11 Best Zombie Shooting Games on PC

Check out the best zombie shooting games to play on PC
What are the best zombie shooting games on PC? Let's find out.

Survival is scarce when the dead are coming back to life and devouring everyone in sight.

Like the brains of your foes, the zombie genre is blowing up in 2016, but what are the best and bloodiest zombie shooting games in 2016?  Let's find out.

11. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies

The Replacer, a hilarious video for Awakening

Having evolved greatly over recent years, this is sure to make for an exciting zombie release.

One of the most anticipated zombie-related release of 2016 is the upcoming expansion for CoD: Black Ops III. The release date of February 2nd, 2016 was recently announced by Activision. The DLC is titled Awakening.

Fight battles within a giant kraken in the new Awakening DLC map 'Splash

Ever since the first CoD zombies release in 2008 (Call of Duty: World at War) it has taken the world by storm. Nearly everyone has played the game mode by now and it is widely viewed as one of the most fun aspects of the Call of Duty series.

The first glimpse. Call of Duty: Black Ops III's zombie reveal.

Awakening will include 4 new maps, Skyjacked, Splash, Gauntlet and Rise. The maps can be seen briefly in the hilarious Awakening trailer above.

Splash is set in a massive waterpark and features colorful artwork and massive water slides. Gauntlet is not shown very much in the trailer and thus remains a mystery. Rise is a snowy construction/development work site. It is rumored that Skyjacked is a remake of Black Ops II's Hijacked map. While unconfirmed, the trailer seems to support that theory.

The next installment of the Zombies Saga, titled "Der Eisendrachen" was teased by Activision as well. Will Black Ops III's zombies live up to the anticipation and hype? If you look to its track record, probably.

If you're like me, I assume you're waiting impatiently for the Awakening DLC release. In the meantime, check out Call of Duty Zombies - 10 Important Things You Should Know to prepare yourself.

10. Contagion

Have you ever wanted to play as a zombie rather than against them?

Contagion seeks to differentiate itself from other zombie shooters by providing a more immersive and realistic environment and an interesting opportunity to play the villain... a zombie.

Slay zombies in several unique game modes with tons of multiplayer support.

This game is a wave-based zombie shooter and plays as such. You can team with local or online players, but the online community is somewhat hit and miss. You might have to wait until peak hours to find a team to play with depending on your area.

The maps as well as the objectives are randomly generated. You can choose between 8 different characters to play, each bringing new potential dialogue and outcomes. Several modes are available, one of which being Extraction mode.

In extraction mode, use your smartphone GPS to find survivors. and escort them to safety but be wary of enemies.

In Extraction mode you must use your smartphone to coordinate with teammates not only to clear the area of potential threats but also to extract civilians into safety.

If you have a group of friends to play with, Contagion is a lot of fun and requires some true teamwork to play successfully.

9. Dead Space 1 & 2

If you're looking for a game that will legitimately scare you, check out Dead Space.

Dead Space puts you in the shoes of engineer Isaac Clarke, who's job it is to investigate a deep-space mining ship that has stopped responding. You soon discover that the crew have perished and an unknown alien virus has infected them.

Dead Space is one of the few games that is literally frightening. You will probably jump out of your seat many times throughout the story, so be warned. Those who enjoy genuine fear instilled by PC games will love Dead Space 1 & 2 to no end.

Dead Space instills real fear...

On top of truly scary enemies, you'll find an immersive environment that affects your fights and movement. One example of this is zero gravity, which can be particularly difficult to navigate at first.

Dead Space is a blood-and-gore symphony filled with terror. It will scare you, excite you and maybe even make you tear up... and it's awesome.

8. Resident Evil 4

This is said to be one of the greatest games of all time, and its 2014 HD edition release supports that.

Originally released in 2005, this game is dubbed a classic by the gaming masses and often cited at the best game in the series and even the best game of all time. In 2014, Capcom released Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition for Windows which includes several bug fixes, enhanced graphics and many other enhancements.

Dynamic bosses make for interesting battles.

In the fourth installment of the Resident Evil series you'll play as special agent Leon S. Kennedy, tasked with aiding in the kidnapping of the president's daughter. Leon is sent to Spain to rescue the kidnap victim but soon discovers that a mysterious religious cult has released an ancient parasite known as Las Plagas onto Spain.

Defeat seemingly insurmountable foes using wit and combat.

For those who played it in the past, the new HD edition for PC offers everything you loved about the original Resident Evil 4 plus a whole lot more.

7. Zombie Shooter 2

The perfect run-and-gun RPG that mixes mindless action with sleek graphics.

This indie release is the perfect mix between two genres: action and RPG. It provides the typical leveling system of an RPG - level up, choose perks and develop your character - while also being the perfect mindless zombie bashing game.

Blast your way through dark and eerie corridors.

Zombie Shooters 2 is exactly that: a zombie shooter. You can run around mindlessly spraying zeds all day and have a blast while doing so. Its RPG-style graphics are polished. The atmosphere is rightfully dark and mysterious and incredibly fun to take in while you slay the zombies in your way.

Non-stop action at every corner.

The voice-acting is less than mediocre, the dialogue is often cheesy and the graphics are nothing new. With that said, this game is a ton of fun to pick up and play and offers strong character creation and development.

6. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Visit real-world sites that have been photographically regenerated in this post-nuclear wasteland.

Set in 1986 Chernobyl, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. sequel takes place in the surrounding area of a nuclear plant disaster, where 'stalkers' - essentially modern treasure hunters - search for valuables and unique artifacts abandoned after the incident.

While S.T.A.L.K.E.R. doesn't have any actual zombies, it has mutants that are similarly aggressive and dangerous. The game has many unique attributes that make it stand out.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat bases locations on real-life photos from the Chernobyl area.

For example, the "exclusion zone" which was a zone marked off by the military after the initial disaster (which really happened, by the way) is recreated to its real-life location based on photographs. That means that the locations you see in-game are nearly identical to the real-life locations, which are uninhabitable due to high radiation levels.

The game features a survival system - meaning you must eat, drink and sleep to stay alive. Another cool realism characteristic in the game is the use of emissions. Emissions (gases, radiation) actually change your environment considerably.

Dressed as a stalker, you are tasked with investigating the disappearance of military helicopters.

This game is highly recommended to those who enjoy realistic horror games or anyone that would like to delve into the depths of post-nuclear Chernobyl.

5. Resident Evil 6

Great foes, layered plots and several characters to play make Resident Evil 6 a breathtaking experience.

A fantastic third-person shooter that aims to move the series forward through fluid controls, extremely accessible co-op gameplay and a compelling story told from four potential protagonists.

You'll find both old and new faces in Resident Evil 6.

In previous Resident Evil games the contagion (called C-virus) was limited to specific locations. Now however, it has spread worldwide. Travel through North America, Europe and China in order to find answers.

The game's control system has been totally revamped and allows for more realistic and fluid movement. For example, you can slide between an enemy's legs and plant a bomb while doing so. The replay value is especially strong in this game. There are 7 different game modes, each unlocked by completing the game.

The dark theme is prevalent throughout the game.

In all, Resident Evil 6 is very different than its predecessors. Whether that is good or bad is ultimately up to you, but in general these changes seem to be improvements and the game itself is a very captivating and fun experience.

4. Killing Floor 2

If you enjoy a typical wave-style zombie horde game you'll love Killing Floor 2.

Detailed character progression and backstories combined with dark and eery graphics makes Killing Floor 2 a realistic co-op zombie experience. Co-op mode allows up to 6 players which means teamwork, cooperation and synchronization within your team very important.

Crowd surfing is not so fun with undead.

The game works in waves: there are 11 waves in total, 10 requiring you to slay zombie hordes and the final wave being a boss. During the onslaught, blood will stay around the map until the end which is impressive and oddly rewarding, as most games will remove gore and blood over time.

While the game is largely viewed as a success and has mostly positive reviews it is still in what its developer calls a ''polished beta'' and has limitations, mostly in the form of limited content. Most notably, the selection of weapons and bosses are restricted.

With that said, it is still a well-made and beautiful game with a lot of potential and one of the most fun co-op zombie games available.

3. Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most legendary zombie titles of our time


An instant classic - Left 4 Dead is like experiencing a movie with flowing cinematics and awesome character dialogue.

Left 4 Dead is considered by many to be one of the best zombie games ever released. The plot is recognized by anyone: after a zombie apocalypse humans are nearly wiped out and a group of survivors must find their way through the masses of undead to safety.

Why the long face?

With attention to detail and difficulty scaling, Left 4 Dead took a generic plot line and transformed it into something great. Its predecessor, Left 4 Dead 2, expanded on this with more in-depth campaigns and a wide array of new weapons.

Constant action is what you can expect from the Left 4 Dead series.

Left 4 Dead 2 is also said to have more fast-paced gameplay and is a lot more unforgiving when survivors make silly decisions, such as searching for loot before the other nearby zombies are dealt with. It also received a modest improvement of its graphics and visual effects.

2. 7 Days To Die

Craft whatever you want, wherever you want... but watch out, every 7 days zombie hordes will tear through the roads and may breach your new home!

7 Days To Die is one of the greatest survival-horror-building games of all time. This game combines complete freedom of creation (be it weapons, armor, houses, terrain or more) and a well-balanced zombie horde system in an action-filled online setting.

Have you ever wanted to create an impenetrable zombie fort with your closest allies to survive the apocalypse? Now you can. Team up with your friends and defend yourselves from the onslaught of zombie foes.

A player-made base. All materials used are available in the main game. It's pretty, but is it secure?

Or if you're more of a nomad you can wander the open world in search of valuables, animals or potential homes. The game is separated into biomes which vary greatly and have been constantly updated since the alpha release in 2014. You'll find a wide array of locations - cities, barren snowy lands, evergreen forests, deserts and much more.

Scouring the nearby city in search of loot or survivors.

7 Days To Die has been in development since 2014 and updated constantly since its inception. Its awesome creation system combined with its awesome online functions makes this game a must-play for zombie and survival lovers alike.

1. Zombie Army Trilogy

The year is 1945. The Germans have all but lost the war and now their secret weapon is unleashed - zombies.

Available in solo or co-op, Zombie Army Trilogy takes you to the streets of Germany at the height of the second world war. When Hitler realizes he is losing the war he turns to less conventional means of warfare - unleashing hordes of undead into the ruined cities of Germany.

Play as German soldiers armed with recognizable WW2 weapons like the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle and the SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle as you blast through seemingly endless crowds of zombies who happen to also be Nazis.

Make helmets fly by shooting Nazi zombies in the head!

Co-op mode allows for up to 4 players and is debatably the most fun. Horde mode will supply you with all the fresh meat you can shoot. Like the incoming hordes, the fun is never-ending.

Who wouldn't love the opportunity to slay this lunatic?

Single player mode is slightly slower-paced than co-op but has more room for a personalized playing style. You can choose to run-and-gun, rushing your way through the city landscape or you can slow it down, tactically planning your every move, perhaps while keeping a safe distance with your sniper rifle ready.

If you enjoy this list, be sure to keep an eye out for Left 4 Dead 3, set to release in 2016 or check out our Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead.

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