[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best SWAT Weapons (Ranked)

Zeds get swatted too!

When you play in this class, you can expect two things - low damage but an incredibly high rate of fire, which you can use to easily dispose of trash Zeds, as well as chain-stun Scrakes into oblivion. A pretty fun class with plenty of toys!

Speaking of toys, you’re probably wondering what weapons the SWAT class uses - that’s exactly the point of this article today, we shall talk about weapons like the Tommy Gun, Kriss SMG, and the HRG Nailgun to name a few. Well, I think it’s about time we started with our first pick!

10. MP7 SMG

Annihilating a horde of Zeds with the MP7!

The MP7 SMG is a weapon that you start with at the start of the round. The biggest pros of this weapon are the high rate of fire, as well as lovely accuracy. Despite the weapon dealing lackluster damage, you will still be able to 1-shot Cysts&Clots, under the condition that you headshot them.

Of course, this weapon runs out of ammo pretty quickly and you only deal 16 damage per round - that’s unbelievably pathetic, so you better aim for a headshot!

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Excellent for killing early-game trash
  • Superb rate of fire, for a weapon that’s only 200 DOSH
  • Red dot sight will make aiming an easy experience

9. Tommy Gun

Uncle Tommy puts everyone to sleep!

The Tommy Gun deals 30 damage per round and can shoot 720 rounds per minute. Although it’s accurate, you might have issues controlling the recoil of this weapon, so keep in mind that you can switch between full-auto and semi-auto. 

Stylish and deadly, till you start playing against the tougher Zeds. This weapon costs 650 DOSH, which is cheap but it should never be used in the late stage!

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • 1950 aesthetics, pretty based if you ask me
  • Each magazine consists of 50 bullets
  • Possibility of switching between full and semi-auto


A body of a Zed was destroyed into pieces after an encounter with the MP5!

This weapon offers two fire modes, the first one is the classic full-auto, while the secondary fire mode is a 3-round burst. In terms of damage, this weapon deals slightly less than the Tommy Gun, which is 25 damage per round, although it has a relatively decent rate of fire - 896 RPM.

Frankly, I would have preferred semi-auto, instead of the 3-round burst. But I think that’s my only complaint, for a gun that’s only 650 DOSH, it performs well.

Why the MP5 is cool:

  • Accurate at all ranges, aiming from the hip ain’t too hard
  • You can carry 320 rounds in total for this weapon
  • Costs only 650 DOSH

7. P90 SMG

The creator of this weapon was drunk.

Each magazine holds 50 bullets, plus each round deals 30 damage per hit. This weapon does wonders at exterminating hordes of casual Zeds but also performs pretty well at chain-stunning Scrakes, as well as Fleshpounds. 

Crappy starting ammunition, and being too trigger-happy will result in you running out of ammo pretty quickly. The weapon costs 1100 DOSH but there are not too many significant changes in terms of damage or magazine capacity when compared to the other weapons.

Why the P90 is cool:

  • A futuristic-looking weapon, despite it being around for quite some time…
  • A red dot sight is always a nice addition to any weapon
  • Two different fire modes(Semi/Full)

6. HRG Nailgun

Nailgun performs very well at medium and long distances.

As the name suggests, this weapon is capable of firing hundreds upon hundreds of nails at your enemies. It also performs great in terms of damage, as each nail deals 40 damage per hit. Excellent at annihilating Scrakes and pretty much everything that’s not a Fleshpound!

The accuracy is not as great as with the previous weapons, making it only viable at short to medium distances. I also don’t like the prices for the ammunition, I can never save up for a secondary weapon ;(!

What the Nailgun does well:

  • 40 damage per nail is pretty good when compared to the previous weapons
  • Decent penetration for a SWAT weapon
  • Projectiles can also bounce off of surfaces and some damage to other Zeds

5. Heckler & Koch UMP

Blasting Siren’s head off with the H&K UMP. I don’t think she fancies the hospitality…

H&K UMP deals 45 damage per hit - that’s a lot, plus the weapon doesn’t have too much of a kick, which makes the recoil easy to control. Furthermore, the weapon is equipped with a holographic scope, which not only makes you look cooler but makes it easier to aim with this thing!

The rate of fire is average at best, plus this weapon is not known for its penetration value. Give it a try nonetheless!

Why this UMP is dope:

  • Deals a reasonably high amount of damage
  • Equipped with a holographic scope
  • Performs well against Scrakes

4. Riot Shield & Glock 18

Shooting from the cover of a shield at upcoming Zeds.

Let's start with the Glock 18 - it deals 28 damage per hit, plus the rate of fire holds at 1100 RPM. You can also switch between semi/full-auto. The shield, on the other hand, mitigates 60% of incoming damage from the front, just make sure that you’re aiming down the sights, otherwise, it won’t work.

This weapon shouldn’t be bought if your team lacks firepower, it’s useful for keeping Zeds stuck in a narrow corridor and allowing your other teammates to annihilate the Zeds. Additionally, this weapon costs 1500 DOSH - it’s ridiculously expensive!

3. HRG Stunner

Blasting trash-tier Zeds with the Stunner in a luxury hotel!

… That deploys flashbangs and causes a mini-stun. It’s kinda similar to the AA-12 and a few blows to the head from this bad boy will keep any Scrake or a Fleshpound permanently stuck in place. Additionally, this weapon also has a relatively decent penetration value!

The projectile speed is pretty slow, plus the rate of fire, as well as the magazine clip, is crap. The weapon gets the job done while playing with your teammates, as it makes it easier for them to finish off stunned Zeds.

Why the HRG Stunner is awesome:

  • Pretty high penetration for a SWAT weapon
  • Secondary fire mode releases flashbangs
  • 60 damage per hit from the primary fire

2. HRG Bastion

Deploying a shield against some fatass…

At first, this weapon doesn’t look like anything special, until you use the alternative fire mode, which emits a shield that protects you from incoming damage. The shield will recharge only after its completely depleted. In terms of damage, it only deals 33 per round, while the rate of fire stands at 909 RPM. Finally, the best part is the magazine clip, it can fit 60 rounds per magazine, which is more than enough for chain-stunning larger Zeds, as well as obliterating huge crowds of Zeds.

The crappy things about this weapon are the lackluster damage per round, as well as the lack of upgrades. It’s also worth adding that you’re paying 2000 DOSH for a weapon that deals almost the same amount of damage as the Tommy Gun…

What are the cool things about this weapon:

  • The shield absorbs plenty of damage(70% of incoming damage)
  • Huge magazine clip, awesome for chain-stunning Zeds
  • Can fire 909 rounds per minute

1. Kriss SMG

How do you like the 1200 rounds per minute, invisible lady?

The rate of fire for this weapon is 1200 rounds per minute and it synergizes greatly with the Suppression Rounds perk. Kriss performs well at killing pretty much everything, The only enemy that is tough enough is the Fleshpound, but even he will die if you know what you're doing. As a final note, my favorite part about this weapon is the lack of recoil, which makes hip-aiming extremely easy&satisfying!

The damage sucks but you can improve it with a 1500 DOSH upgrade. The ammunition for this weapon is also pretty expensive, so it’s important to score as many headshots as possible!

Why I love Kriss:

  • The fastest rate of fire from all the other SWAT weapons
  • Great synergy with the Suppression Rounds perk(Stumble power +100%)
  • Excellent for killing late-game Zeds(Fleshpounds, Scrakes, and bosses)

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