survival game where everything can be explored. Reclaim a house, a warehouse, or a gas station and make it your own. Build onto it, rearrange your furniture, and barricade your doors and windows how you see fit. It is entirely yours. You will be responsible for getting the power up and running, placing lights and generators, and stocking your supplies.

Weapons and vehicles in the game are customizable. There are currently over 50 unique customizable melee weapons and the developers are continuing to add more. The game is also extremely mod friendly so that the community can continue to have fun with its design and gameplay. The main goal that the developers had for the game was replayability. The maps are also procedurally regenerated, so that every experience is unique.

Pick a house, any house: Go anywhere you want, and live anywhere you want.

Ever Improving Content: Developers are constantly working to make their Zombie AI better than ever, for more realistic hordes and an ultimate zombie slaying experience.

7. World War Z

“World War Z – E3 2018 Gameplay Demo”

Based on the book and not the movie, World War Z focuses on telling the story of the zombie apocalypse in pivotal points across the globe, such as Moscow and Jerusalem. It is a four-player co-op against hordes of 500 to 1000+ zombies. You must utilize your environment to survive, and you aren’t safe anywhere.

The unique thing about this game is the Zombie AI. The zombies respond as a swarm, they pile on top of one another, they are fast, and they will climb and charge through anything to get to you. You will be fighting against immense hordes of undead in this game, and you will have to think on your feet, because these guys don’t give you time to reactand they don’t stagger around like your typical slow corpse.

Base Determination: Because they're dead, these zombies have no fear. They only want to eat, and they will do what it takes to scale a building and get to you.

The Aftermath: You must shoot down hundreds upon hundreds of zombies at a time in order to survive.

8. Overkill's Walking Dead

"Overkill's The Walking Dead FULL MISSION Gameplay | Polygon @ E3 2018"

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is a first-person shooter based on the comics of The Walking Dead, and focuses on 4-player cooperative gameplay. There are four original characters, and each one has their own skill tree, group role in combat, play style, and backstory. The story follows them as they work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., in the same universe as the comics.

This game is unique because, while you can choose to use stealth or brute force to complete missions and navigate the storyline, any wrong move can turn a quiet looting opportunity into a fight for your life. You spend the game walking on eggshells and keeping your eyes peeled. Your play style also matters. If you aren’t fulfilling your role in your group, you run the risk of failing the mission or getting your team members killed.

New and Original: With characters entirely original to the game, you have your choice between Aiden, Heather, Grant, and Maya.

Numerous Enemies: You will be going up against more than just the undead; the living are also a threat.

9. State of Decay 2

“State of Decay 2 Early Gameplay Walkthrough Intro”

State of Decay 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the hit State of Decay which was released in 2013. It’s a strategic survival RPG, where your chosen characters have back stories unique to them, and they talk to one another as you play, revealing who they are and where they came from. You must set out to find other survivors, build your base, start a community, manage your resources, and, of course, kill zombies. Make choices for your group, find weapons ranging from pipes, to guns and machetes, and hack and slash your way through hordes of the undead.

State of Decay 2 is unique in that it has its perma-death feature; once a character dies, they’re gone for good. And you can’t pause the game, so you’re pretty much never safe.

Undead Unloosed: State of Decay 2 by no means has a small map, but that doesn't hinder the game at all in placing as many enemy zombies as possible around every corner.

As far as the eye can see: Get to the strategic high ground and scan as far as you can for possible materials, resources, and potential bases.

10. GTFO

"GTFO Gameplay: Work as a Team to Survive the Horror | E3 2018"

This isn't the usual army of zombies but a series of utterly bizarre creatures. GTFO is an utterly terrifying first-person-shooter, focusing on cooperative teamwork and quick reflexes. If you’re jumpy and can’t think on your feet, this isn’t the game for you. These creatures crawl at you on all fours at ridiculous speeds and the sounds they make are nightmare fuel.

GTFO is unique because it’s not just hardcore survival combat. The game is full of puzzles and environments that require team-based strategy. If you can’t work together, you can’t survive. It’s atmospheric, it’s intense, and it’s challenging.

Creatures of the Night: You have more to fight against than your typical undead zombie; these monsters are mind-boggling and horrifying.

Navigate the Dark: True to the horror genre, you will be thrusted into the dark with swarms of man-eating monsters hiding in every corner.

11. Resident Evil 2 Remake

“Resident Evil 2 – E3 2018 Gameplay”

Resident Evil has been a cornerstone of zombie horror for a while, and this time is no different, only now Capcom has upped its game. Bloodier and more realistic than ever, Resident Evil 2 is gory in the most 3-dimensional way imaginable. To put it briefly: it’s grim, it’s gross, and, for the light of heart, it’s probably a bit nauseating. It’s also not an exact copy of the original. There will be surprises, and there are lots of new things to experience while you’re playing.

This game is unique in that it takes a modernized more realistic spin on a beloved classic. If you are a fan of the original Resident Evil games, you’re going to love how the elements in this game really throw you back to the original material. It’s a brand new, yet nostalgic experience.

Realistically Repulsive: These aren't the low quality monsters from the 90s you’re used to. These guys nearly come off the screen.

Cause and Effect: Make sure you board up what windows you can early on, or you'll be facing some surprise visitors later on in the game.

12. Strange Brigade

“Strange Brigade Gameplay – Zombie Mummies”

If Indiana Jones and The Mummy had a mutant baby, you would get Strange Brigade. After Seteki the Witch Queen rises in Egypt during the 1930s, it’s up to The Strange Brigade to stand against her dark power, all the while shooting down reanimated mummies and the occasional zombie Minotaur monster. A third-person co-op shooter, you must not only shoot your way through waves of the undead, but also solve puzzles explore the ruins of ancient Egypt.

This game is unique in its gameplay, because while you get the traditional shooter fun of blowing away swarms of enemies, you also get to set traps, explore suspicious clues, and search out secret entrances and ancient mechanisms typical of your fictional Egyptian ruins and tombs.

Seteki the Witch Queen isn't alone: you must also deal with her loyal monsters of lore.

Solo or Multiplayer: This game has the typical 4-player co-op option so you can choose a character and play with three of your friends.

13. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

“The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Gameplay + Info E3 2018 HD”

Telltale has been telling an episodic story for more than six years, and with this game, the series is coming to an end. The Final Season tells Clementine’s final chapter, who has grown into an adult and main character throughout the series, and now she has to do the protecting. In this closing chapter, Clem finds an old school and must protect it, because it could finally be her chance at a home. She must also watch over AJ, the younger orphaned boy who has become her one and only family.

Telltale is a story-driven game developer, and for this final season of The Walking Dead they are exploring unscripted combat, more cinematic camera angles, and more explorable surroundings. These games aren’t about mowing through zombies, they’re about getting to know your characters and struggling with them, which makes The Walking Dead: The Final Season a unique addition to the zombie genre. It is probably the most story-heavy game on the list.

Character Growth: Clementine has grown from the protected to the protector, and she will do anything to make sure AJ is safe.

New and Improved: This cutscene features an orbiting camera angle, which allows you a more in depth look at your surroundings.

14. Dead Island 2 

“Dead Island 2 (Gameplay Demo)”

Dead Island 2 is the third installment in the Dead Island series, but unlike Dead Island and Escape Dead Island, this game doesn’t actually occur on an island. It instead takes place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and a third mystery location in California. Dead Island 2 takes place a couple of months after the first game where the United States military has declared California a restricted quarantine zone due to a zombie outbreak.

This game features new combat mechanics different from its prequels, and expands on the traditional co-op multiplayer, allowing up to eight players instead of just four. Dead Island 2 will still include features such as the Rage and crafting systems from the earlier games.

What Developers had to say: At E3 2014 it was announced that Dead Island 2 would be more "vibrant" than its predecessors.

A Cast to Choose From: Make your choice between these four unique characters to play.

15. Daymare 1998

“Daymare 1998 – Official First Gameplay Demo”

Beginning development as a Resident Evil 2 fan remake, Daymare 1998 takes you back to the atmospheric horror of the 80s and 90s, utilizing a third-person over-the-shoulder camera angle. It is story-driven through the points of view of multiple characters and combat often requires strategic approaches. There are environmental puzzles to be solved and collectibles to be found that expand on the lore within the universe of the game.

The game is based around a terrorist attack which turns the unsuspecting residents of a little North Western American community into flesh eating terrors of the night. Your sole goal is to survive the nightmare (or daymare?). This game is unique in that all the gameplay mechanics are meant to throw you back to 90s horror games. It’s meant to feel like you’re playing something straight out of 1998, only with much better graphics.

Unnerving Nostalgia: The atmosphere and setting of the entire game is meant to be just as dark and creepy as video game horror was when it began in the late 90s.

Resident Evil Fan Remake: Because it started out as a fan remake to Resident Evil 2, there are many cameos to the Resident Evil Games, such as the third-person over-the-shoulder camera angle.

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