All Killing Floor 2 Bosses Ranked Easiest To Hardest (And How To Defeat Them)

That’s not a King Fleshpound, it still might kick your ass though!

In total, there are 5 bosses that you might encounter in Killing Floor 2 - Matriarch, King Fleshpound, Hans Volter, Abomination, and Patriarch. All of these bosses range in difficulty and abilities - while some might appear weak, a few miscommunications between squad members can quickly determine the fate of the final round.

But how do you beat them? That’s what we’re going to talk about, the easiest ways of killing these pricks and what you should be careful of. I won’t bore you any further, let’s roll with the first boss!

5. Abomination

Abomination, quite fitting for this feller, isn’t it?

This fatso is known for a few things - he’s gonna eat your face if you’re too close. While you may think that he’s tanky, he will melt quite easily if you manage to knock him to the ground, at that point, every single of your teammates should pummel him with whatever you got. Furthermore, it is important to avoid small areas with this guy around - he’s gonna overwhelm you quite easily with his green fellers, as well as regular Zeds!

Boss details:

  • Has the ability to charge at you
  • Can block bullets with his massive cleavers
  • Can pull you in and deal massive damage
  • “Poops” out green figures that explode and leave green bio mines that deal damage when someone steps on them
  • Has 3 pieces of armor - destroying them is optional

How to defeat the boss:

  • When he’s charging, try to run, don’t bother going full YOLO, might end badly for you
  • There are 3 types of armor on his body - destroying one each will knock him to the ground
  • Any class that has decent crowd-control capabilities is essential to deal with his annoying green sh!theads+normal Zeds
  • There are also green bio mines that you should avoid, they’ll limit your vision and deal some damage per second - again, avoid small areas!
  • If you’re a medic, try to heal the teammate that’s being pulled, he’s about to have his head cut off!

Here we can see what a Gunslinger is capable of doing to the poor Abomination: 

4. Patriarch

Once you see his final round intro, you better not stray away from your teammates!

I remember the good old Patty from the first game, he changed a little bit, though - he’s a lot bulkier and indeed, has some new tricks - he’s gonna turn invisible and break your spinal cord when you least expect it or shove a rocket down your throat. In any case, this is not the hardest boss but will easily annihilate you if you’re silly enough to go out on your own!

Boss details:

  • Can tentacle-grab players who are in the range
  • Shoots out 3 rockets into the sky, which will target 3 random players in the vicinity
  • Can also deploy 3 rockets straight at you, giving you little time to react
  • Turns invisible if he receives too much damage, and will proceed to run like a little p*ssy to regenerate his HP
  • He can also use his minigun, extremely deadly if you’re too close to Patty
  • He randomly switches between targets, which can have deadly consequences for players who stray away too far from other teammates
  • He can also turn invisible and perform stealth attacks

How to defeat the boss:

  • Areas that have plenty of cover will shelter you from rockets, as well as his minigun - keep in mind that on Suicidal/HoE difficulties, he’ll be able to shoot his minigun while walking!
  • Stick together, Patty changes targets frequently and any strays will get exterminated
  • When he reaches low HP, he’s gonna turn invisible and attempt to run away - YOU CAN BLOCK HIM and deal enough damage to kill him in an extremely short amount of time
  • Don’t underestimate his damage - he slaps and don’t be surprised if he kills you in 2-3 hits(coming from a dude who plays on Suicidal 24/7)

How to kill Patty:

3. Hans Volter

Hans in an offensive state, carrying his MkB42s

Hans Volter is a rather politically incorrect feller - he’s over a century old and you’ve guessed it, he was one of the crazy Nazi scientists in WW2. One of his hobbies was to experiment on other people and fiddle around with cloning, which contributed greatly to the outbreak of Zeds. What else is there to say? Put an iron cross on this bastard’s grave!

Boss details:

  • Uses his twin MKb42 assault rifles, although he can also switch to melee
  • Uses 3 types of grenades - smoke, acid, and explosive grenades
  • When he’s at 78% HP, he’s gonna start summoning Zeds
  • At 60%, he will gain a shield that will absorb damage
  • After losing a shield, he now will sprint, as well as throw HE grenades
  • At 59% of HP, he’ll start summoning Zeds to assist him
  • At 41%, he will pop a shield once more and run away for a short bit
  • Once the shield is broken, he’s gonna throw a lot more grenades and sprint more often
  • The final stage will occur when he’s at 25% of his HP - he’ll stop throwing acid grenades and spam you with HE grenades!

How to defeat Hans Volter:

  • DO NOT stay in places that are too small - his HE grenades are extremely deadly and can wipe off your team in one go
  • Acid grenades are annoying and can separate you from the rest of your team - again, stay outside in open areas
  • His core&head are the most vulnerable points, Sharpshooters are the most effective against this boss
  • Any types of explosive&fire damage also get the job done against Hans
  • He gets knocked to the ground each time his absorb shield is depleted, take advantage of this and obliterate him with whatever you’ve got
  • The smoke grenades are the least harmful, although they limit your vision
  • He can also grab a player and suck HP - remember to heal the teammates once that happens!
  • Pay attention to the summoned Zeds, most of the time they’ll be weak but a single Clot can hold you in place and let Hans slap the crap out of you

How to kill Hans: 

2. Matriarch

Matriarch in her lovely, Halloween spirit <3!

The second most difficult boss has the be the Matriarch - she’s a very bad cow and deals incredibly high amounts of ranged damage from her arm. Just like Patty, she can turn invisible and perform a deadly stealth attack. Unlike other bosses, instead of common Zeds, she’s gonna swarm you with E.D.A.Rs, which are a lot more tanky and annoying to deal with. 

Boss details:

  • The plasma cannon deals ranged damage in a medium distance
  • Tesla blast is an electric blast attack that can bounce between players
  • Lighting storm is a close-range, AoE attack
  • If you’re too close, she’s gonna pull you in with her claw and slap you
  • In later phases, she’s gonna scream and inflicts some damage to players who are too close
  • Can turn invisible and catch you off guard, just like her daddy Patty
  • Can summon E.D.A.Rs every once in a while(both variants)

How to defeat the Matriarch:

  • Targeting her arm is the biggest priority - it’s hard to hit but if 6 players spray some bullets at that thing, things should be easy enough afterward
  • Find decent weapons against the E.D.A.Rs - Helios Rifle seems like the best option if you’re a firebug but also any weapon that has a scope
  • Once you destroy all armor on her body, she will only result to melee attacks, as well as grabs by her tentacle
  • Gunslingers&Sharpshooters should target the head. As stupid and obvious as that sounds, the other parts of her body are extremely armored and hard to deal with
  • Don’t stick together - the Tesla blast is capable of bouncing off between players, resulting in massive amounts of damage 
  • Kite the boss around, try to split, and be as annoying as possible
  • Use cover to avoid the plasma cannon

How to kill Matty:

1. King Fleshpound

One of the loudest bosses that you’ll encounter!

The King Kong, if you thought that regular Fleshpounds were bad enough, wait till you face this prick. Straight from the get-go, avoid areas that are closed and small, otherwise, you’re gonna get absolutely destroyed - King Fleshpound is capable of spinning like a Ballerina and dealing heavy amounts of melee damage and every once in a while, he will unleash his ridiculous laser and burn you alive <3!

Boss details:

  • Performs a whirlwind attack, which can strike multiple players at once
  • Regular attacks are also a thing, far more powerful than regular attacks from the Fleshpounds - Field Medics are necessary for this boss
  • The Chest Beam is a laser attack that can be easily dodged by crouching, although some players don’t know this and end up dying anyways
  • Ground Pound is a close-range, AoE attack that deals explosive damage to nearby players
  • Quarter Pounds may be summoned, which are lesser versions of Fleshpounds
  • Heavily resistant to bullets

How to defeat the boss:

  • Demolitionists deal extra damage to the King Fleshpound
  • Microwave weapons are also extremely effective against this boss
  • Avoid tight and narrow corridors, as well as small, closed areas - they are pretty much a death sentence because of King Fleshpound’s powerful AoE attacks
  • Try to stay spread, King Fleshpound focusing on 1 player is always better than him AoE-wrecking multiple players at once
  • Field Medics are a must, there’s no way that you’ll be able to outrun the boss
  • Pay attention to the Quarter Pounds - they deal heavy amounts of damage and can catch you off guard/separate you from the rest of your team
  • Headshots&EMP grenades are welcome!

How to solo-kill the King:

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