[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Best Firebug Weapons (Ranked)

Hear them scream <3

One of the best classes for crowd control is the Firebug - he spews flames out of his weapons onto surfaces. The Zeds most of the time suffer a terrific death, in which they either run out of oxygen or they just sustain too many third-degree burns and drop dead. Incredibly sadistic but effective at keeping your team safe from getting swarmed!

There are also some weapons that you can purchase from the shop and use to your advantage. We will explain what they’re good at and how they work. Well, I believe it’s about time we started talking about our first weapon - let’s roll!

10. Duel Spitfires

"Good morning Vietnam!"

Love the smell of napalm in the morning boys, don't we? How about we spread that smell and kill some ZEDs with some of the most badass-looking revolvers I've ever seen. These bad boys shoot out flame round out of their chambers and each revolver can hold 6 bullets. They deal 40 damage per bullet and the fire rate stands at 545 RPM.

A major downside to these dual revolvers is that they aren't that good for anything else or anything past round 3 in suicidal. They don't have the damage to take down a Scrake quickly and I don't even want to mention Fleshpounds. It's horrendous. 

Why this weapon is great:

  • In the early rounds, they are cost-efficient and great at crowd control
  • The fire rate is pretty high for a low-tier weapon
  • Great for crowd control

9. Dragonsbreath

Say hello to my little friend!

We had revolvers that shoot out flame rounds now we have shotguns that only cost a little bit more than the revolvers. The weapon isn't only deadly but it looks goddamn magnificent. Additionally, the damage of the shotty is much higher than the revolvers too, as the damage caps out at 210 and it's amazing for dealing with multiple targets. 

Now the only downside to this weapon that I don't like that much is that it’s pump-action, so every shot has to be cocked again and the fire rate is quite low when compared to the revolvers. The shotgun does hold 60 shell casings, which isn't that bad but in the later rounds, you can run out of ammo quite quickly, which is no good.

Why this weapon is great:

  • Deals a ton of damage and can be used in the later rounds effectively and it doesn't cost a lot of DOSH
  • The shotgun also can penetrate through other ZEDs making it quite effective against huge crowds
  • It's able to spawn a lingering source of damage which in short means it just lits ZEDs on fire

8. MAC 10


Now when you play this class you wouldn't expect it to have this kind of weapon and I am glad it does. Only coming at 900 dosh the Mac 10 is a tier 3 weapon that can also be found in the arsenal of SWAT. It comes loaded with 32 bullets in its magazine and you can hold a total of 384 bullets. 

The overall damage of the weapon isn't quite high coming only at 28 damage per round, but god damn the fire rate is high as hell - 895 rounds per minute. It’s also important to know that the ammo runs out pretty fast, so pick your targets carefully!

Why this weapon is great:

  • Has a very high fire rate(895 RPM)
  • It costs only 900 DOSH - you can make that much in 2 rounds
  • The weapon is quite accurate and doesn't have a high recoil

7. HRG Incendiary Rifle

Bullets and fire in one!

This rifle is equipped with a mounted barrel-tube that can shoot out incendiary grenades, excellent for burning alive multiple Zeds at once. If you happen to stumble upon a single Zed, don’t waste your grenades and just finish him off with your primary fire, which is also incendiary rounds. Things like the fast rate of fire and accuracy make this also an effective weapon against Scrakes!

Still, the weapon doesn’t fare well against Fleshpounds - the weapon deals 30 damage per hit and that will only aggravate them. Additionally, you have to reload this weapon quite often, both the tube and the rifle. 

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • Two different ways of eliminating Zeds
  • The incendiary grenade deals a lot of damage
  • Excellent rate of fire, accuracy, and ammunition capacity

6. HRG Scorcher

Weird but fun weapon!

This weapon works like a flare gun, the primary fire lets out a flare that sticks to a target and deals burning damage over time. The secondary fire mode, on the other hand, fires out a flare that leaves a trail of fire behind it. The HGR Scorcher is excellent for crowd control, as well as focusing on specific Zeds, like the Fleshpounds or Scrakes.

Although it’s effective at making Zeds run around in circles, this is not a weapon that you should use to solo kill larger Zeds. Furthermore, the fire rate of this weapon is abysmal and you have to reload it each time you let out a flare. 

What this weapon does great:

  • Highly effective for killing weak to medium Zeds in huge quantities
  • The primary fire is great for dealing extra damage to larger Zeds
  • 31+1 ammunition capacity

5. HRG Dragonsblaze

Wait till the ZED time hits…

HRG Dragonsblaze is a shotgun that has two fire modes - the first one shoots a vertical line of fire, perfect for narrow corridors and columns of Zeds. When it comes to the secondary fire mode, it lets out a horizontal line of fire, which is great at frying Zeds that are too spread out or they’re just too close to you. To add more, each shot has 8 pellets and each pellet leaves fire on a surface - again, an absolutely amazing weapon for crowd control!

While this weapon is pretty fun, it got me killed at least 100,000 times due to the incredibly pathetic magazine capacity, reloading this gun can be a nightmare and it can mean your downfall if you’re surrounded by Zeds. Also, one thing that I don’t like about the horizontal line of fire is that it’s not very accurate at longer ranges.

Why this weapon rocks:

  • There are two types of fire modes, horizontal and vertical
  • The weapon deals 224 damage per shot, assuming every pellet hits your target(224x4=896 damage in total)
  • The primary fire mode is pretty accurate at longer ranges

4. Flamethrower

Do you feel any remorse for doing what you do?

One of my favorite weapons is the Flamethrower - I don’t think there’s any better weapon at annihilating weak to medium Zeds, plus it synergizes greatly with the Ground Fire perk, making sure that your team doesn’t get swarmed too hard. It’s also worth mentioning that this weapon doesn’t run out of ammo fast and you’ll surely have some spare fuel left at the end of the round!

Satisfying to use, it’s also a great indicator that you’re a psychopath. But did you know that this weapon is pretty garbage against Scrakes and Fleshpounds? I guess that with some perks you can slow them or disorient them and leave them easy targets for your teammates, although using this thing for solo kills against the larger Zeds is a big no-no.

Why this weapon is great:

  • Synergizes greatly with perks like the Ground Fire, Napalm, Zed Shrapnel, and Firestorm
  • Won’t find a better weapon for crowd control
  • You can use your ammunition scarcely and still end up on top of the scoreboard!

3. Thermite Bore

Fun for me, but not for thee!

The Thermite Bore ly very similar to the Demolitionist’s Seal Squeal, as it deploys incendiary grenades that automatically detonate after 4 seconds and set everything in a small radius on fire. You can also detonate them manually with the alternative fire mode. In terms of damage, this weapon deals fire, explosion, and impact damage. Last cool thing is that this weapon’s projectiles will stick to any surface, as well as to any Zed!

Like the previous weapon, the Thermite Bore is also effective against swarms of Zeds but I still wouldn’t feel comfortable or safe using it against larger Zeds. The explosions from the projectiles don’t deal too much damage to be a credible threat to the Fleshpounds and the Scrakes don’t care too much about explosives, as well as fire.

Why this weapon still works pretty well:

  • You can stack up the projectiles and detonate them all at once
  • The radius is also pretty good, with 500 units per explosion
  • Can look after multiple corridors at once, pretty decent at crowd control

2. Microwave Gun

Could you fit a Crawler into a microwave?

The primary fire lets out a stream of energy that cooks Zeds alive, while the secondary fire mode serves as a more defensive alternative - it fires a short-range fire blast that knocks down Zeds in front of you. I personally don’t like this weapon but it’s excellent against larger Zeds, as well as bosses in the final stage of the game. 

Frankly, this weapon doesn’t perform too well against single Zeds, as well as some of the medium Zeds. Sure, it can leave fire on the ground but it should primarily be used against the tougher types of mutants. One cool thing that I forgot to mention is that it also makes your enemies puffy if you cook them for too long <3!

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • High knockdown power on the secondary fire mode
  • Pretty good against larger Zeds, as you can knock them down easily
  • Also synergizes with the Firestorm perk

1. Helios Rifle

The penetration!

Two different fire modes, the first one is the full-auto, while the second one lets you fire this rifle in short bursts. Each projectile deals 50 damage per hit and has extreme penetration value, capable of killing a few Zeds at once. Oddly enough, it’s also very effective against E.D.A.Rs, especially when you play against the Matriarch. Besides, the weapon also has a big magazine(40 bullets), as well as an excellent rate of fire(600 RPM). 

I think the only thing that I don’t like about this weapon very much is its price - 2000 DOSH. How the hell am I gonna make that much?! Either beg my teammates or steal every single kill from them!

Why this weapon works great:

  • Highest penetration value from any other Firebug weapon previously mentioned
  • Each bullet of this weapon deals 50 damage per hit
  • Surprisingly effective against E.D.A.Rs
  • Excellent accuracy at all ranges
  • Big magazine clip(40 bullets)

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