[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Demolitionist Weapons (Ranked)

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Probably one of the most valuable classes in Killing Floor 2 is the Demolitionist. Not only that he can easily obliterate groups of Zeds and prevent your team from being overwhelmed but also solo kill Fleshpounds. Additionally, you can supply your teammates with grenades!

When it comes to weapons, there’s a long list and we’re going to analyze the best ones - explain how they work, why they’re effective, and how you should use them. So, now that we know what we're going to talk about, let's get right to it!

10. HX25 Grenade Pistol

Early game stuff!

This is the default weapon that you start with as the Demolitionist. When it comes to the early game, it’s highly effective against bunched-up Zeds, as this weapon shoots explosive pellets that deal damage in a small area. In addition, the ammunition for this weapon doesn’t cost too much, which means that you can continue to use it for an extra wave or two, before purchasing more fancy toys.

Of course, everything sounds nice and dandy but keep in mind that this weapon has to be reloaded each time you fire it - if you don’t have the Shock Trooper perk(faster reload time), you can get swarmed and perhaps even killed. The last thing that I’ll whine about is the range - it’s crap. You should only use this thing at short to medium distances!

Why the HX25 is awesome in the early game:

  • The pellets spread out, which means that you can hit multiple Zeds with them
  • High damage output, still effective against Medium Zeds, like the Sirens, Husks, etc.
  • The ammunition is relatively cheap in the shop

9. M79 Grenade Launcher

You’re next, Spiderman!

Each projectile of this grenade launcher deals around 375 damage in an area surrounding the explosion. A direct hit will obviously deal more damage, although it’s not recommended to use a single grenade against a Crawler or a Clot. Perfect for blowing up Zeds to bits and only for the small price of 650 DOSH!

Unfortunately, it has the same issue as the HX25 - it has to be reloaded each time you fire it. Not only that, the explosive round won’t detonate if it hits a surface too close to you - if this is your only weapon and you’re surrounded by Zeds, you’re almost 100% dead.

Why this weapon rocks:

  • A cheap weapon that can be purchased from a shop for only 650 DOSH
  • Will kill pretty much everything, unless it’s a Scrake
  • Excellent for destroying swarms of Zeds

8. C4 Explosives

Fleshpounds? Where?

The C4 explosives can be thrown on the ground and remotely detonated with the RMB. In terms of damage, each charge deals around 820 damage in a radius of 4 meters. Depending on the level of the class, the Demolitionist can throw up to 8 explosives. As you can tell, throwing a few C4s is extremely effective against Fleshpounds, which are vulnerable to explosions.

But do you want me to destroy your dreams? The Sirens are known for destroying explosive projectiles, such as RPG rockets, as well as grenades but also C4 explosives. Remind your beloved teammates to not fight near your stuff!

Why the C4 explosives are awesome:

  • Great for setting up traps for Fleshpounds
  • Can be placed behind or in front of welded doors(can generate satisfying results, as well as dismembered limbs)
  • If shit hits the fan, you can always plant them under your feet and take yourself and the Zeds to hell!

7. HRG Crossboom

Accurate and explosive!

The primary fire bolt deals high amounts of explosive damage in a small area, while the secondary charge deals less damage but improves the range of the explosion. Moreover, this crossbow is also capable of penetrating other Zeds, as well as eliminating targets from very long distances.

Although this weapon is pretty cool, the rate of fire is pretty crap and it’s not that effective in close-quarters combat. Using this thing against Scrakes is a bad idea, as you will only aggravate them and eventually end up getting slaughtered by one of them. Yes, I speak from experience…

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Can safely use this weapon from long distances
  • The bolt can go through multiple Zeds at once
  • Two different types of modes, good for multiple, as well as single targets

6. HRG Kaboomstick

As if the regular Boomstick wasn’t OP enough…

A direct hit with both barrels from this shotty will deal 1060 damage in total. If you happen to be surrounded by Zeds from all directions, this weapon will save your life and obliterate most Zeds in its path. Of course, we can’t forget about how effective this shotty is against Fleshpounds, not only that it stumbles them but can kill them in a few direct hits!

The issue with the Kaboomstick is the accuracy and range - it’s goddamn awful and firing this thing from afar is highly ineffective. There are also no perks that will improve your accuracy. Naturally, this is a boomstick-styled weapon, thus the magazine capacity also sucks!

Why the Kaboomstick is awesome:

  • Great for getting out of bad situations(surrounded by Zeds, etc)
  • Awesome for solo-killing Fleshpounds(High damage+stumble effect)
  • Both barrels can be fired at once, with 530 damage per barrel

5. Seal Squeal

Not meant for seals…

Seal Squeal fires bolts that attach to surfaces or Zeds and automatically detonate in 4 seconds. Of course, you can remotely set them off with the alternative fire mode, which is the middle mouse button. Also, each projectile deals around 375 damage, and your magazine can carry 6 of these bolts.

When it comes to the bad things, this weapon fires harpoons but has no penetration power. How disappointing is that? Besides, the weapon, as well as the upgrades are expensive - 3400 DOSH in total. Still, the worst thing about this weapon is the full reload time - 2.70 seconds, without any special perks.

Why this weapon gets the job done:

  • 375 damage per bolt, can shoot 5 bolts per magazine
  • The bolts can get stuck in Zeds, as well as to surfaces
  • It is possible to remotely detonate the bolts before the 4-second mark
  • The crosshair is a nice addition and greatly improves your aim

4. M16 M203 Assault Rifle

For the tacticool nerds. 

This M16 can fire regular bullets, as well as grenades from the under-barrel launcher. For me, I shoot single targets and only use the grenade launcher when there’s a horde of Zeds approaching me. In terms of damage, each bullet deals around 33 damage per hit, while the grenade explosion deals 230 damage. Surprisingly enough, ammunition for this weapon is also pretty cheap(13 DOSH per grenade, 30 DOSH per magazine).

The M203 grenade launcher doesn’t really deal that much damage when compared to the previous weapons. Additionally, the bullet damage is enough to deal with weak/medium Zeds but not enough to kill Scrakes or Fleshpounds.

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Bullets are great for clearing trash-level, single Zeds
  • The M203 is effective against tougher targets, such as Husks, Sirens, Bloats, Quarter Pounds, etc.
  • Highly effective for killing multiple targets at once

3. RPG-7

The guy on the right is like “no plz”

The classic RPG-7 fires out a single rocket that can deal massive amounts of damage in an area surrounding the explosion - 900 damage in total. If you have the right perks enabled, direct hits with the RPG-7 can easily destroy a Fleshpound into pieces. Additionally, the rocket is pretty accurate and you can shoot it from afar.

The bad thing about the RPG is the crappy reload time, as well as the inability to defend yourself if you happen to be swarmed with Zeds from all angles. Besides, you also run out of rockets pretty quickly and they’re not exactly cheap at the store.

Why the RPG-7 is awesome:

  • Synergizes well with perks such as High Impact Rounds and the Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Funnily enough, you can kill Zeds behind you with the backblast of the RPG-7
  • Each rocket deals 900 damage in total, which can be improved by selecting perks that improve damage
  • Excellent for clearing waves of Zeds, as well as Fleshpounds
  • The RPG-7 is also accurate, it can be fired from afar

2. Gravity Imploder

The balls of doom!

You can implode your enemies with the primary fire but you can also relocate multiple Zeds in one spot and then dismember them with explosives. This is one of the greatest weapons for crowd control, as well as AoE damage. Futuristic and stylish, dismember your enemies with style!

There are two things that suck about this weapon - first of all, it’s expensive(2000 DOSH in total). Second of all, the balls deployed from this weapon tend to bounce all over the place, making it hard to aim. Otherwise, this weapon is pretty awesome to use!

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • The secondary fire mode drags Zeds into one spot
  • 470 damage in total per implosion
  • Highly effective in close to medium combat

1. M32 Grenade Launcher

My beloved…

The M32 is in my opinion, the best weapon there is for the Demolitionist class. One grenade is more than enough to destroy hordes of Zeds and 6-8 grenades should be enough to kill a Fleshpound. A very high rate of fire combined with impressive accuracy makes this one of the deadliest weapons at medium to long range. It’s also worth noting that this weapon synergizes pretty well with the Destroyer of Worlds perk, which causes your grenades to poison Zeds with radiation.

Although I love this weapon, I died way too many times carrying it - the grenades won’t explode if you fire them at a surface from less than 3.87 meters, which is pretty much a death sentence if you’re blocked/surrounded by Zeds.

Why the M32 is awesome:

  • Magazine capacity consists of 6 grenades
  • High rate of fire, can deal with Zeds coming from different directions
  • Equipped with a red dot sight, which makes aiming pretty easy at longer distances
  • Surprisingly accurate at longer distances

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