13 Best Zombie Apocalypse Games To Play on PC Right Now

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When you need to kill zombies and the hardware store has saw-blades on sale

Best PC Zombie Games to Play Right Now

Whether you have a new PC or an older model upgraded to your liking, the calling of PC gaming always begs one question, what game should you play next?

Well, if you happen to have an esteemed love for zombies then this list is certainly for you. Simply glance through the list of the 13 best zombie games to play on PC and decide which one you want to play first.

13) Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Trailer

In Capcom’s newest installment of the resident evil series you play as Ethan Winters, the main protagonist who has gone in search of his wife, Mia. Upon the start of this search you find yourself at the seemingly abandoned homestead of the Baker family unaware that the Baker family is very much alive but not well. Finding yourself trapped within the home you must find your wife and escape the ever-grim presence of the baker family.

Searching through the dark remnants of a once prestigious home that has now fallen to decay, you must find your wife Mia who has disappeared within a house seemingly devoid of life. But while the house may seem to be without life the residents that dwell within it are far from dead.

Passing through the eerily silent house with a constant reminder that someone may lie just around the corner gives pause to every action you may take. You must find your way through the house searching for any weapons that you may come across to protect yourself as you continue to search for any clue to your wife’s location.

No weapon you can find in the Baker’s house can protect you from a direct run in with this man

Guns are extremely sparse in the Baker house, if you come across one use it sparingly 

12) 7 Days To Die

7 Days to Die Trailer

At first thought, you could consider yourself lucky for having survived the third world war nuclear apocalypse, but after waking to find yourself in only your undergarments and having to make clothes out of plant fibers, things may start to seem grim.

Your situation gets worse upon realizing that the would-be survivors of the apocalypse now make up the massive zombie population that plagues the new post-apocalyptic world.

Entering the game with nothing to protect yourself from the environment or the creatures that dwell within them, you must use rocks, trees, and plant fibers to craft the necessary tools required to loot houses for food, water and other necessary survival materials.

Using these materials to create weapons and armor to keep the undead nightmare that surrounds you at bay while you create a fortress that will secure you from the zombie hordes that come to meet you every seven days.

Deciding to run can be smart if your weapon isn’t up for taking down the enemy

If your enemy is a zombie lumberjack and your weapon is a pickaxe, I would vote run


11) Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Trailer

Zeds have quickly spread across the European nations after the initial outbreak at Horzine leaving governments and communication systems to crumble. A group of surviving soldiers and police officers are quickly band together to act as the final defense against the mutant zombies.

Being the final stand against the zed threat you will travel to several locations taking out as many hordes as possible. You will earn money and points within the game that can be used to buy ammo, weapons and upgrades necessary to keep fighting the massive hordes of zeds that present a threat against you and the world you inhabit.

It seems like a time old debate of dual wielding weapons vs weapon and shield is about to take place

It’s times like these that having friends comes in handy

10) State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 Trailer

Stuck in a world inhabited by masses of the undead it stands to reason that surviving in numbers is the logical thing to do. Looking for food, water, and survivors is the key point of this game as all of them play key role in surviving the new post-apocalyptic world.

Searching through the now vacant world for survivors, food, water, and supplies to build and improve upon a community that will represent the world’s last inhabitants. This seems easy or at least not as hard as it could be considering that you have four people attempting this venture as opposed to doing alone.

But things can become very real as you lose one of your cherished companions, and realize that they will not be coming back. There is no reset button for the characters in this game. Making the lack of awareness and bad decision making in building a utopia fatal and all to dark.

Something tells me this zombie is going to be harder to kill than the others

Building a community is the beginning of rebuilding humanity in a world that is all but lost

9) Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Trailer

Following the outbreak of the T-virus most of Raccoon Cities’ residents have been turned into the undead. Having just arrived in Raccoon City, Claire and Leon make their way to the police department for a means of protection from the zombie plague. Upon finding the Police Station devoid of life both Claire and Leon must find their way out of Racoon City without dying.

Playing as either Claire Redfield or Leon S. Kennedy, you must make your way from the Police Station through Racoon City while looking for the other protagonist. Making your way through the unending waves of zombies with limited ammo and saves makes the game extremely complex and difficult.

Resident Evil 2 was the first of many appearances by Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil Series

The game may not be the most graphically pleasing, but everyone loves a classic

8) No More Room In Hell

No More Room In Hell Trailer

Set in a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario, eight survivors are contacted by a military search team requesting that they hold out long enough for them to evac the survivors. With these instructions, the survivors must search for anything they can to survive the massive swarms of the undead until the military team arrives.

The gameplay differs between objective mode, where players must follow instruction sin order to find the rescue vehicle needed for escape, and survival mode, where survivors must endure several hordes of zombies until a military evac team could arrive.

In both types of gameplay, you and up to seven other players must fight against the undead hordes in a desperate act of protecting your shelter, while searching for weapons, and medical supplies to help in your survival.

Playing online with several other people you never really know what the gameplay will be like

One aspect that sets No More Room in Hell apart from other games is its use of zombie children

7) How to survive 2

How To Survive 2 Trailer

Our old friend Kovac is back again for the sequel of How to Survive. This time however, the zombie plague has spread from uninhabited islands to the packed streets of Louisiana. This has caused the zombie plague tom spread rapidly, but those still living will do everything they can to prevent it from going any further.

How to Survive 2, like the original, is a top down camera view style zombie survival crafting game. Finding the materials to create medical and weapon based items is a large part of the gameplay, along with collecting food and performing missions necessary to progress throughout the story line.

Playing How to Survive 2 at night can make for an extra intense level of gameplay

It looks like a Black Friday sale went down over a can of beans

6) Dying Light

Dyign Light Trailer

In Dying Light, you play as an undercover agent instructed to infiltrate an overrun quarantine zone in Harran and retrieve a stolen file containing sensitive information. Upon being saved you are taken to Rahim who teaches you the necessary skills required to make it through the dead city.

Traversing the remnants of Harran using your newly founded parkour abilities you can avoid zombies when possible, and fight them when necessary. Avoiding zombies isn’t always possible and when you do need to go head to head it is good to have a well-crafted weapon with you. But after the sun sets and the beasts that lie in weight emerge, the only thing you can depend on is stealth.

Night has fallen, the volatiles are out, and you’re standing around with a monkey wrench?

When you wake in a good mood, like everything is going your way, and then this happens

5) The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Trailer

A zombie outbreak occurs as Lee Everett is on his way to prison, and do to events of this outbreak, he escapes, and flees to a nearby residence. There Lee finds a young girl by the name of Clementine who explains that her parents left for Savannah, Georgia days prior to the outbreak. Feeling as though he should not leave the girl alone, Lee decides to do everything in his power to get Clementine safely back to her parents.

In this game, you are forced to take quick and decisive actions that will determine the outcome of the story later in the game. From the smallest turn of phrase to being judge and jury over someone’s life you only have a lapsed moment to consider the outcome and execute your decision. All other outcomes set aside however, the main goal is to see that Clementine is safe from all possible threats.

Having no choice but to go out guns blazing, and axes swinging 

When she’s giving you the hungry eyes, but it’s because she’s a zombie and not because she’s into you

4) Left 4 Dead Series

Left 4 Dead Trailer

Eight survivors of the green flu pandemic must fight their way through hordes of the undead and the mutated strains of undead that now plague the world. Using only the weapons and medical supplies that they can obtain through the safe houses they must find some way of reaching a military evac to a safe zone.

Representing one of the eight seemingly immune survivors of the zombie apocalypse, you must make wise decisions on what weapons to use alongside your medical supplies. Between each safe house, you will face untold amounts of zombies and several mutated strains that all pose a horrid threat to your chances of surviving your journey. Relying on your teammates is a large part of the gameplay and whether you are a lone wolf or not, there will be times when you are thankful you have comrades who have your back.

Fighting mutated zombies like Hunters is what makes the Left 4 Dead Series gameplay very exciting

The Dark Carnival chapter of Left 4 dead 2 would leave someone like Tallahassee trembling 

3) DayZ

DayZ Trailer

A mysterious disease has turned most of Chernarus' people into aggressive and crazed zombies. To survive you must either kill or avoid the undead and choose wisely who you decide to trust. Trust the wrong person with a weapon and they could use it on you.

Playing as a survivor in this post-apocalyptic world filled with the animated corpses of what were once people, you must take every moment with caution as those living and undead can take you by surprise, the moment you let your guard down. Constantly needing food, water, weapons, and medical supplies is difficult as these supplies are exhausted in the search for more supplies.

Constantly exhausting resources to find more resources and being unable to fully trust the living or the dead makes this game extremely fun and realistic, but also could leave someone feeling rather weary afterwards.

 Sniping is for taking out zombies from afar, but be aware that others may be aiming to take you out

Grass can provide a moderate level of coverage when trying to avoid zombies and bandits alike

2) Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Trailer

Months after the zombie outbreak on the island of Banoi, The United States Government has quarantined California as the zombie disease has spread to the west coast. Though no one is entirely sure how the disease managed to make it to California, the single known fact is that it must be kept from spreading any further.

Dead Island 2 features a combat style gameplay that leans towards melee type weapons for most the kills. These weapons see good use when trying to complete quests that are required to advance in the games story. Using the electric upgrades on melee weapons can help take down bigger zombies and allow you to move faster through the video games extensive story line.

Melee style combat is DI2’s main focus, but guns are helpful for killing zombies from a safe distance

Wonder if he became a zombie while driving or if he just ate the driver

1) Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 Trailer

Former Raccoon City officer Leon S. Kennedy is sent on a mission to retrieve the daughter of the U.S. President, Ashley Graham. Finding her only proves to be half of an extensively exhausting battle, as even with the help of Ashley and the mysterious Ada Wong the game can still be mentally taxing.

Consisting highly of shootout style gameplay things can seem to get reckless with a shoot first and ask questions later type of mentality. But, as you progress through the game and eventually have Ashley by your side things will get much harder. You will need to make decisive shots to enable enemies, ranging from hostile villagers to infected cultist as quickly as possible, as to avoid any harm coming to Ashley.

One round in the chamber and this guy has a whole tree…might want to rethink how close you get

Results ranging from tripping an enemy up to killing them can occur based on where they are shot

BONUS) Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy Trailer

Realizing that the war is all but lost, and knowing that Berlin will soon fall, Adolf Hitler commands the execution of Plan Z! His final act in defense of losing the war Adolf Hitler uses the Sagarmatha Relic to resurrect the fallen soldiers to create his own zombie army.

Fighting Hitler’s zombie army with an array of weapons, especially the all-time favorite, sniper rifle is fun enough without the additional incentive of the x-ray kills. But while killing these hordes of zombies can be fun, trying not to get overwhelmed can become difficult. And when it comes time to take on the boss make sure you can clear as many of these swarming undead from around you as possible before taking the much-needed marksman level shot at the big guy.

One shot kills half a dozen undead, that’s something to brag about!

It’s not six zombies with one shot, but it’s still pretty cool

So, whether you prefer to start with only your underwear and pure grit, or with a fully loaded Mosin Nagant, this list comes with over a dozen games suited for hours of amazing PC gameplay in mind.

And if you decided you wanted to play only one of these games or all of them, make sure to keep this article bookmarked for any of your friends who happen to come across the problem of not knowing what game to play next. 


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