Killing Floor 2 Best Perks Revealed (Ranked Weakest To Strongest)

The worst and the best of perks in Killing Floor 2.

Every five levels, each class in Killing Floor 2 can gain perks, which are unique abilities. There are a total of 10 perks available for each class, but only five can be chosen. As you kill more Zeds, you'll get experience and these perks more quickly.

We will be describing the best perk from each class, analyzing its biggest strengths, as well as weaknesses, and in which situations it proves to be effective. I think that’s all, let’s start with the first perk!

10. Ammo Vest

For pretty much every type of weapon!

Ammo Vest is a level 15 perk that can be unlocked by the Survivalist class. You can carry 15% more ammunition for all types of weapons, as well as equip a healing grenade.

Survivalists have the freedom of using every type of weapon and this perk increases the ammunition capacity for their guns. The healing grenade is a small bonus that you can use for yourself or your teammates.

Summary of the perk:

  • Improved ammo capacity for snipers, handguns, rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and other guns
  • You’re also equipped with a healing grenade. Yay!
  • Very unlikely that you’ll run out of ammunition during fights
  • That’s pretty much it when it comes to this perk…

9. Berserker/Dreadnaught

Useful in all rounds!

The Dreadnaught is a perk that can be picked by the Berserker class after hitting level 5. It gives you extra 100 points of health and stacks with armor that can be purchased from the shop or found on the map. 

Despite providing a 100% increase in health, it provides only that. It makes you survivable in the early and mid-game but still doesn’t guarantee you survival in the later stages of the game, plus if you’re only level 5, keeping your health pool full can be very difficult without a medic on your team. 

Summary of the perk:

  • Makes you less likely to die in the early/mid-game, although it depends on the difficulty
  • You can serve your team as a tank, keeping other squishy classes alive
  • With this perk, it’s possible to play solo, as you don’t have to worry about dying too fast or getting grabbed
  • Despite making you extremely tanky, you still suffer from a lack of mobility
  • The Skirmisher provides you with some mobility, as well as automatic health regeneration
  • Synergizes well with other perks like Vampire, Berserker Rage
  • Dreadnought makes you vulnerable to faster Zeds, like the Stalkers or Crawlers
  • Because of this perk, you are slow, which also makes you vulnerable to suicidal Husks

8. Firebug/Ground Fire

They shall not pass.

Ground Fire is a perk unlocked on level 10, it can only be unlocked by the Firebug class. The weapons that can leave flames on the ground cause enemy targets to receive x3 more damage and move 30% slower. 

Perks of this type are usually meant for crowd control, which makes it possible to get rid of the smaller/medium Zeds and prevents your team from getting overwhelmed. Still, this perk doesn’t perform well against larger Zeds, like the Scrakes or Fleshpounds and you can accidentally enrage them.

Summary of the perk:

  • Performs well against small and medium Zeds, like the Cysts, Clots, Crawlers, Stalkers, Husks, Bloats, and other such Zeds
  • Slows the Zeds, which somewhat improves the damage of the perk and contributes further to crowd control
  • Keeps your team from being overrun
  • Kind of useless against Scrakes/Fleshpounds(the damage can enrage them)

7. Coagulant Booster/Field Medic


Coagulant Booster is a perk that can be unlocked only by the Field Medic as soon as you hit level 20. Your healing causes your teammates to receive a 10% resistance bonus for 5 seconds - this is also stackable, up to 30%. 

This perk works in situations where your teammates are gravely injured and surrounded by Zeds. It stacks with other perks and it’s primarily used for keeping your teammates alive. 

Summary of the perk:

  • Will keep your teammates alive in harsh situations where they are overwhelmed
  • Increases the damage resistance of a healed unit by 10%
  • This perk stacks up to 30%
  • Stacks with other perks, like the Adrenaline Shot, which boosts the player’s running speed
  • This effect lasts only for 5 seconds and requires you to shoot darts from a distance

6. Suppression Rounds/SWAT


Suppression Rounds is a perk unlocked on level 15 by the SWAT class. It allows the player to chain-stun Zeds with shots to the head, improved by 100%.

This perk is helpful for soloing large Zeds like the Fleshpound, particularly the Scrake, who is weak to bullets. SWAT weapons tend to have a high rate of fire, which makes you one of the best classes to hunt down Fleshpounds and Scrakes.

Summary of the perk:

  • Can easily annihilate larger Zeds, like the Fleshpound and the Scrake
  • Synergizes well with weapons that have a high rate of fire
  • Also synergizes well with the Cripple perk
  • Not really that useful against smaller and medium Zeds, as they die rather quickly
  • Can save your teammates if they’re being rammed by one of the larger Zeds

5. Gunslinger/Rack ‘Em Up

Scrake? That’s a good one.

Rack ‘Em Up is a perk that can be unlocked by Gunslingers, as well as Sharpshooters. The Gunslingers can unlock this perk at level 10. Each time you shoot a Zed in the head, your damage increases by 10%, up to 50% in total. 

This perk primarily focuses on maximizing your damage output - it’s not that effective against smaller Zeds but very useful for getting rid of Scrakes and Fleshpounds. Keep in mind that this perk requires you to have a good aim - shooting at anything that’s not a head is a bit of a waste.

Summary of the perk:

  • Highly effective against Scrakes
  • Less effective against Fleshpounds, but will still do the job though
  • Rack ‘Em Up is for players with good aim, you should use the Bone Breaker perk if you’re gonna shoot arms, legs, torso, etc
  • You’ll lose stacks if you don’t shoot for around 3 seconds
  • Smaller Zeds can be used to rack up the stacks

4. Sharpshooter/Stability


Stability is a level 10 perk that can be unlocked by the Sharpshooters. It increases your damage output by 30%, movement speed by 50%, and reload speed by 20% in a crouching position. 

This perk is useful for players who use the 1-shot cannon type of snipers, as well as those that deal less damage but have a higher bullet count per magazine. It adds many different bonuses and improves your mobility.

Summary of the perk:

  • Useful for running&shooting sorts of players
  • The damage/mobility buff greatly synergizes with the M99 AMR, which will 1-shot Scrakes/Fleshpounds and not slow you down too much
  • Mobility allows for solo play, as well as giving you the option to escape from sticky situations
  • The reload speed works only while crouching
  • Overall, there are 3 positive effects squeezed into 1 perk - that’s awesome!

3. Sonic Resistant Rounds

Shush, woman!

Sonic Resistant Rounds is a perk that can be unlocked by a Demolitionist as soon as he reaches level 15. It causes your explosive rounds to be immune to Siren’s screams. 

Siren’s screams cause your grenades, rockets, and other explosive projectiles to self-destruct in midair, which can make it impossible for you to kill groups of Zeds, resulting in your team being swarmed with monsters. A very situational perk but useful nonetheless.

Summary of this perk:

  • Your grenades won’t be affected by Siren’s screams
  • RPG rockets, M79 grenades, M32 grenades, and other explosion-related rounds won’t be disabled by Siren’s screams
  • Siren is unable to defend the other Zeds due to this perk
  • You can now shove a rocket up a Siren’s throat and watch her body parts fly into the stratosphere

2. Commando/Eat Lead

Never-ending stream of fire!

Eat Lead is a perk that can be unlocked upon reaching level 20 with the Commando class. It improves the magazine capacity of Commando weapons by 100%.

This perk stacks with the High Capacity Mags perk and it’s useful for dealing with large hordes of Zeds or just solo killing larger Zeds, like the Scrakes and Fleshpounds. Additionally, this perk synergizes with the Impact Rounds perk.

Summary of this perk:

  • Your weapons will have x2 larger magazines thanks to this perk
  • Stacks with the High Capacity Mags perk(50% larger magazine clips)
  • Synergizes well with the Impact Rounds perk, which increases the stumbling power of your bullets by 150%
  • Having an itchy trigger means that you’ll have to spend a lot of DOSH on ammunition once the wave is over
  • Good for overwhelming+solo killing Scrakes and Fleshpounds
  • Excellent for getting rid of large groups of Zeds
  • This perk is pretty great for the Minigun, Stoner 63A LMG, and other high-capacity magazine weapons

1. Support/Resupply Pack

Don’t you love it when they run away from you?

Resupply Pack is a level 20 perk that can be only unlocked by the Support class. When your teammates press E on your character, they’re gonna receive 30% ammunition and 20% armor once per wave.

This perk is for players who value supporting their teammates, instead of focusing on DPS. It also causes your teammates to not waste so much money on ammunition and enables them to get better weaponry, as well as improve their armor by a small degree.

Summary of this perk:

  • Grants 30% more ammunition for other players
  • Grants 20% armor for players who interact with you
  • You also get to carry 20% more ammunition yourself
  • Your teammates get to spend less money on ammo in shops
  • By picking this perk, you kind of sacrifice your DPS potential
  • Probably the most useful perk that benefits your whole team

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