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Zombie Defense Games
Just can't get enough of it!

There is nothing like a great zombie defense game like these below. They make you think and strategize on how to take care of unsuspecting hordes coming and the greatest joy is accomplishing the hardest missions. If you find yourself lost on what to do and need help, pay close attention on how to handle various attacks in this awesome gameplay. This just may be your ticket to get out of messy situations.

10. Yet Another Zombie Defense

Yet Another Zombie Defense Gameplay

Yet Another Zombie Defense is a survival game that is all about fighting against hordes of zombies while defending yourself at night. To do this you will need to up your arsenal in weapons and build your defenses to keep the hordes from tearing into your flesh. To keep them at bay you must build your spiked fences, gun turrets, and upgrade your weapons to survive every night. If you don’t, you’ll wind up being lunch meat!

Defending: Quick, hold the fort down or all players will not survive the night!

Survival Tactics: Build fences to maximum strength, set-up turrets, fully load weapons, and unleash them upon the surrounding zombies trying to get in.

9. OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead

OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead Gameplay

OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead is a grimy and adventurous zombie apocalypse survival game with every possible turn of events. Based on the thrilling AMC TV show, jump into this action-packed shooter set in Washington D.C. after a deadly outbreak has brought the dead back our world. Your goal: Survive the onslaught of crowding zombies and human enemies lurking all over. Lock and load with single player or multiplayer and secure your base, gather supplies, and keep the zombies out as best you can!

Crowded: Hold the line as best as you can until the mission is complete. Very important to not use up all your ammo.

Laundry Day: Just when you thought it was safe to do the laundry, unwanted show up to gnaw at your flesh. Looks like a shotgun will do the trick!

8. Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Gameplay

Project Zomboid is an RPG thrilling indie survival game. In this world, you will need to think about your actions in this zombie plague. In order to survive, you will need to loot, craft, combat, farm, and even go fishing to live another day. This hardcore survival is your chance to show these zombies what you’re made of.

Trapped on Roof: The only thing you should be worried about is if you’ll get off this roof any time soon.

This is My House: When the zombies come knocking, you give them a few bashes to show them to not trespass again.

7. Last Hope – Tower Defense


Last Hope – Tower Defense Gameplay

Last Hope- Tower Defense is an open world survival game that faces off with hordes of zombies. To prevent your safe zone from being overrun by zombies you have to build your towers. Use your tactical skills to eliminate the oncoming threats with eight special heroes and their abilities. There are over 140 levels to go through, so get ready for a long road ahead of you.

Last Stand: You and your defenses are the only things standing in the way of zombies. Don’t quit for one second!

Hold the Line: Stop at nothing to defend your base. It’s the only hope you have.

6. Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition


Plants vs Zombies GOTY Edition Gameplay

Plants vs Zombies is a fun survival game where you face off with zombies that have invaded your lawn. They are coming fast, and many have gathered to eat you. You must use your plants to combat the hordes of zombies coming to get you with your super-powered plants. Whatever you do, don’t let them in!

Plants Rule: There is nothing like loyal plants protecting their land against zombies.

Roof Trouble: When the lawn wasn’t enough to deal with. Zombies just don’t know when to quit.

5. Zombie Defense


Zombie Defense Gameplay

Zombie Defense is an apocalyptic strategy game with zombies from everywhere possible. The hordes are closing in. The only thing to do is fire away and hold them back until the wave is over. Gather and recruit soldiers to help defend your location. Call in airstrikes, set up turrets, throw grenades, and more in this tactical stand-off against zombies.

Heavily Guarded: Better to be prepared for war than nothing at all.

Under Fire: To cover all sides, it’s best to spread your forces out to avoid major failure.

4. Zombo Buster Rising

Zombo Buster Rising Gameplay

Zombo Buster Rising is a classic remastered shooter against zombies. These zombies are arriving in thousands and it’s going to take a whole like bullets to put them down. From above a terrace, unleash your weapons upon the zombies below. Prevent them from entering your domain. Do all of this while looking like a boss.

Invasion: That’s a lot of zombies!

The Boss: That’s one big zombie boss. The final showdown has begun.

3. Zombie Builder Defense

Zombie Builder Defense Gameplay

Zombie Builder Defense is an action-packed thrill ride against a multitude of zombies. Build your base and see how you fair you can handle the hordes of zombies charging at you. Level up and upgrade your base and weapons as zombies will be harder to kill. Nobody likes unkillable zombies. So, give everything you have!

Big Guy: Look out team, incoming!

Winter Challenge: The cold doesn’t seem to be a problem, but these zombies are.




VERSUS SQUAD is a fast pace attack with guns and fortitudes that help against oncoming zombies. To combat this threat, you’ll have set up defenses, load your weapons, upgraded your character, and kick some zombie booty. Your mission is to survive until you finally give in to the hordes of zombies. Whatever you do, it is very important that you do not stand in place or you’ll be done for.

Surviving: It’s getting dicey here!

Too much carnage: Whoa, where did that tank come from?!

1. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Gameplay

7 Days to Die is an open world survival game built on decisions and choices the player must make. Your goal is to survive the harshness of zombies plaguing the world. In seven days, you must craft your weapons, search for supplies, build your defenses, stock up on ammo, and pray to survive the final day of your life. On the seventh day, will you be able to survive?

Fight the Horde: When all else fails, have a trusty knife ready.

Rapid Fire: Can’t dodge this Zombies!

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