[Top 10] Killing Floor 2 Most Fun Maps

OG Killing Floor fans will recognize this map :)!

KF2 has some great maps, and each one of them offers a different atmosphere, as well as different sizes. Sometimes you even have to alter your playstyles/perks depending on which map you’ve picked - for example, there are maps in which you have to be constantly on the move, while there are also maps in which it’s beneficial to remain stationary with your teammates.

So, I’ve decided to make a list of the best 10 maps in Killing Floor 2, cuz why the hell not? Let’s start!

10. Black Forest

Don’t expect to see much on this map!

The Black Forest might seem like an open map but that thought can be deceitful. The terrain is pretty uneven and you might end up in a narrow corridor, which can result in you getting mauled to death. Furthermore, there are plenty of bushes, trees, and rocks that serve as cover/camouflage for the Zeds, making them hard to hit at times. There are also derailed carts, as well as abandoned, ruined houses and other minor settlements. Fun map!

Why I love the Black Forest:

  • Unique atmosphere, making you paranoid at times
  • Rocks and trees make it hard to hit your targets
  • You can run around the map or be stationary, although it’s best to stay with your teammates

9. Biotics Lab

Metallic and claustrophobic, you don’t want to be alone!

The Biotics Lab is one of the harder maps, there is always more than 1 entrance that you have to defend. Running around the map can also be pretty dangerous, as this map is filled with corridors and other cramped areas. The map is filled with science stuff, such as testing chambers, offices, some weird meat grinder, as well as a massive aquarium with some floating babies, cuz why not!

Why this map is cool:

  • It’s basically a ZED factory with many cool locations to visit
  • There are cramped, as well as open areas
  • There is usually more than one entrance, making it easy to be overwhelmed at times

8. Farmhouse

Wasting a Clot in front of the house with my beloved AR-15!

A pretty small map with two buildings - a house and a barn next to it. To add more, the house has three levels in total: the basement, the first floor, and the second floor. From my experience, the barn was always easier to defend, as the house is filled with vents and some Zeds can catch you off guard, plus being zerg-rushed by Fleshpounds is usually a death sentence. If you want my advice, NEVER STAY IN THE BASEMENT!

Why the Farmhouse is awesome:

  • Dark as hell, can’t see sh!t if your brightness is set to low
  • The map is easy at first but gets progressively harder as you unlock the tougher Zeds
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibes!

7. Crash

Can you feel the Christmas spirit?

The Crash is a relatively new map, as it was released on the 7th of December. It has to offer snow, a derailed train, plenty of deadly corridors, as well as open areas. Again, this map has to be usually defended from many directions and it’s advisable to have a Firebug/Demolitionist on your team. From someone who played this map multiple times, it’s best to stay outside with your teammates and defend an open area!

Why is Crash good:

  • Gunslingers tend to have a good time on this map, as it’s pretty open and even, making it easy to aim
  • There are both open and closed areas to fight in
  • Christmas vibes… kind of!

6. Lockdown

Biotics Lab but even deadlier!

Lockdown is even more cramped up than the Biotics Lab and that’s why it can get so dangerous to play this map. There are a few spots that you can stay in but if you get unlucky Fleshpound/Scrake RNG spawns, there’s a high chance that your whole team will get wiped off or killed 1 by 1. Make sure to have a Firebug on your team as plenty of crowd control is needed in order to survive on this map!

Why I love this map:

  • Very narrow and small areas, hard to play on
  • Similar style to that of Biotics Lab, cool atmosphere!
  • Plenty of weldable doors around the map

5. ZED Landing

You’re probably thinking this map will be a holiday. HELL NAW!

This map is radically different from the previously mentioned maps, as it takes place on an island with an active volcano. Furthermore, the volcano actually begins to erupt after a few waves, turning streams of water into streams of lava that can catch you or the Zeds on fire. Regarding the general atmosphere of the map, it’s kind of… too peaceful, for a game like KF2? I don’t know but I dig it!

Why this map is fun:

  • Exotic atmosphere, plenty of bushes, palms, beaches, caves, and a crashed airplane
  • A volcano that explodes after 5-6 waves(+1 to visuals!)
  • After all these maps, you’re finally exposed to some sun!

4. Carillon Hamlet

A peaceful-looking city, right?

Till you play through the first couple of waves… The map at first looks kind of cheerful; there’s a small town, it’s sunny, plenty of pre-Christmas decorations, a small bazaar, and some mines. Of course, all of this wholesome crap gets ruined very quickly, as soon as you’re forced to decorate this map with guts and blood scattered ‘n’ splattered everywhere. Oh and one thing, avoid the mines - it won’t work out <3!

Why you should try this map:

  • Despite being a small industrial town, it looks pretty cozy and nice
  • Plenty of cool areas to explore(mines, building sites, small apartments, etc)
  • The map ain’t that hard but it’s not easy as well - there’s a possibility that you’ll end up at a dead-end if you haven’t played this map before!

3. Moonbase

Entering zero gravity!

This map lets you jump very high, thanks to the low gravity - it’s kind of OP, actually, as it allows you to stay far away from Zeds and kill them in midair. In general, the map is pretty open and one of the easiest maps to play. To add more, there are also interactable buttons that keep Zeds from entering certain areas. I like the map because the low gravity can be pretty OP at times!

Why I like this map:

  • Low gravity, lets you jump like a rabbit
  • The map is pretty massive, not too cramped up, and even the corridors ain’t too narrow
  • Interactable buttons at some entrances release magnetic lines that help keep the Zeds from entering your safe space!

2. Barmwich Town

Holding off an incoming horde of Zeds with my 1858 Revolvers… it’s getting hot in here, isn’t it?

A pretty medieval town, before it was abandoned I believe the locals weren’t huge fans of Zeds. Seriously, there are Zeds hanging from trees, being burned on stakes, trapped in cages and god knows what else. When it comes to the size of this map, it’s medium and usually cramped and that never means anything nice when there’s a battalion of Fleshpounds incoming. In summary, stick to your teammates, pick useful classes, and abandon them if stuff gets out of hand!

Why I like the Sandwich Town:

  • I got the “Kill Zeds, behead Zeds, roundhouse kick a Zed into the concrete” vibes from this map…
  • Many unique locations have to offer cool-looking, as well as disturbing events taking place
  • Plenty of alleyways, which can either mean your doom or salvation

1. WestLondon

I’ve been to London, looks exactly like this…

This map was originally created for Killing Floor 1 but was ported on KF2 some time ago, and boy… HAVE I MISSED THIS MAP! There’s that church that you should never stay in, as well as a basement that leaves you with basically zero chance of survival. If you’re smart, you’ll stick outside and look after your teammates - the Zeds will swarm you from all angles and corridors, so it’s smart to run around the map. 

The visuals and the atmosphere of this map… bring too much nostalgia. The burning buildings, flying newspapers, red buses, and generally the whole post-apocalyptic London vibe was created perfectly and you should give it a try if you’re not an OG KF1 player!

Why I love this map:

  • Probably the most unique atmosphere out there
  • One of the oldest and most nostalgic maps that you can try
  • The map is hard and requires you to run around a lot!

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